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Between now and the release day of Entwined with You, I’m going to be posting two “snapshots” a week–one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Each snapshot (not to be confused with a snippet or excerpt!) will tie into a chapter in some way. So, two chapter peeks a week, from now until June 4th, which will take us through all the chapters.

Ready? Here’s Chapter Seven:

Entwined with You - Chapter Seven

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  • Rocky Moreno

    Hmm, I want to say this is an evening out, maybe a celebration, but something about the flowers not being perky makes me think it’s a night that takes a wrong turn.

  • Just one glass… Is there a meaning to that?

    • Tequilla

      That’s what I said!!

  • twosisters

    hmmm….interesting?! Should we focus on the “one” glass of wine? Single? Alone?…or the freshly cut roses?…Could the roses be what’s left from a dozen which could explain the one glass of wine?! Or could this be a glass of wine in waiting… for someones arrival? This is getting so good….but I have to giggle,..I know I will hide away somewhere and read this book in a day… then spend the rest of week rereading it over and over…just to excited!

    • Michelle J

      LOL 馃檪 I know what you mean!! I can’t wait for the June 4th because I already told my Hubby don’t count on seeing me until I finish reading Entwined with You. LOVE the Cross fire books and I also love your intake on the Snap Shot 馃檪

    • twosisters

      I just had a thought…what if the roses were a signal…what if they are still having to hide their relationship and getting together is risky…Leaving a rose means… I can’t meet tonight. So, think of me…if you look there are 4…so that would be 4 nights they haven’t been together…that would mean another night alone? And if you look at the flower vase…it’s a wine tumbler…or stemless wine goblet…which if they were together…they’d be two glasses…maybe? Just thinking out loud….

  • Kymberly

    Hmmmm…..not a lot to guess over. Maybe dinner between Gideon and Eva?

  • a fancy romantic prelude to a memorable evening?

  • honey_94

    Well….. I think Eva is really sad ,,jealous or maybe a little heartbroken due to Gideon’s relationship with Corrine since the roses are withering away and she is trying to numb herself by drinking alone

  • Fiona Grocott

    Haha! That’s every night with Gideon and Eva!!

  • Awwww….

  • Awwww….

  • Ace

    ok im gonna pretend the wine Glass represent Gideon and the roses represent Eva.. #messing. is there a snippet that will accompany this 馃檪

  • Michelle J

    Yeah I thinking. Theres something going on with Eva and Gideons relationship. It looks like a a SAD picture to me 馃檨 But I’m sure if there’s something wrong. They won’t stay away from each other too Long!

  • Chapter 7 is going to be very interesting and possibly exciting

  • Ok I think too much thought is being put into there just being one glass. There wasn’t so much emphasis put into the coffee cup being only one when she posted that. And the roses are not wilted. This is a romantic evening for gideon and eva.

  • Ava

    Did you guys notice that the glass and flowers are on the floor and it doesn麓t seem a clean
    floor? Does it mean a new, unknown and maybe renewing place? Would be
    perfect to meet up and hide from other people.

  • Suellen

    This could be a celebration of Gideon and Eva moving into the beachside house that they had their weekend together? Seeing the glass and wine is on the floor, they’re still settling in?? And they got swept off their feet in each other, hence one half glass of wine is left over on the floor??? Oooooh the possibilities!!!! 馃檪

  • lena

    what is going on with snapshots? I can’t access any, and especially #7

  • lena

    what is going on with snapshots? I can’t access any, and especially #7

  • MarylovesGideon

    The roses are not wilted, they are fresh cut roses, the kind you cut from your garden. Just hurry and get her June…please

  • mazzapet

    I think we need to focus on the one glass of wine and a bottle that has just been opened are the roses Gideon saying sorry for something he has done and Eva having a glass of red to get over him???

  • Rose

    I love the in-depth comments! I cant think too much into it or I’ll get too impatient! 馃檪

  • KT

    A bottle of wine for one with a side of wilting roses.


    Wat to say one glass of wine… Four roses.. Hmmm interesting …i think they r married n celebrating there first night … N 4 roses are the symbol of dere time together.. 馃檪