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Is it difficult getting a book published?

Yes. That said, here is my advice for aspiring authors:

  • Keep writing. Finish multiple manuscripts.
  • Never send out a work you’re not 100% certain is as good as it can possibly be at this point in your pursuit. (It will never be perfect; there is always room for improvement.) Don’t fall prey to impatience. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
  • Don’t take rejection personally. A manuscript that sells is simply a combination of the right book, at the right time, with the right editor.
  • If an editor or agent offers you advice, listen!
  • Don’t dismiss smaller publishing houses. Don’t spite yourself by narrowing your choices.
  • Read. A lot. Look at what’s filling the bookshelves in your local bookstores. Look at what readers are clamoring for. Look at the type of books you enjoy reading. (You must be a reader to be a writer.)
  • Write what’s in your heart, it’ll show in your work.

Good luck!

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