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Entwined with You - Korean

(Entwined with You, pt. 2)

Entwined with You - Korea

(Entwined with You, pt. 1)

Reflected in You - Korea

(Reflected in You, pt. 1)

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The Philippines

Reflected in You - Tagalog
Reflected in You

Tagalog edition

Entwined with You - Tagalog
Entwined with You

Tagalog edition

Bared to You - Tagalog
Bared to You

(Bared to You)


Butterfly in Frost - Portugal
Nas asas de um coração

(Butterfly in Frost)

passion for the game portugal

(Passion for the Game)

Scandalous Liaisons - Portuguese

(Scandalous Liaisons)

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Entwined with You - Vietnamese
Hòa quyện

(Entwined with You)

Reflected in You - Vietnamese
Soi chiếu

(Reflected in You)

Bared to You - Vietnamese
Chạm mở

(Bared to You)

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January 29, 2024

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February 6, 2024

The United Kingdom
Fourteen Days by Margaret Atwood

February 6, 2024

Fourteen Days by Margaret Atwood

March 14, 2024

The Czech Republic
Too Far - Czech
Tak Daleko

(Too Far)

June 12, 2024

Too Far - Germany

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