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Captivated by You

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  • Michelle Evans

    please we need book four xxxx

  • Lisa Upshaw

    Omg I can’t wait!!!

  • Michelle

    I can’t wait!! <3

  • Sarah Kates

    when is captivated by you out in the uk suspense is killing us all, we need more sylviaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. x

    • Angela Marazzo

      I can’t wait either! I want to know How Gideon is going to get Eva to leave the Ad agency, is he going to give her, her own agency on the tenth floor, the wedding, and of course who took the braclet off Nathan. Oh and what about the sex.How much futher is Sylvia going to take it? Gideon talked about bondage and sex swing. Love the treat can wait for more!!!!

      • Jennifer

        When did Foreign talk about a sex swing/bondage? I don’t remember any of that.

        • Jennifer

          Gideon sorry stupid audio spell check. Didn’t even realize it switched Gideon for foreign.

          • Jennifer

            Auto spell check sorry again.

          • Angela Marazzo

            He talked about it in Reflected in You. Page 137. reread pg 136 &137

        • Annette Chang

          Read again, Jennifer. He hinted on it. I think Eva will be the one to initiate the sex plays, because Gideon cannot stand the thought of hurting Eva.

          • atkinst11

            Hinted????? He flat out said his fantasy was to have her in a swing, bound and totally at his mercy, where all she could do was take what he gave her. That is not a HINT… That is a man with a plan.

      • LAURA


        • Shayna

          I agree, Gideon can read Eva like a book, lol (no pun intended). I want to know if Tatiana’s baby is really Cary’s. Also what will happen between Eva and Brett when she goes back home to visit her dad. Also is Deanna still going to investigate Gideon. What are Anne Lucas new intentions. Who really murdered Nathan. The suspense is killing me, lol. This book is better than a Novela. I LOVE IT!

        • Shayna

          I agree, Gideon can read Eva like a book, lol (no pun intended). I want to know if Tatiana’s baby is really Cary’s. Also what will happen between Eva and Brett when she goes back home to visit her dad. Also is Deanna still going to investigate Gideon. What are Anne Lucas new intentions. Who really murdered Nathan. The suspense is killing me, lol. This book is better than a Novela. I LOVE IT!

      • LAURA


      • shash

        please dont make us starve to much!

  • maria

    oh! He’s beautiful!I can’t wait !

  • Robin Parks

    I have read this series at least six times already. Can’t wait until book four!!!

  • Linda Atkins Lyda

    When will it be released? I am so ready for it!!!!

  • sandy

    Omg. Can’t wait.

  • Michele Hawkins

    I was just needing a Gideon/Eva fix and this popped up. Love you Sylvia from Michele Hawkins.

  • Madmeomy


    • There is no date yet.

      • Madmeomy

        Guess, I will have to be a good girl and just wait. Thanks Sylvia!

  • Carol Siddons

    And breathe……

  • Mariane Nunes

    Date for Brazil ?

  • Emelie

    Please hurry up and release the book. I cant wait until this book comes to Sweden 🙂

  • Céline Cheval

    I can’t wait !!

  • Louise Langford

    I cant wait hope you hear about a release date soon 🙂 x

  • Jainiz Sanchez

    Omg!!!!! I’m getting heart palpitations!!!! I need this!!! ::OCD to the max::

  • sarah Lea

    There must be a rough date? I heard by the end of the year but I don’t know! I am so looking forward to the fourth book.

  • Nora

    I can’t wait for it. Iam going to read it firstin english and then in german, just in case i didn’t understand erverything. And i will read it three times, like i did with the other crossfire Books. Please hurryyyy….

