Sylvia Day


Happy Saturday!

Captivated by You

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  • Karen

    Slowly torturing me

  • Bobbie

    LOVE it!!

  • Yvette Rodriguez Barnett

    Ahhh i cant wait!

  • Melissa O’Neal

    Just gimme the book!!!!!!!!!!! I’m DYING here!!! LOL

    • Christina Prosser Harvey

      me too cant wait any longer:) want a gideon fix so bad xx

  • Phine G.

    Truly a tease :)) 😛

  • N. Michaels

    Holy hotness!!! Love Gideon so much!!

  • Leslie

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • mrsgepner

    Omg!!! I can’t wait!!!

  • tlynn26

    Please please please tell us the release date will be very soon!!!

  • Jen Jen Mccleary

    gimme me this damn book nw plz, i’m readin them again again !!!!!!!! lol

  • Madelyn V.

    All I want for Christmas is CAPTIVATED BY YOU!!!

    • ladyc

      Henry is the only Gideon !! he is the definition of manly sexy powerful …. No one else but him!!!!!

      • Dixie Diva

        Yes he is! So HOT and would make the PERFECT Gideon!

  • Dana Gothelf-Lerner

    WHEN!!!!!!!!! I guess I will have to read the other 3 again until its time!!!

  • annie

    your killin me, ive now read the series twice I need an ending so I can read them all together for the 3rd time

  • Traci LaMothe

    can’t wait but your killing me here. Time to reread them.

  • Michele

    Can’t Wait!!!!! Dying here…. 😉

  • Syl Briand

    quand en France ? s’il vous plait !! j’adore ces deux personnage et j’ai tellement hâte de savoir ce qui va leur arriver …

    • Nanatte

      Moi, aussi Syl, l’attente est difficile, j’espère que Sylvia Day pense à nous donner un beau cadeau de noël!

    • Catine

      Il faut être patiente, mais j’aimerais bien le recevoir pour noël.

  • lisa

    Oooh what a tease!! I love it!!

  • Jo Standrin

    Is sooooo looking forward to the book Oooooooo cant wait hurry hurry hurry xxx

  • Annemiek

    Please please please. Can’t wait

  • Daniela Serra

    quando uscira’ in Italia il quarto libro non vedo l’ora speriamo presto …….

  • Dana Arruda

    Oh dear God!! The torture, the agony, the suspense is driving me to drink. LITERALLY!!! lol

  • NJB

    OMG the wait is killing me…

  • jardine

    can’t wait need more Gideon x x

  • dollybird

    Cant wait !!!! 🙂

  • Melissa Kinlaw

    Can’t wait for this book to come out. Anyone who knows me patience is not my strong point lol.

  • Gisely Leite

    Português Por favor…

  • Gisely Leite

    Em português por favor

  • Crystal Abraham

    Oh my! !!!! So can’t wait

  • Ace

    that is way too shoooooooooort .. and yet it still giving me that freaking happy feeling.. it shows how much I miss Cross

  • Mindi Tindall

    I cant wait for book 4 and 5!!!! But I do have to say I LOVE these ‘treats” in the meantime.

  • Shayna

    Oh Gideon! Today in Ohio we celebrate Sweetest Day…how nice would it be if I found a Gideon of my own tonight So can’t wait for this.

  • Jaime

    After a good tease Gideon would give us what we want …so when do I get my book?

  • tntmileski

    I totally hope David Gandy will play Gidion. He IS Gidion Cross

    • dutchfan

      Totaly agree with you! David James Gandy is the one and only perfect Gideon Cross!!!!

      • Jbird

        Ok I just checked out David Gandy and I am soooooooo on board for him as Gidion Cross. I know that what we think or feel doesn’t matter to Hollywood but I am sooooo with you ladies.

