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ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #16

Between now and the release day of Entwined with You, I’m going to be posting two “snapshots” a week–one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Each snapshot (not to be confused with a snippet or excerpt!) will tie into a chapter in some way. So, two chapter peeks a week, from now until June 4th, which will take us through all the chapters.

Ready? Here’s Chapter Sixteen:

Entwined with You - Chapter Sixteen

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  • kjacjb

    bleaches at Eva’s gym?

  • Ana Estrada

    bleachers from eva’s workout place?????

  • Ana Estrada

    bleachers from eva’s workout place?????

    • SMC

      I agree about the bleachers & I think this free-lance reporter will be following her for that story!!! I also think she will try to “hook” up with Cary and that is the snippet with the shoes and stockings?

    • kjacjb

      I thought the same thing.

  • Meg

    Krav Maga??

  • aga

    I was counting on the rest of the next chapter;>

  • Gina

    Gideon’s going to watch Eva at Krav Maga.

  • twosisters

    Hmmm…Let’s “work out” our skills with this one! …another meet and greet at the gym? But with who? Is Deanna keeping a watchful eye? Detective? Maybe it’s with Eva’s father? Mother? Or maybe Eva’s father is joining in all the fun w/ Krav Maga? Maybe G has joined in on the fun! But I wonder…What a good twist…if one of the girls from the “Bitch Club” decided to join…Or better yet…the Detective and Eva go one on one? Hmmm…On the lighter side… Did Eva master “phase one” of Krav maga? Is she ready to take em down…ready to tackle the most difficult challenges that lay ahead? Has she reached the top! Self confidence, mental strength, courage, to stand on her own…to be one with her self… and to stand by her choices she has made or will have to make… wish this was a knock out…but until June…I will be to wiped out to care…

  • tbidwell

    yes you are right maybe she is doing a work out

  • twosisters

    Oh, that is good…I like that! Yes, Cary! Oh, I think you have nailed this one!

  • Emma

    Times Square???

  • I’m the only one that is thinking about the red steps in time square? LOL

  • Steps?

  • I’m the only one that is thinking about the red stairs in time square? LOL

    • twosisters

      OMGosh,…I think you may be on to something here…Yes! Time Square! Now, this puts a new spin on things doesn’t it? Oh my…new theory in the works! I think you have also nailed this one… I really like this one…Now, my question to you is this…Is Eva using them to workout or is there a special event? Eva with or without Gideon? Will there be tension or calm? Just curious! heehee

    • no I was thinking that exact same thing !!!

  • FI


  • Tracy

    Something is going to happen in Times Square

  • Selene Cabadas

    Isn’t that the steps that u could sit at in time square?

  • Mrs. Gideon Cross

    I am pretty sure these are the Time Square steps. Maybe it has something to do with Brett, a show in time square perhaps?

    • twosisters

      Oh yes…now we are talking! Loving all the inputs! Yes, if it’s Brett, this would fit in nicely with “Snippet 10” ….Like this too!

      • stuckonG

        So if this is relating to snippet 10 – what was going on in snapshot 4?

  • Miranda

    I really hope Eva n Gideon work out it will kill me if they fall apart….this book can not end without them together. Brett wants t sod off out the picture….I want weddings, hot honeymoon scenes n babies for e n g!!

    • Jackie

      I agree they better stay together

  • tbidwell

    having look on the web these are the steps in time square

  • squeakii Taylor

    man oh man it could be time square……. or it could be at Eva’s wrkout session… but is someone following someone meeting up with them or what?? the reporter? NYPD? mom? dad? cary?? agh!!

  • Donna D

    steps from Times Square – it would work in with the snippet of the Vidal event with Brett

  • Rach

    The police officer talks with Eva again. I think she is going to help with the case because I believe she honestly thinks what Gideon did was to save Eva. Either that or she is responsible and Eva is going to kick the crap out of her in class.

  • They ARE the steps or bleachers in Time Square!

  • Tina

    I was wondering if we are going to get another sneak peak at a chapter.

  • Crossfire_Girl

    Those are the steps from Time Square.

  • Eboné Siobhan

    Totally looks like the TKTS bleechers in the heart of Times Square. I guess we’ll know for sure in one weeks time.