  • Katie Pringle

    yay! Thank you! 🙂

  • Rosanne Alaimo

    Sylvia, last I heard the release date wouldn’t be until Dec or Jan 2014… is that correct? I know you don’t have an actual set date. I can’t wait…I met you here in NY back in June and loved every minute of it. So excited for the TV show.. you are great. Thanks

  • Julie SpiderWebb

    Sylvia, you are a literary genius with a brilliant mind. . myself and thousands of women have been hypnotised and the Crossfire series have left us all wanting more. We cannot wait for Captivated by you. I hope you have release info soon or I might just burst !!!

    • CrossfireAddict

      I agree, Gideon has not only capture Eva’s heart but the hearts and souls of thousands of women. The two together are like an addiction. Your readers just crave more and more.

  • Jenny

    aaaaaahhhhhhgggggg so want this book but like the teaser…I can so see him saying that too

  • Mjoy

    i am reading the crossfire series for the nth time….everytime i read it it seems i am reading it for the first time…can’t wait for the fourth book….guess have to have PATIENCE for the release….thanks sylvia!!!

  • Lourdes Eusebio- Esparza

    Omg!..Sylvia your killing me…i can’t wait for book 4!

  • Dianna

    cant wait…hurry please

  • Vickie Knight

    OMG, I can not wait!!!!!!

  • Melinda

    Can’t wait for this to come out. Need my Gideon and Eva fix. Should probably read the other to satisfy for now.

  • Sara Oliveira

    Gideon has ruined all men kind for me, lol

  • Mary H

    Thank you for the treat! I can hardly wait for the next bit of news.

  • michelle kemp

    I can’t wait. Please Hurry

  • Wilma Gott

    Gideon is my book lover……

  • jo

    oooh can’t wait

  • Eran Saunders

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes my little heart go pitter patter all over again! Is Captivated written? Just curious.

  • alice

    I just finished rereading the series for the millionth time. Love this series. When is the new book release date??? CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • terry harden

    loved it so much, not just re-read them, but bought them in Castillian, so I could appreciate it in another language!

  • Maria G Martinez

    Trying to wait patiently……. but falling miserably ….. I miss Eathan…… <3

  • Catine

    Sylvia have you started to write it?

  • Rose Marie Noguera

    Sylvia you are such a TEASE!!!

  • Graziella Mayra


  • Nisha

    Thank you…Thank you…thank you!! You made my day! 😀

  • Natasha Estrada

    oh that is just sweat as. makes me want to cry. I am having Gideon withdrawal need book 4 soon

  • Kimberly King Carpenter

    I absolutely am in love with this series! I can’t wait for book 4. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.

  • Kalmendra

    I miss Gideon!

    please Sylvia … don’t make us wait that long!

  • Lori

    Anxiously awaiting….my book worms and I discuss Gideon/Eva weekly!

  • Julie

    Lovely…looking forward to the next stage of Gideon and Eva’s journey 🙂

  • Shalawn M. Dillon

    Coming on! I’m waiting!

  • Ace

    ahhhhhhh sweet Jesus .. Suddenly I feel the rush and excitement I havent feel since the release of Entwined.. Only #Crossfire or Gideon Cross can make me feel that way

  • gabriella nicolosi

    oh Gideon <3 Ti amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo<3

  • theresa

    Sylvia I read 50 shades a while back and there was no book out there to compare that to until now. Crossfire is awesome I had a hard time putting the book down. Heck i couldn’t wait to get home from work on some days…because I had to know that they would be getting into. Now I’m very excited for book 4. Will this become a movie like 50 shades too?? thanks again for some awesome reading. Theresa

    • Rose

      Lionsgate are talking about making it into a series 🙂

      • shash

        not a good idea..

  • neschel


  • Amy

    I can not wait anymore…… Please please rush this book. 🙂 Big hugs to a great author. well done.

  • Alejandra Gallina

    Which is the next book after Bare to you?

  • Dawn Flanagan

    We need book four in England. We need more Gideon Cross

  • Heidi

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CAN”T WAIT……………………………….

