Sylvia Day

AFTERSHOCK – Snippet #1

Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

“I’m about to land, Gia. I’ll be at the hotel within the hour and you’re going to see me.”

My pulse gave a traitorous leap of excitement. My sex drive had been revved since I’d left him the night before. It was all too eager to cross the finish line. “I’m working, Jax. I don’t trust you to be around my work.”

I heard his sharply indrawn breath and knew I’d scored a hit.

“Fine,” he snapped. “I’ll send a car for you. We’ll meet at my hotel.”

“I’ve got stuff to do today. I’ll let you know when I have a moment, and I’ll find a neutral place for us to meet.” A bar, maybe, or even a shopping mall. Someplace where intimacy wouldn’t be a problem. Sadly, I couldn’t trust myself around him now that I knew how he felt about me.

“My hotel, Gia,” he reiterated. “A public place won’t save you. We’re going to fuck, long and hard, wherever we end up. Better we don’t end up in jail and the tabloids while doing it, don’t you think?”

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  • N. Michaels

    so hot!! Can’t wait!! Love Jax!

  • Sheri Dennison

    OH MY WORD!!!! is it November yet???

  • La Diva

    OMG!!! cant wait!!!

  • Susan Ormes

    Oh Jax! The things you do to me. I think I might risk jail or tabloids for you! Sigh…

  • Angie


  • Dina

    oh god !! really a good history ! thanks !

  • Ace

    ha.. feisty both of them. Im having a dilemna here, the more i tried to focus on other readings like this one ,, the more Gideon Cross shadows creeping up at the back of mind.. seriously asking when is Captivated by you .. Im actually starving for Crossfire news and in as much as I tried not to ask Sylvia .. any news??

    • Bobinette

      I agree with you, i would love for Sylvia to set up snapshots for the 4th book

    • Karen Isa Smith

      i agree
      bu these are a nice little gap filler

      do we know when the 4th crossfire is out?

      • Ace

        i’ve been reading a lot of gap reader lol .. and its really bad as I am now reading 2 books in a week to fill the gaps. i sometime find a great read and sometimes “crap” but it will just fill up the gap at the time of reading then hello #Crossfire again . my addiction is worse i think .. or maybe subconsciously i already want a closure and have Gideon and Eva an happily ever after .. so I could have mine . if that makes sense.

  • Myrna LeBon

    Phew! I loved ‘Afterburn,’ and am really looking forward to ‘Aftershock.’ I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t resist Jax, either. 😉

  • Sabrina Lara

    Its so hard waiting for the new books 🙁 but well worth the wait.

  • laura

    November can’t come fast enough the wait is killing me

  • Janine glover

    Oooooh sounds awsome can’t wait I love every single book u have wrote : ))

  • love2read

    Love, love, love your books! I am enjoying Jax but I am in love with Gideon!

  • Shae

    oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! more please.

  • Anselean Inoue

    I need to see a doctor I’m going crazy More Please

  • Jennifer Bosco

    Thanks for the snippet Sylvia I just finish Afterburn can’t wait for Aftershock great story moved really nicely and I fell in love with the characters from the first meeting 🙂

  • danni

    Loved the first book – need more!

  • carol

    Love the book……need some more Crossfire……plz

  • Angel

    More plz……..crossfire and aftershock….

  • dutchfan

    Uuuh i think no need for saving there 🙂 lol.

  • Gina Charette

    Sylvia, it has been a month. Can we please have Snippet #2 for Aftershock? I’m dying here!

  • Gina Charette

    Sylvia, it has been a month. Can we please see Snippet 2 for Aftershock? Snippet 1 leaves us wanting more!

  • katie

    need another snippet from aftershock and one from book 4 of Gideon would be good to something even if we have to wait on book 4

  • Victoria

    Second snippet please still a month to wait, think you’re a fantastic writer and can’t get enough of your books

  • Jess

    It’s very annoying that the dates keep on changing though! She should stick to her release dates and I can’t wait for the Crossfire series to be complete 🙂

  • Gideon and Jax Lover

    This is not fair that we have to wait another 4 months for Aftershock. I thought I was having a bad dream when I couldn’t download it this morning.

  • lnr white

    I tnought today was the day Aftershock was being released? I’ve been checking my nook all day!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Gaehler

    Ms Day, I read Afterburn in 1 night!!! I had to download it as the hardcopy has not yet arrived in South Africa!!!!! I read 10 Chapters and thought I must of not printed the other copies!!!! You are good, really out of this world!!!!! I am a nervous wreck, waiting for Aftershock!!!!!!! I am so happy that in 2014 we will read more about Eva and Gideon. Thank you very much for bringing such joy into my life.

  • JustAFan

    please put up more snippets! I live these so much 🙂

  • L’re Pillemer

    I just loved, loved, loved afterburn but I wanted more… definitely more pages but I still loved the story between Gia and Jax.
    We as woman should follow in Gia’s and Eva’s footsteps, to not allow any man, even if they are rich and sexy as hell control your life even if you crave that man like your next breath.

  • margie

    afterburn was so short…..will aftershock be longer????

  • Mekel Burrell

    I can’t wait for the rest of the crossfire novels to be released! So for now I think I’m going to read Afterburn and after shocks…