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Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

Brett smiled. “Don’t go anywhere.”

He bounded off. Cary and I walked over to the tent bearing the Vidal Records logo. Protected from the crowds by private security, it was a tiny oasis in the madness of Times Square.

“Well, baby girl, you’ve got your hands full with him. I forgot how it was with you two.”

Was being the operative word,” I pointed out.

“He’s different from before,” he went on. “More… settled.”

“That’s great for him. Especially with all that’s going on in his life right now.”

He scoped me out. “Aren’t you even the slightest bit interested in seeing if he can still bang you brainless?”

I shot him a look. “Chemistry is chemistry. And I’m sure he’s had plenty of chances to bone up on his already fabulous skills.”

“Bone up, ha! That’s punny.” He waggled his brows at me. “You seem solid.”

“Ah, now that would be an illusion.”

“Well, look who’s here,” he murmured, turning my attention to Gideon, who was approaching with Ireland at his side. “And heading straight toward us. If there’s a brawl over you, I’m watching from the bleachers.”

I shoved at him. “Thanks.”

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124 Responses to ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snippet #10

  1. baconzilla says:

    I know this isn’t right,, but GOD DAMN BRETT? ….

  2. oh boy…u r going to kill me!!!! im missing Gideon..Good God!!! this book should come out sooner…june is to far far far away!!!!

  3. I thinks this is a illusion to take the heat of Gideon so him and Eva can still be together. Well I hope so anyway I love and good ending 😉

  4. I miss Gideon so much! So anxious for this book! Believe me, I’ll wait as long as it takes!

  5. Fiona Grocott says:

    Fantastic! 😀

  6. Susan Ormes says:

    Thank you for this clip giving us a sneak peek into other characters. Glad to see Gideon spending time with Ireland. However, I don’t like Eva being conflicted about Brett in the least. I’m going to be devasted if she does something stupid to hurt Gideon after he killed for her!

  7. Thaís Malheiros says:

    I’m so excited to read the book… it is consuming me… I loved…

  8. Kati Croatia says:

    oh my…. I think that while Gideon is acting like he’s dating Corinne, Eva also acts like dating Brett. To protect Gideon from the police AND to just give Gideon a taste of what Eva is going through when she sees him with Corinne.
    But it breaks my heart, I want Eva and Gideon together also in public!!

    • baconzilla says:

      Did the police already burned the notes?

      • Kati Croatia says:

        we don’t know yet! this is what the detective said, but we don’t know if it’s true!
        remember also the snippet, when Gideon comes to Evas appartement, and then they say, that it is too dangerous for him to be there. so who knows!

  9. Khye Chwin says:

    weee…more of gideon and eva~~~~

  10. Kathie says:

    Ooooo!!! It just gets better and better…..hurry June, can hardly wait for the Eva/Gideon step in ‘Entwined with You’

  11. she better not be with brett after everything gideon did for her . they have to end up together . it will break my heart if they dont . the are one and that is all to it . gideon and eve they need to get married and be happy .

  12. Susan says:

    see I read this, as she is finally totally solid in her relationship with Gideon, she doesn’t seem to have a problem with being around Brett, and Gideon owns Brett’s record label. I can’t wait to read this book! Bring on the romance of Eva and Gideon.

  13. Rocky Moreno says:

    Don’t like Brett being in the picture, but I get it, if it’s for protecting Gideon. You just hope Gideon is strong enough to withstand that type of torture. As for Eva, I think she’s not that strong and can succumb to Brett, I hope not, really hope not. I really want to read this book. I’ll keep my hopes up that Gideon and Eva stick through it all the way to the end.

  14. Meagen Wheeler-Burke says:

    I’m sorry but I just have such a hard time believing Eva would go back to Brett after everything Gideon did for her! Even if it was to take the heat off of Gideon bc he killed for her. Why? The end of book #2 ended with the detectives dropping and closing the case. Unless we’re getting a surprise in this next one?! Cant wait to find out! 😉

  15. Cami says:

    It appears that Eva hasn’t filled Cary in on the secrecy of her renewed relationship with Gideon… I love it!

  16. Kymberly says:

    This book needs to come out already!!!! Eve and Gideon have to be together its fate!!! HURRY UP JUNE!! Btw…you can put me as a character, I’ll take care of Gideon ; ) haha

  17. Suz says:

    What a great birthday surprise! Love the snippets and snap shots!

  18. Laura says:

    Can’t wait… Eva and Gideon…..glad he’s doing more with Ireland…..not sure how I feel about Bret back in the picture.