  • Deborah Hayes

    HI Sylvia, I’m being a very patient reader however, I think that you gave us a little tease &
    thank you for that, but I believe #4 will be out by the end of the year. I’m praying. But
    something is really bugging me. At the end of #3 when Eva & Gideon were leaving the
    gala & Gideon said something to Deanna before they left, & also when they got home
    Gideon was on the phone in the kitchen while Eva was talking to Cary. It’s driving me
    nuts. What are Deanna & Gideon up to. Any ideas ??????

    • shash

      In the same page,lot of it has puzzled me,am more worid about tat and cary is babi and mark s wedding and megumi hu is missing and brett and the sex tap,cum on sylvia ther is alot!

      giroux and cron!
      is giroux doing oke after getting hammered by gedion?

  • Annette Chang

    I would have loved to see Gideon’s ring on his finger. I refuse to buy another book until I read Captivated by you. Darn it, I am Captivated by Gideon and Eve Cross. I want more. Sylvia, teasing is forbidden 🙂

  • Trina

    Thank you for sharing. So excited. Keep the treats coming!!!

  • dutchfan

    I’m out of words and breath! And the book has yet to be released. Have mercy with us Gideon junkies miss Day 🙂
    But thx for the little treat!

  • julie davies

    omg cant wait for this one fustrated aghhhh


    Killing us softly? Way to build anticipation!

  • Cheetahsmonk

    GASP! Is this the 4th Installment?

  • morgan

    Reflected in you followed ny entertwined in you

  • R Karina Solis M

    is thwis the 4 book of the crossfire saga???
    when captivated by you out in méxico and in spanish???
    oooh i cant wait

  • Avery

    “P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E” I never thought I’ll get addicted with the crossfire novel…
    Can’t wait, and I hate waiting…

  • anna68

    ma e’ il seguito di crossfire?

  • sarah

    Will the next cross fire book be out this year?

  • Sarah

    Something has been bugging me too, Is Megumi really ill or is there something more sinister at work here, as she suddenly vanished from work and Eva cant get hold of her! cant wait for book #4

    • Evangelina

      Sarah, remember back where Eva had talked about there was a gossip at the Crossfire building & she had to be careful? I wonder if Megumi is the gossip/mole within the building feeding the info to Deanna. Eva let her guard down trying to make girlfriends, at the same time while all the stuff was going down with Gideon and their relationship, the jealousy, Cary & his world. Then Nathan ends up murdered.

      I think it’s possible that Gideon found out through Deanna who her source was at the Crossfire after he offered her an exclusive for their wedding photos–and that source is Megumi. So my theory is: he had someone put the pressure on Megumi to “call in sick” to leave/phase out of Eva’s life quietly–whether it was through a major guilt trip & hefty pay off. Megumi was always extremely interested in wanting the details of Eva’s private life, had become what looked like a good gal pal to her. Now all of a sudden, she won’t return a simple phone call to let her know how sick she is, but supposedly she is supposed to talk to Lacey later? Something is going on & I can bet that it heads straight in Deanna’s direction. I don’t like or trust Deanna Johnson–especially after Gideon apologized & told her he was Engaged & she had the nerve to put her hand on him at the charity dinner. But I think she is trying to actually help Gideon even though she is probably in love with him. This is her way of getting to spend as much time with him as possible. She probably thinks that he’s only “engaged” and I still have a chance, not knowing he’s married. Heck, that wouldn’t stop her either knowing he’s Married!

      I want to read Eva & Gideon have this beautiful wedding & also that they get pregnant to have a baby of their own :-)!

      • Catine

        Good theory, but what about the russian mob, with the steeling of beautiful girl, like meguni.

      • Sarah

        Good point Evangelina! i had not thought of that, Oooooo i so cant wait for the 4th book, she likes to keep us guessing. I bet Sylvia Day is laughing at all our guesses. I hope Corrine is well and truly out of the picture too.

