Sylvia Day

What’s your policy on Fan Fiction?

While I’m grateful that readers connect so strongly to my work, I ask—for legal and personal reasons—that others refrain from writing, publishing (in any format, print or online), or sharing derivative works based on my characters and/or storylines.

Do you write full-time?

Yes, and I consider myself very fortunate that I can. (Thank you, dear readers!)

Is it difficult getting a book published?

Yes. That said, here is my advice for aspiring authors: Keep writing. Finish multiple manuscripts. Never send out a work you’re not 100% certain is as good as it can possibly be at this point in your pursuit. (It will …

Will you read my story and give me your opinion/quote/critique?

I believe strongly in giving back to the writing community. Watching aspiring authors realize their dreams is a thrill for me, because I know how it feels. However, due to my writing schedule and travel demands, as well as legal …