  19. natasha says:

    My thoughts exactly susan and I dint like Cary stirring the pot

  20. NBenavidez says:

    *swoon* Just reading the snippets…makes me want MORE 😉 Thanks Sylvia!!

  21. This makes me want it now. Thank you for putting up this delicious tid bit. I still love Gideon no matter what he’s done. It’s in my nature to love fictional characters. They’re so yummy.

  22. stanggirl says:

    I hope this is just a cover. They belong together!!!

  23. Julie redpath says:

    Gideon and Eva are the romance of the decade. Please let there be a happy ending. They deserve it, after all they have been through. I can’t believe these two characters have got too me so much. I can almost feel their pain when reading the books.

  24. smw033 says:

    She better not do anything stupid!

  25. MsAnaJ says:

    Brett is trouble. He better stay away, but I have the feeling he is going to cause drama…as if these two didn’t have enough of it already.

  26. RSan99 says:

    Not liking Brett back in the picture…..

  27. Susan says:

    See I read that totally different then some, Eva is Rock solid in here relationship at this point, they are at a Vidal recording deal in the middle of Time Square. and Gideon doesn’t seem to be nervous in anyway. and it sounds like Eva is solid with herself and her relationship with Gideon. shame on Carey for trying to push her in the wrong direction. just kidding, I think he is testing her, and she seems to be solid to him to. I’m so in love with this couple can’t wait to see there Happily ever after.

  28. Emma says:

    this book needs to hurry up i don’t know how much more i can wait to get back into Eva & Gideons intense relationship! so enjoying the books right now as for Brett i hope she don’t risk it all……AGAIN!

  29. Emma says:

    neither am i !

  30. Witcheyez says:

    Can’t this book come out tomorrow? Pwetty plzzzzzz… I’m dying already…

  31. Jenny says:

    Gideon deserves a taste of his own medicine (aka Corinne).

    I hope he’ll get really jealous.

  32. Oh for the love.. I can not wait till June and the have to end up together. It would break my heart if they didn’t.

  33. shari casey says:

    Omg new Brett would make an appearance . Can’t wait for book although this snippet makes me nervous it’s going to fab . Please let them stay together xxx

  34. Emma Davey says:

    Hurry up with Entwined With You!! i don’t knowhow much more i can wait! i can’t wait to start reading more and more into Eva & Gideon’s intense relationship! i don’t like the fact Brett’s back on the scene after the last time hopefully she not give him time or day this time! hope she don’t mess up…..AGAIN! Gideon’s proven more than enough she’s his one by Killing and risking everything he has for her! go Gideon! x

  35. Erica Ford says:

    I am dying to get my hands on this book!!!!!! My birthday is May 3rd hint hint!!!

  36. MicheleHawkins says:

    Yay! Yay! Yay!!!

  37. Guest says:

    love snippets deffo love this one! esp since cary is in it, But Not pelased to see brett kline bak in the picture, dnt like him! hes nuthin bt trouble for eva and gideon i just hope to god she doesnt do anythin silly like give him an inch! Wouldnt mind gideon puttin him in his place tho like “shes mine hands off” lol!!!! Come on june 3rd cannot wait to read this xxxxxx

  38. Lisa Upshaw says:

    OMG!! I am so excited I can’t wait for June. Although I hate the fact Brett in back in the picture I have no doubt that Eva & Gideon are just playing roles to keep Gideon safe from the police. God please let them continue to be together and get married and have lots of babies!!! Still trying to figure out the Christmas wrapping snapshot if anyone has any clues 🙂 I Love you Sylvia and THANK YOU for bringing Eva & Gideon into all of our lives <3

  39. Ale says:

    I couldn’t say solid…since this snippet begins with Brett saying “Don’t go anywhere.” Means they came together or she’s there with him (it’s not sexually with him though, even she keeps repeating shamelessly that she’s attracted to her ex even in this 3rd book)… I thought Eva grew up some brain & some other stuff by the end of the second book. Now she knows in what hell Gideon lives because of what he did for her (even baring Corinne is hell for him)…The last thing I expected to read is Eva going out with Brett and act like dates. That will not do any better to Gideon’s situation with the investigation, who Eva is dating now after so many weeks from the crime doesn’t change anything in regard to the crime, only will hurt Gideon (and us readers)…we know for Gideon even a touch, a kiss is a big betrayal!!

    • Layla says:

      Well no not really since he made some other “possessive” comments to herin book 2 when they saw each other again…I’m trying to not read too much into this

    • BookEater says:

      Well, if you go back and read the other snippets it looks like they still cannot be together for some reason. Eva said that he shouldn’t be with her and that they could get in trouble in one of them. Maybe they are still keeping up their pretenses of not being together.