        • cindy

          Sylvia had said on another page that we haven’t seen the last of Corinne

          • Catine

            Whre dave you seen that

      • Cindy

        NO,I don’t think so. Magumi is going to end up being great friends with Eva. Im thinking that the Michael guy may have beat the shit out of her,Will had said that Danielle said she sounded bad. Im thinking that some Krav maga is in order here and Eva is gona be in on it.

        • Sandie

          I agree Cindy… I think her “boyfriend” has done something to her!

        • Annette Chang

          I think she is heat broken and is having a pity party.

        • DebbG

          I agree Cindy!

      • Sj

        I think the mysterious Michael is actually Christopher gideons brother. Something is niggling about him and that’s why I think it. I wonder is Christopher somehow involved with the killing of the Russian who got Gideon off the hook?? Or am I been far fetched lol

        • Annette Chang

          I think Gideon’s driver has something to do with the killing of the Russian. Christopher would not do anything to help Gideon.

          • NIMBY4Life

            nice idea, i didn’t think of that theory

          • Bobinette

            « Don’t be so quick to dismiss money, Eva. You never know when or why you’ll need it. » i thing eva’s mother has something to do with it.

            Extrait de: crossfire Book #3. « Entwined with You: A Crossfire Novel (Crossfire Book 3). » ePub Bud (, 2013-06-04. iBooks.
            Ce contenu est peut-être

          • shash

            You can never say cus thier brothers!

        • Anxious

          I think angus FBI brother helped angus get gidion out of the murder, because he is like a father to gidion. Remember he told Eva he had a sister in he marines and a brother in he FBI.

          • Jane

            I think it was Benjamin Clancy who got Gideon out of the frame, just odd things like when Eva asked him what lengths he would go to protect someone he loved and his cryptic reply, plus his comments that Eva was more than a job to him. Plus he had a police scanner which gives him information about alerts in the area.

          • Angela Marazzo

            I think your right. I can’t wait till the captivated by you comes out to find out what really happened!

        • Ashmeow

          I think Eva’s Dad organised the bracelet thing. He’s a cop and would have read the reports including the ones that were suspicious of Gideon killing Nathan. Out of gratitude for saving his daughter he helped keep Gideon from being blamed.

      • shash

        wow impressed 🙂

      • Angela Marazzo

        When did Eva talk about the gossip at the crossfire building?

  • Sherry Nichols

    I need snippets please

  • ♦CHANNIE♦☆

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

  • Beth Ann Martin Durham


  • Bing Sorille

    I hope to have the fourth series “Captivated by You” in .epub format also pleasssssssseeeeeee… so We could read it everywhere at anytime.. with less hustle :D.. Thanks.. and Great Work actually.. two thumbs-up is never enough to express how gratefully and amazing it is to read your works.. (continuously reading your other write-ups.. ) so excruciating to have it soon, honestly… hahaha

  • Mikaela

    I have never been so in love with two fictional characters like I am with Eva and Gideon! This series is beautiful and somehow relatable! Please tell me Captivated By You isn’t too far away?!?!??!?! I don’t even want to pick up another book until I’m finished with my Crossfire romance <3<3<3<3<3 Sylvia you are a queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  • Mikaela

    PLEAAAASEEEEEEEEEE pleaaaase tell me I don’t have to wait until next year, I really don’t think I can!!!!!!! anything will do!!!!!!!! xxxxx

  • Anke

    Greets from Germany!
    Please, what about Book Four????
    I need more of it!

  • Ace

    Maybe Gideon was rearranging his schedule for the next day as Eva is going away with Cary , that’s 2 days and for sure he cant survive , hell, he might be there one way or another .. lol and he knows that Brett is gonna be there for a show not that he do not trust Eva because that has been resolved after the secret wedding but Gideon is still as possessive/jealous as ever 🙂

    I think Gideon is making it sweet as possible to Deanna as she is helping to cover the scandal and she is covering the wedding as well so nothing in there really but Deanna can keep trying 🙂

    I just like to assume since the last time the guessing game with teasers, i totally failed lol I only managed to get 40% of the teaser , but its fun to guess since I’m really missing Crossfire ..