        • JGS

          Oh My Yes Please! David Gandy!! 🙂

    • Jenn

      OMG!!! I Love David Gandy too!!! Perfect Gideon…Henry will do too!:-)

      • Jody

        David holds the intensity of Gideon Cross!

    • Angela Marazzo

      I agree!

      • memo


  • Sistina Pileggi

    I love Ava and Gideon. Cannot wait for this book to come out!!!!

  • Margaret Bell Dezanett

    Tell me we are weeks not months away from book 4 & 5!

  • sonia

    I think even though everyone can’t wait for captivated by you and want know the date of the release we should wait for the surprise. I mean what’s the point knowing the date and then finding out date changed and getting disappointed. If Sylvia wants to do right for her fans we should respect that decision.

  • Annette

    Want the book, gotta have the book PLEASE!!!!

  • Stacey Baldwin

    ian somerholder to play my gideon xx please bring it out soon keep re reading x

    • Navana Mayhew

      totally agree ian makes a gawjess gideon xxx

    • Serenity Jones

      Ian Somerhalder is THE Gideon Cross. He is amazingly mesmerizing. Talk about major sex appeal. <333

  • Jessica

    Oh dang, I’ll have to ask Master to get this for me!

  • Wendy Hall

    not too sure about captivated by you, But i am definitely frustrated by you waiting for book 4, 😉
    PLEASE let it be released soon

  • Augusta Dawn Thompson

    yeah the book cant wait

  • Juliana Oliveira


  • Billy

    I literally just finished Entwined With You. Feeling depressed, I thought I’d Pop on the net and I SEE THIS!!! SO EXCITED! WHEN WHEN WHEN????????

  • Mjoy

    oh my god….i have been waiting forever….maybe a little hint on when will be the release….

  • Annette Chang

    I feel like I am watching a pot to boil.

  • Christine Klimes-Houser

    I want more pretty please

  • Laraine

    You are killing me! I just read all 3 books again. Gearing up for #4.

  • Leonie Pelly

    When you finish this book … I am going to read it sooooooooooooo slowly just to make it last… then…. I am going to read it again…… cannot wait …

  • Claire Modica DeSabato

    Can’t wait =)

  • Gill

    Anxiously waiting for Captivated By You just have to read first 3 again for the 15th time.Now which shall i choose my paperbacks or my kindle ?

  • Sherma Lee

    I am filling my time reading other books, but the minute this one drops I drop those. When is the expected release date? I so love Gideon.

  • Cherie

    Such a tease! I LOVE it!! I can’t wait.

  • Julie Ramirez

    AWWWWESOME!!!… let’s get this book out on the shelves !!!!… I’m in Need o Gideon!!!!

  • Janine

    I would just like the book very soon and stop touching us with little comments. Just give us the next two books now. I also would love to see Henry Cavil play Gideon Cross.

    • guest

      Good lord! Be nice and not so “grabby” THANK YOU SYLVIA for the snippets. They are MUCH APPRECIATED as we wait PATIENTLY for the next book. We also know YOU are waiting patiently as well just like we are. 😉

  • Nina


  • Lilly

    Ian Somerhalder – Gideon Cross

    • Deborah Hayes

      Ian has it all. The jet black hair, the blue eyes, & he reeks sex appeal. He is Gideon Cross.

    • Vivian

      He would be perfect !!!!

      • memo


  • Fieneke

    Awsome! I can’t wait, loved the other books!

  • Merrilea Torr

    Please let Henry be our Gideon!!! I can’t wait to read it, how long before it comes out??

  • Audrey Gorman

    I’m with Melissa…. Really Dying Here!!! 🙂

  • Angela Marazzo

    I Love it!!!!! Thanks!!!!

  • Jan

    Please hurry I need Gideon in my Life already read the 3 books four times!

  • Patricia Jahn

    you’re killing us Sylvia!!LOL! I’ve read the series 3 times now,I’m so excited for the next book!!!

  • sherry

    Chomping at the bit waiting on 4&5 Hurry hurry hurry!

