Sylvia Day

Why can’t I find MY SYLVIA DAY on the app store?

MY SYLVIA DAY is a web tool that Sylvia has set up for you; it isn’t a true app. All the information is already on, so a separate app isn’t needed. The instructions (for iOS and Android) are to …

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

To subscribe to my newsletter click the subscribe button above, or at the top of my homepage, in the footer of my site, or on my contact page, then fill out the form that pops up with your email address. …

Is there a personal significance to the koi images found around your website?

I’m a Pisces and a first-generation Japanese-American. The koi represents those two sides of me and adding those images to my website personalizes it, allowing me to share a bit more of myself with you.

Does your family read your work?

My mother enjoys the historicals and my husband enjoys the fantasy and paranormals. My father tried to read one, but said his face “was so red, it lit up the room”. I let him off the hook. *wink*

Is Sylvia Day your real name?

Yes, it’s the name I was born with.