  • Evangelina

    I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen next with Gideon & Eva. Heck, what is Cary going to do in his situation? What would be so much fun is for Sylvia’s Marketing team to come up with little pocket sized Gideon Cross cut outs that women can carry around with them to look at when their day is going really back, really good, or Just Because (giggle).

  • cbrown

    Hope book #4 is not the last

  • sophieisabelle

    this is such a teste its killing me to wait the crossfire book are killing me i have the all in paper back and have read them 10 time each love the love them please relsie a dat as as possaible xxxx

  • Angela Marazzo

    Thanks for the treat

  • SCline

    There’s one thing missing in this pic. His ring on his right hand?

    • rose

      I was thinking same thing.

  • Karlz

    The suspense is killing me……when is book 4 being released? Please give us something to work with….:-)

  • Angela Marazzo

    I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen next with Gideon & Eva. Will Gideon give Eva her own Ad agency on the tenth floor? the wedding I am sure is going to be Beautiful and I Can’t wait to see how Gideon introduces more sexual innuendos to Eva. Syliva Thank You for treat 1. I look forward to the up coming treats

  • Analou Fermin

    Will this be the last book? I hope it is coz its crazy waiting for next book to be released. And it is so fast to finish reading each book…

    • Cindy

      NO there is 5




    I think Megumi was physically attached by her boyfriend.

    • Cindy

      Im thinking he beat her up

  • Cristiane

    Silvia, vc está fazendo o maior suspense aqui no Brasil!!!!!!!!! estou apaixonada pela Eva e Gideon !!!!!!!!!! Será que a Corinne vai estar presente no proximo livro??? Estou super ansiosa!!! Sucesso aqui no Brasil também!!!!!!!!Acredito que no próximo mês já esteja disponível nas livrarias daqui!!!
    Cristiane! Que venha o 4º livro!!!!!!!!! bjos!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fran

    where is his ring? the one Eva gave him the first time

  • twinkle9

    i need this nowwwwwwwww 😀

  • Dawn Shelton

    Please, you must have some idea as to what month(ish) that it will be released ?

  • Avidreader

    I’m enchanted!! When will it be released it the US?

  • Ms Cross

    i think Eva’s mother and Clancy have something to do with the bracelet being moved from nathan’s body.

    • Nanette

      I agree, i was thinking the same thing, because in book 3 eva’s mother said to her you never know when you need money.

    • Jackie Moon

      Victor, Eva’s dad killed the Russian mob guy and planted Nathan’s bracelet on him in order to throw the cops off Gideon. Remember how unusually exhausted he was from his “layover?” And don’t forget Gideon had flowers W/a card in Eva’s room when they were supposed to be laying low..and Victor must have seen them when he carried Eva to bed that night and tucked her in…that’s when Victor realized what Gideon probably did for his daughter and that’s when Victor went in to clean up any mistakes Gideon made.

  • Tammy Lightford

    I will continue to read the first three until #4 Comes out. Iam I’m awed with these to characters. Iam home all day, so after cleaning and cooking, I have nothing to do, was never much of s reader but now that’s all I do. Thank you Mrs Day for sharing your gift with us. Iam truly as fan
    (Waiting patiently for#4)

  • Tammy Lightford

    Thank you Mrs. Day for the treat can’t wait until the book is out. I would have like to have seen the ring Eva have Gideon. Iam really wondering who knows what happen to Nathan and why did they go to great lengths to save Gideon. Also where is Megumi? I have read the first the books at least five times already, and each time it’s like reading it for the first I love love love these two characters. ……





  • Staci Lincoln Daganhardt

    when will Captivated By You be released in the states? So excited!

  • Eva Marie Flores-Centeno

    I love the crossfire series I can’t wait for the 4th book to come out!