  • GTexotics

    “Please,”just when already??

  • Tanya Childress

    oh hell yeah!!

  • Monica

    God bless you woman! Xoxo

  • Kaylamarie

    Sylvia- Pretty pretty please just send some love, and a (free) copy of Captivated by you… Sincerely, Your biggest fan♥

  • Tammy

    will it be this year or so we have to wait until 2014

  • michelle kemp

    you’re killing us please tell us the release date!!!!!!!!

  • Victoria

    Sylvia im begging you please

  • Terri Jacobson

    PLEASE let the release date be soon! All your readers are “Captivated”! We can’t wait!

  • Yasmin Salvatore

    Gidion remember me Matt bomer

  • Jennifer Radish

    I’m hooked!! I read the first three in 8 days!! Then I found out there is a book 4!! SO EXCITED:)

  • andrea30

    Omg I’m reading the 3rd book again please let me know when thec4th one is out plsssssssss

  • Jane Humphreys

    You are seriously affecting my dreams with what might come, please just finish the book and keep me sane!

  • Letícia Rebeca

    Olá Sylvia. Quando será o lançamento no Brasil? Estou muito ansiosa pelo 4 e 5 livro

  • Claire

    Just frigggin’ tell us the release date! PLZZZ!

  • Ana A

    Will the book be turned into a movie or series? And do we an ETA on it?

  • Kaylamarie

    Lalala I need more treats.

  • Shalawn M Dillon

    Come on, miss day! I’m waiting!!!

  • Margie Wilson Sheridan

    Omg!!!!! I just finished Entwined and I need the next book! Also I just googled David Gandy and YES YES YES, he is Gideon…yum!

  • Tina T

    Please can someone just tell me when this book is being released, I am having serious withdrawal. Please, please.

  • Greekgirl

    If this guy had blue eyes this is what I picture Gideon to look like. Can’t wait for captivated by you. When?!?!?

    • wombatt

      I so agree this is Gideon. Wow, hot, strong, but with torment in his eyes. If this is going to be a movie, he is your man.

    • Cory Collins

      I absolutely agree that Nacho Figueras would make a perfect Gideon Cross in appearance, In fact I also posted his photo to one of these threads a few month ago, Unfortunately,Nacho would have to somehow lose his lovely Argentinian accent. However, with the suggestions of Nacho and David Gandy, for Gideon series to be successful, the person portraying him has to be able to act, not simply have dark hair, blue contacts and wear a suit well. While I enjoyed Henry Cavill in the Tudors, I’ve been completely underwhelmed in what I’ve seen him in since then.

  • Mar

    Ian Somerhalder = Gideon. He oozes sexuality and those eyes. OMG Plus, he is a great actor.

    I hope that book 4 & 5 come out soon. I am also DYING here!

  • Amber

    I could see Alexander Skarsgard as Gideon Cross Yummy!!!! I would be happy just with getting book 4 out this month lol. Or maybe before christmas I’m dying herr. I read the first three in two days. Plwase end our pain give us the book already.

  • naomi


  • Julie Bailey-gibson

    i cant wait for book 4 & 5 got to admit i liked this series a bit better than fifty shades

  • babycakes

    Is the book gonna be made into a film…im so excited…50 shades got boring with the sub/dom thing…wet floor signs needed if gonna be in cinemas all over…have re read this book and felt..mmm…u no…hahaha…

  • Paige


  • lisa

    Just dying to finish this awesome story! Any updates on a date so we can start a reread before it comes out?

  • kenesha sutherland

    just finished reading all three novels..the storyline is def better than fifty us a more realistic feel n not the cliche happily ever after ending, n more info into the lives of the people around the main character..gotta say im hooked! ^,^ ..cant wait for book four!.. -_- really, i cant

  • Addivated Reader

    I am sitting at the edge of my seat for “Captivated by You”. Read “Bare to You” right after “Fifty Shades” and have to agree that Sylvia Day knocked it out of the park!!! Gideon and Eva by far are much more enticing and complicated charcters. Bring on book 4 & 5, I can’t wait. Thank you Sylvia Day. I am now a loyal fan.