  40. Islandmom says:

    OMG!! I can not wait for this book to be out. This has been the best series yet.

  41. Linda Knop says:

    Thank you for the clip, cannot wait for this book, you are one talented talented writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More please!!!!!!!

  42. Susan Ormes says:

    I would like to think your perception is spot on but Eva herself says in regards to being solid” ah, that would be an illusion” she is telling us she is a anything but solid…

  43. Ed Hunyo says:

    why oh why Brett character has to resurface ??? i’ll be annoyed too if Eva do something stupid again . add my character there so i can give Eva a hard slap and wake her up… . Im crushing on Gideon character *sigh*

  44. Susan Ormes says:

    First- how great is Sylvia for keeping us hooked up with snippets & snapshots until the release. Clearly she feels bad about the delay, although it’s due to no fault of her own, she wants to take care of her fans. What a doll! She has gone above and beyond and should be acknowledged for that.
    Next, I want to say I have no doubt that Gideon and Eva will ultimately together and of course there has to be some drama. What drives e crazy is the thought of Eva wanting Brett while she has Gideon’s heart. Would it be great for Gideon to see how Eva feels when he is with Corrine? Sure! But Gideon is tempted by Corinne and Eva is tempted by Brett and that pisses me off! If I were lucky enough to have Gideon, I would only have eyes for him. The thought of Gideon having anymore pain after everything he has a scarf iced for her breaks my heart! Please be good to him Eva! Cary is a pot stirrer!

    • EvaGideon_Fan says:

      Yes, I agree. Sylvia clearly appreciates her fans, and we appreciate her.

      I think that, for years, Eva suppressed the feelings she had for Brett (She left him because she was tired of being ‘merely another convenience for him.’) – that’s why he keeps creeping into her thoughts – her thoughts about him won’t stay where they belong, even though she is deeply in love with Gideon. Brett has grown out of the old, fast life and is trying to take things cautiously with Eva. I think that in some regard he’s trying to respect that she’s in a relationship, but he’s trying to show her that he genuinely cares for her and despite their lousy past, she was always special to him. (Think about it. If you were in a relationship, this is how an old love would try to re-insert himself back into your life.). Gideon, on the other hand, manipulated circumstances to force his way into her life. I think Eva will have to face her feelings for Brett before she can move on with Gideon and perhaps, before Gideon will allow them to move on. I think that the scene described above, is immediately before a major confrontation between Gideon and Eva.

      I also agree, if I had someone like Gideon, not only would I have eyes only for him, but I’m afraid, I would willingly sacrifice all of my wants & desires for him, which I don’t think is good in any relationship.

  45. Mrs_Ace says:

    Omg! Brett is back! Sweet sweet torture is what this is! Thank u Sylvia!

  46. so can’t wait to read this book…I have so many ideas about what are happening in these Snippet’s it’s killing me to wait this long:)

  47. Shycharn says:

    OMG, this is crazy…… I can’t wait to read what happened before & after this scene here. This is going to be great. Sylvia is the absolute best, that’s why we love her!

  48. Thanks Sylvia – ooo it’s sounding good!!! 😀 Can’t wait!!!! 😀

  49. Lizzie says:

    Worried at first but I think they are both still being extra careful. They have deliberately turned up to a public event with partners that wouldnt cause any jealousy to either of them. Brett saw Eva and rushed off to find something like a platinum disk for Golden Girl or the written lyrics etc. Eva is having to be strong appearing as single and clearly struggling with the fact that she can’t tell Cary about what has happened either. She is totally hooked on Gideon understanding chemistry is chemistry and this links with her answer that it is all an illusion referring to her missing Gideon totally.

  50. Cams says:

    This Brett storyline is a bad idea – and after this interminable wait for EWY; it would be very disappointing to be still navigating the Brett/Eva fiasco of a relationship. After all they have been through Gideon and Eva need to focus their emotionla energies on each other. This so called Brett conflict needs to be very short-lived!

  51. Aimee says:

    Love, love, love to hear from Cary! Love the conflict, drama that is Eva & Gideon. Sylvia rocks!!

  52. S.L Gonzalez says:

    Luv Gideon. I write a fan fiction story called 50 Shades of Crossfire where Gideon gets the girl over Christian Grey and despite the angry mob that wanted my head I stuck to my guns. Can’t wait for this.

  53. Sarah says:

    Aaaaargh! Sooo excited. Stop with the teasing!

  54. stanggirl says:

    I agree 100%. Don’t like the idea of Eva & Brett or Gideon & Corinne for that matter.

  55. letigo says:

    Omg…. June seems so far away!

  56. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE this snippet – Sylvia you’re so good to your readers!