  • ls

    does anyone have any idea when this is released Im going mad here waiting on book 4

  • Christal

    soon soon soon please be soon!!!!

  • Angela Marazzo

    it’s on page 137- Reflected in You. Reread 136&137


    I can’t wait for book 4 either. I am wondering about the wedding, the trip to San Diego, Cary and the model, the list goes on. However, I think Angus got the bracelet, because he is the father figure for Gideon, and angus’ brother in the FBi helped.

    • Ida

      Irland , you might be on something . Good!,,,,,,

  • Joanna Cristina G. Burgos

    when will it be out!!! kind of going out of my mind out here from the long wait of this book! (^_^) i really really can’t wait for it to be out!!! hope it’ll be out very very sooooooooooon!!! <3 <3 <3

  • JoJo

    This series of books have me captivated!!!! Looking forward to reading book #4. Thank you Sylvia Day for sharing your magnificent talent with all of us! <3

  • k rivas

    Dear Ms. Sylvia Day,
    We have been patiently waiting for book 4 to be released. But if you are holding off, because you need to make sure the book is a bad ass book, then I will patiently wait a little longer. LIke till Halloween! Trick-or-Treat!!! Please…..a date of some sort. But it has to be this year.
    Your fan,
    Anxiously, patiently waiting for book 4.


    when will the forth book be released?

  • Tvdcla

    I am sooooooo exited for this book, it his wait for it has been an eternity. I would like than in a part the story will be tell by Gideon’s perspective. I wanna this book nowwwwwww, because I am digging for it. I LOVEE A LOOOTTT Gideon

  • Tammy_Nicole

    Is there a way to be notified on any updates of the new books release date?

  • Dawn Brauchle

    OMG cant wait till book 4 comes im so excited its driving me crazy I really want Gideon and Eva to work out they would make great parents to

    • Annette Chang

      Somehow, I do not see them as parents. Then again, Sylvia can make anything happen.

  • Sharon18

    I couldnt wait to read the book 4 after reading the back cover that you post! This book will shed some light to gideon life! Hope eva could handle everything that she will discover about gideon!

    • SDayfan

      Where did you see a copy of the back cover?

      • Nanette

        On her facebook page

  • cynthiacambero

    I think magumi is dead to be honest that blind date whatever his name was killed her. I want to see what gideon will do when he finds out his bitch of a mother insulted and told eva she wont take him away from her. As if she has any right over gideon after not believing her own child hate that bitch. I think angus or maybe clancy is who made everything appear as if the russian mob killed nathan.

  • Camilla

    Can’t wait for the next book…. Looking forward ♥

  • Skiergirl

    If you love reading them I suggest the audiobooks. The narrator is excellent and it adds a demention to the characters. My favorite series by far.

  • Catine

    Have eneyone read the cover back of captivated by you? Trouble is in the air……..

  • soso

    Pour kan la sortie exact du tome 4 please

    • Cat

      We do not know, we have to be patient, i wish Sylvia would give other treat……….

  • Irene G. Montes De Oca

    I love your crossfire books. I have read this series three times, and considering reading it more times. This series should be in a movie or a premium channel series. Thank you for bringing them back and for not just ending their story. I will buy your next two books, and any more you bring me of Eva & Gideon. Love your work…thank you Sylvia!

  • anneofgreengables

    More teaser please sylvia.

  • tahmina

    i am waiting for this… need my dosage of gideon cross!

  • Rose

    Love it <3

  • Kiki

    I can’t wait for the new book release but it’s so bittersweet knowing that we’ll be closer to the series’ end. Thanks for the amazing adventure Sylvia! I’ve read through the Crossfire books numerous times and I’m always trying to spread the word on your talent to new readers. It’s going to be hard to find a new boyfriend…erhmm, I mean book, after this series ends! Thank you!

