Sylvia Day

Where can I find “Sylvia Day” promotional materials for events?

Are you a bookseller or librarian who enjoys receiving promotional items to pass on to your customers and patrons? Check these pages on my site for promo items: The Media page, which includes downloadable photos, publicity contacts, industry news, career …

How can I share one of your events?

Each event on my Events page has its own, individual page with options to share the event via social media, and even pull up a map to see the exact location!

What kind of events do you do?

I regularly make appearances at libraries, bookstores, conferences, colleges, fan conventions, and other reader-friendly events.

When is your next public appearance?

I almost always have events scheduled; take a look at my Events page to see when and where. If you don’t see anything there, then I’m very likely taking a break from appearances for a while.

When will you be near me?

I travel a lot for public appearances, and while I can’t go everywhere, there is always a chance that I’ll have an event near you! The best place to check is my Events page.