    I didn’t read this at all as Eva being conflicted – in fact she seemed pretty damn sure she wasn’t even considering Brett. I took the ‘you seem solid’ part as her saying she wasn’t solid emotionally, but nothing to do with the solidness of her relationship with Gideon.

    Why are people panicking? We’ve seen 9 other snippets that make it obvious Eva and Gideon are together, but Brett appears in literally one line of a snippet and everyone’s freaking out. So we go through all that; watching Eva and Gideon’s relationship grow and develop just to have Eva end up with a guy who only appeared in the second book for a couple of pages? Doesn’t seem very likely to me. Why would Eva leave a guy she is absolutely crazy in love with for a guy that she is only slightly
    attracted to? Especially a guy as hot as Gideon 😛 Also Eva cheating on Gideon with Brett seemed like a once off, to have it happen again would be pretty pointless – why repeat an already used story line?

    But that’s just my two cents! I’m personally glad Brett is in it – think of how jealous Gideon will be!! 😀

    • Zak Simpson says:

      Jennifer, I’ll add a penny to your two cents because I agree with you. I don’t think there is a spark on Eva’s part for Brett. Could be their paths just crossed. Maybe Cary is in one of Brett’s music videos and Eva just went along for support.

  57. OH OH OH Soooooooo Yummy! Sparks could fly! lol June 4th come faster! 🙂

  58. Eva will never choose Brett! There was never the attraction that she has for Gideon! 🙂

  59. Lena Baila says:

    “Especially with all that’s going on in his life right now.” well it seems that the police has their file still open , Eva looks solid but she says that its an illusion.. So what i think …is thay they are together ,but in secret.

  60. Alisha Rego says:

    I don’t feel she’s conflicted at all!! It’s Carey as usual playing Devils Advocate!! I can’t wait!!!

  61. It seems as if Eva is still interested in Brett. She already messed up once, I hope she won’t do it again!

  62. Agreed!!! Sylvia has shown with the other snippets that Eva and Gideon love each other and are solid.

  63. NLR says:

    What is going on? I’m lost I need the book please.

  64. Susan says:

    she says she isn’t the slightest bit interested in Brett, maybe she is just behaving like she’s single again, either way I think she is totally in love with Gideon, and who wouldn’t be, nevertheless they better end up together in the end. whatever event they are at, they are in the middle of time square, and she is with Carey, and Gideon and Ireland show up, do you really think there’s going to be another throw down? I think she will finally get to tell Brett she loves Gideon, they have to have closure there to.

  65. Eva's bestfriiend says:

    We are jumping the gun here they could still be pretending just in case the officers little story to Eva was a set up. Gideon will leave nothing to chance and Eva knows that.

  66. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the additional clip…not happy about Brett being in this at all 🙁

  67. Mary needs a Gideon Fix says:

    she doesn’t seem to be conflicted at all…. she at a concert but Brett is the past , I think Brett is the one with the concert…Eva is in advertising and I wouldn’t be surprised if her being at Bretts concert has something to do with the advertising.

  68. That was amazing…I cannot wait for this book too come out

  69. Gideon made the decision to kill on his own; Eva ‘owes’ Gideon nothing. While I hope that Gideon and Eva end up together, I’m happy that Brett is back in the picture. He was young and stupid and everyone deserves a second chance.

  70. I agree, I don’t think Eva is doing anything with Brett, I’m thinking she showed up at this event with Cary and runs into Brett who is probably estatic to see Eva there since he already said he won’t give up on her. I think Gideon went to pick up Ireland that’s why they aren’t already there together. But I can’t wait to read about this and see what happens when Brett and Gideon come face to face with Eva in the middle! I think she’s solid with Gideon but not solid mentally or emotionally?

  71. Martha Morales says:

    God!!! I’m always beyond excited when I get a new snippet. I miss Gideon so F’ing much. Can June finally get here?

  72. Buddar2 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!

  73. Ed Hunyo says:

    im beginning to think the that investigator did set up Eva so she would go back to Gideon … to prove a point that they are still together, otherwise the investigator wouldnt say “i think you’re boyfriend killed Nathan Barker” Eva could only be the solid proof that Gideon premeditated the killing if Gideon go back to her as soon as he founds out that she knows and he was forgiven and was given a heads up…. then the cover will be ruined.

    Gideon being smart and thorough, wouldnt fall for it as he always think one step ahead unless the case was officially drop. Gideon will always protect Eva and he wouldnt want the rape case to be open as well.Nathan barker is nothing, His murder would only be a big thing in the press, if only they will establish Gideon’s connection to it.

    im so emotionally connected to this story but most of the time my heart goes to Gideon. The only source of his happiness is Eva and now he has to restrain himself, depends how many times they sneak in. Im hoping Entwined will be more about Gideon and his past.