  • Nanette

    Have you read the back cover of book 4, on sylvia facebook

  • Mamiki ZAR

    OMG, I need a Gideon and Eva fix.
    We are all CAPTIVATED by Gideon Cross, pity only Eva has his heart and soul. LOL!!

  • Dee

    I cannot wait for the fourth book of Crossfire to come out, literally bouncing off the ways with anticipation and excitement to how it all bans out. I hope that it all works out for Eva and Gideon in the end but it wont be all that plain sailing. I think that there just might be a fifth book to follow which will end it all.

    Im not quite sure about the whole Megumi story, there is something not quite right about it. The way he just disappeared and wont return Eva calls not that hard to pick up a phone. Ive got the feeling that Christopher has something to do with Nathan bracelet ending up on that Russians body somehow, cause he will have one over on Gideon then and Gideon will owe him big time. Deanna has something up her sleeve and it wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t have something to do with Corinne.

    Can you please give us a little hint as to which month or when it might be published; I cant handle the suspense anymore. Ive reread the three books now about six times each I just cant get enough.

  • Shayna

    This is kilingggggg me! Omg, I cant wait until this book’s released. I’ve read bared, reflected and entwined at least 10 times. I have no life without Gideon and Eva. One of the best love stories ever. Sylvia is literally our modern day “Bronte” sister.

  • Shayna

    This is kilingggggg me! Omg, I cant wait until this book’s released. I’ve read bared, reflected and entwined at least 10 times. I have no life without Gideon and Eva. One of the best love stories ever. Sylvia is literally our modern day “Bronte” sister.

  • Dawn Boucher

    I hope Captivated by You will be released SOON! I’m dying here!!

  • shash

    Need the book,so badly..please give it to us ASAP!

  • Anticipation

    Just curious does anyone feel like they might enjoy a little scandal…… like Gideon plays up or eva and brett have another more intimate thing??

  • Victoria

    Sylvia please announce a date!! Greetings from Honduras 😀

  • Vivi

    I can’t wait for this book anymore! Pleaaaase!

  • rose

    My theory is. Michael is really Christopher . Christopher is the one that found out about sex tape and wants to release it to hurt Gideon. The way Monica spoke to Eva about the need for money makes me think she had something to do with the bracelet. She always knew what Eva was doing. Monica had Nathsn followed by Clancy family member. His brother was in FBI. I also think something weird about Gideon and Deanna. Why was he on the phone ….talking to who…when Eva was talking to Csry…god I cant wait for the next book.

  • Anxious

    Evangalna. I wonder if the blind date man, is Christopher, but megumi was working there before Eva and Gideon were dating so if sheis the mol it came later like a blackmail or a payoff

  • Gizelle

    Just finished reading all 3 books in 3 days…. I am absolutely gutted…. I can’t wait for CBY

  • Carol

    Please stop the torture and give us a timeframe … It’s killing me!

  • Noribel Perez

    Hi Sylvia! How much more we’re going to wait for the 4th book???? I’m from Puerto Rico and my sister and I are crazy with this story. I love it because Eva is a very real on earth girl, she’s passionate and initiative in the relationship, with a very strong character but at the same time very sensible. Gideon is perfect, manly, strong and really good looking, but deep inside has many insecurities because of his past and that makes his over-protection to Eva sweet and loving. He’s willing to do what ever for her and for their love and relationship. This is a great story!!! As I said before, I can’t wait for the 4th book to come out. 😉

  • ValeAlge

    FINALMENTE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Adriana

    When will it be outttt?

  • Adele

    I think Eva’s dad has something to do with the Russian guy and bracelet
    I think it bugged him when detective graves an michna turned up when they were having tea. He saw Eva’s face.. He is a cop after all I’m sure he knew something wasn’t right an Eva’s mum did say Nathan’s file become available when he dies and her dad did see it all In the file

  • Penny Holbrook

    Omg I can’t wait to read 4 and 5… Please don’t stop I need more…best ever. Penny

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