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Group Promotion

© 2007 Sylvia Day


Ten Pitfalls of Group Promotion:

  1. Expecting others to pick up the slack — Each member has to work as hard as the others or resentment will grow.
  2. Expecting group promotion to build your individual reputation — group promotion is not a replacement for individual promotion, but an addition to it. You will have two identities to promote: your own and your group’s.
  3. Not having the same goals — when you join a group, all the members should have similar levels of career ambition. Having a group member who wants to maintain their level and another who wants to grow will lead to dissension.
  4. Inability to compromise — if you are a “my way or the highway” type of person, group promotion is not for you.
  5. Lack of respect for members of your group — effective group promotion is personal. You should like the other members and want them to succeed.
  6. Having a short-term career plan — remember how long it took to build to your own name recognition? It didn’t happen overnight. Same with a group. When you start a group, are you planning years ahead? You should be.
  7. Failing to discuss a budget — if one member is a heavy promotional spender and another wants to spend little-to-no money, you’re going to run into conflict.
  8. Trouble vocalizing your thoughts — if you don’t feel comfortable speaking bluntly and directly with the people in your group, you’re not going to have your needs met.
  9. Tendency to hold grudges — if you can’t disagree with someone without holding on to resentment, don’t join a group. You are not always going to see eye-to-eye. Sometimes, you won’t get what you wanted. If you can’t move past that and continue to work effectively, a group is not for you.
  10. Jealousy — there’s no room for it in a group. Period. How can you push for someone else’s success when you resent them for being successful?

Remember, group promotion is “all for one, and one for all!”

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