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A Blacklist bundle and So Close in paperback

Mar 27, 2024

Together for the first time: Enjoy Sylvia’s lush gothic duology seamlessly! Announcing both full-length Blacklist novels – So Close & Too Far – together in one beautiful digital edition.

Is Blacklist new to you? The primary characters in Blacklist are three women: Amy, Aliyah, and Lily. They are linked by buried secrets and circle the man who unquestioningly accepts the return of Lily, his beloved long-dead wife. All three are struggling with Lily’s return and the ramifications, and all three are survivors of different and similar traumas. How those traumas impact their viewpoints is the core of the Blacklist Duology.

Check out Sylvia’s Blacklist Author’s Notes where she dives into the story and characters.

So Close - USA - trade paperback

More Blacklist news: Sylvia’s international bestseller So Close just released for the first time in trade paperback in the US. Too Far arrives in paperback on May 21st in the US and on May 23rd in the rest of the world.

EVENTS! Sylvia is looking forward to meeting readers next month for Readers Take Denver! She is scheduled for a couple of panels and an exclusive dinner session with readers — check the event schedule for times and updates. Beyond that, Hawaii and Chicago are on her 2024 calendar, and Chicago’s Cavalcade of Authors 2024 currently has an early bird registration discount.

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