  • Mónica

    Parabéns, pelo seu trabalho, Adorei os três livros, Fico ansiosa pela continuação da história, mesmo ansiosa. Obrigada por nos presentear com a sua escrita.

  • Liz

    I’ve read the trilogy for the third time I just can’t wait!

  • jen

    still no word when the book will be out??

  • Katie Robinson

    i soooooooo need this book its killing me not having it!!!!!!!

  • Dixie Diva

    So ready for this one! Read the first 3 in 2 days! Then almost had a heart attack when I found out the third book wasn’t the end and the 4th wasn’t out yet! I damn near combusted!

  • Hx

    Hi Sylvia, feels like you’ve just abandoned your fans on this one… No snippets, no updates, no setting expectations! I’ve succumbed to feelings of anger now.. I’m starting to forget why I love Gideon and Eva.. will you at least level with us and tell us what’s going on :-[

  • Veronica

    I can’t waitttttttttt.

  • suzanne from oz

    ok…I’ve read the first three books through four times ..I need the next …please dont leave me this way ….pleaseeeeeee…I never beg …now I am !!!! look what you’ve done tome

  • Nikki Leigh Fisher

    Dying to read this book already!! Delayed gratification! !!

  • Serenity Jones

    HOT DAMN!!! Come onnnnnn, Sylvia!! You’re killing me here. When will it be here?? I was bawling by then end of Entwined with you; not because the book was sad, but because it was over! And someone, please tell me why there are no Gideon Cross’s in the world I live in??

  • TooIntrigued

    Please release this book already! I just read all 3 books in less than 3 days, and I am going crazy not knowing what is going to happen!

  • Linda

    Joe Mangeneillo is my Gideon!

  • Pat

    Omg I check every day for the date

  • xtmtso

    Henry Cavill needs to be Gideon Cross

  • S-

    I listen to them as audio books… adn OMG it is awesome!!! makes work go by soooo fast!!!

  • Kelly Taylor

    Please tell me it hits the shelves soon

  • Bad Wolf

    Ian Somerhalder is definitely my Gideon Cross. He’s beautiful, looks fantastic in a suit, and is an amazing actor. This man also had one of the greatest sex appeals I’ve ever seen. He’s perfect.

  • julia williams

    I need scarlett johansson as Eva. I need the 4th book ASAP.

  • Shelia

    Henry Cavill “is” Gideon! Big, dark & handsome. Can do the smoldering look. Def has the body for the part.

  • crystal stembridge

    Im ready to read it when does it come out

  • Danielle

    I think Joe manganiello should play Gideon

  • bluewillowskys

    Just finished the third book…omg spoon good….so unhappy when I heard the fourth isnt out yet….Ian somerhalder. Is the perfect Gideon !!!!

  • ash

    Henry Cavill is the only ‘Gideon Cross’ for me!!!

    • Julie


  • Bea raymond

    It seems like forever that we’ve waited for this book to be released. Patiently waiting and hope it’s soon!!!!!

  • Gussie Ann Porter

    I’m with you Melissa I’ve read AfterBurn and now im readung AfterShock for the second time. I’m running out of books to read Please Sylvia put me out of my missury

  • Michelle


  • Bertha Resendes Cabral

    Cant wait for your forth book of Gideon & Eva please hurry <3

  • Yeri

    Cross; Brett Kline; Eva; Cary.

  • texasgirl_1210

    PLEASE hurry with the book and PLEASE do not let Eva cheat on Gideon when she goes home. That would ruin it for me. Gideon doesn’t deserve that and the hope for true love is being able to bury other lusts she may have for Brett and stay faithful to her marriage. THX!