Sylvia Day

Can I buy the Shadow Stalkers novellas in paperback?

Yes. The Shadow Stalkers were originally released as novellas as part of paperback anthologies and those anthologies are still available. You can find ordering links for the paperback anthologies containing Razor’s Edge, Taking the Heat, and On Fire on each …

Will there be a Crossfire® motion picture or television series?

Lionsgate optioned the rights to the Crossfire saga in 2013 and renewed the option twice. After three years of development, Sylvia declined to option again and she presently retains the adaptation rights. She eventually expects to find the right partner, …

You mention Seven Years to Sin when talking about Bared to You. How are the two connected?

They’re not connected anywhere but in my head. Seven Years to Sin is the story of two abuse survivors as well, but of a different nature. Jessica is the survivor of child abuse so vicious she bears physical scars and …

How many books are in the Crossfire saga?

The Crossfire® saga is a quintet–5 books.

How can I get Afterburn and Aftershock in print?

Aftershock came out both digitally as a stand alone novella, and in print, bundled with Afterburn on March 11, 2014. The bundle of both stories is also available in digital format.