  74. I don’t get where people say Eva is conflicted with her feelings with Brett. I saw no conflict at all. It’s quite clear she loves and wants to be only with Gideon.

  75. Nina says:

    Brett! 😀 I am getting all sorts of excited. 😀

  76. swixii says:

    Wow amazing, cant wait for book to come out – getting anxious now

  77. i like the twist, who knows if he’s cut out corrine yet? eva is the only one gideon cant control, so I love the danger of the past……

  78. Don’t think Eva is conflicted, seems like the illusion is that she is solid with Brett just like its an illusion Gideon is solid with Corinne. I think Gideon and Eva are still very much together

  79. Tequilla says:

    Ms. Day write me into this book because if she hurts Gideon over Brett I’m going to imagine I’m kicking her a**! She better not hurt my man after all he has done for her. I will go MADEA in her!!! #lovemesomeGIDEON!

  80. LJ Existing says:

    ok – I clearly have to go back and re read this series – too long between and now I am feeling like I am scrambling for past info *sigh*.
    Great snippet though – am so looking forward to it.

  81. Misha_H says:

    Gideon and Eva are so perfectly imperfect for each other… together they hurt, together they heal. I want them end up being happy and secure, I want them to overcome all their nightmares together and to be the perfect couple forever in love. However there’s still this tiny voice in my head quietly whispering “they lived happily ever after? Oh no, another Cinderella story, I need more, more drama, I need more..”

  82. I think that Brett was there because he is signed on with Vidal Records and he has to be there as part of the promotion, as a recording artist for that company. I think down to be a part of what’s going on at the booth or to see what’s going on there and Gideon went for his sister to bring her along since it’s a Vidal Record’s booth. It could be that Brett just had to use the restroom. I don’t think there’s anything going on with Brett and Eva. Gideon and Eva are solid and she is still just having emotional problems.

  83. Paula Radell says:

    Sylvia, I love these teasers but you are killing me here. You know we all want happily ever after for these two – and yet you bait us with conflict! 🙂 Shame on you! Can we get a tender moment in the weeks to come? 😉

  84. San says:

    I love this & love Brett! Gideon could use some competition.

  85. candy68 says:

    Remember Cary doesn’t know what is really going on with Eva and he thinks Gideon has treated Eva badly and that is why he is encouraging her to go back to Brett !

  86. Megan says:

    AH! I love conflict. Make him work for it… Ugh, these snippets are going to kill me…. June 4th get here now!

  87. Mary Mooney says:

    Loving it. You are such a tease. Can’t wait!

  88. Peachies says:

    I must be reading this one different from others…. To me Brett was talking with Eva & Cary, Brett is walking away but isn’t done talking with her yet, so he said “Don’t go”. Yet Eva and Cary continue walking while Cary is teasing and tempting her. Next is Gideon and Ireland are walking towards the Vidal records tent and Eva & Cary. Eva doesn’t seem conflicted, unstable, or torn between lovers. Cary is playfully teasing her. Just because Brett is talking to Eva and tells her to not go doesn’t mean she is interested or there with him.

  89. I have a feeling this is not going to end the way everyone wants it too !!!!!!!!!!

  90. KristyN says:

    June can’t get here soon enough! I just finished the second book again last night and really am anxious to read the next book..

  91. Michelle J says:

    Totally agree!!!!

  92. Hazel Eyed Diva says:

    Why do I read snippets? I get myself all worked up and I will be a wreck until June all because Cary is insinuating that Eva is conflicted. I swear Gideon deserves someone better. She just keeps screwing things up.

  93. yan says:

    i think by this time they are not married yet. oh my god this is making me crazy. im glad gideon has still something to think about to fire up his love with eva. i hope this book continues maybe atleast 5 or 6.

  94. Willow Browning says:

    Hahah! I bet it will be more interesting now that Cary is there with the electric rivalry of Gideon and Brett. It’s really good that Gideon’s spending more time with Ireland. I am so looking forward to this book 😀
    I know this great song that is really like Gideon asking Eva not to leave him. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson. Pardons for a girl singing it but just look at the lyrics. It really struck me :))

  95. Willow Browning says:

    Hahah! I bet it will be more interesting now that Cary is there with the electric rivalry of Gideon and Brett. It’s really good that Gideon’s spending more time with Ireland. I am so looking forward to this book 😀
    I know this great song that is really like Gideon asking Eva not to leave him. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson. Pardons for a girl singing it but just look at the lyrics. It really struck me :))

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