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Between now and the release day of Entwined with You, I’m going to be posting two “snapshots” a week–one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Each snapshot (not to be confused with a snippet or excerpt!) will tie into a chapter in some way. So, two chapter peeks a week, from now until June 4th, which will take us through all the chapters.

Ready? Here’s Chapter Five:

Entwined with You - Chapter Five

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29 Responses to ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #5

  1. ana D says:

    towels wrapped? or are they robes? confusing!!!!!! who wraps towels?

  2. Connie Noel says:

    I can’t until it comes out

  3. La Diva says:

    Can’t wait!!!!

  4. Fiona Grocott says:

    A wedding present perhaps!! 😀

  5. Sarah says:

    Waiting really sucks! I need my new dose of Gideon Cross and his Eva.

  6. Marian says:

    OMG!!! I can’t wait :)))

  7. Ace says:

    Towel, ribbon, cross.. waking up and shower together 🙂 i cant dig deeper with these snapshots … I just want a highly dose of Gideon & Eva ASAP … and I hate April & May nowadays..

  8. twosisters says:

    Oh my…let’s see: Ribbon. Red. Christmas or Valentines? Given the other clues, I’d say Christmas. Towels: Spa day, Beach house in NC, monogrammed = married? Honeymoon? But whose? Gym? Krav Maga class/ownership? My mind is running on over drive…This is so much fun! Loving the snippets of clues! But I must admit, I was fine waiting until June, until I found all these snippets of clues…Now,I’m like everyone else…getting overly excited for “Entwined with You” arrival! Giggling as I am writing down the snippets of what is to come, as well as, anticipated twist and turns to the story plot…I wonder how remotely close I will be in my own conclusion? Sooo,… until June, keeping an open mind with a lot of enthusiasm, I wait…for the next snippet….

  9. I KNEW they were going somewhere away from all the drama! The cover and now the towels confirms it!

  10. A really fancy hotel:)

  11. Maria Iraci says:

    Loving these snap shots!!! I can’t wait!!!!! I miss Eva and Gideon!

  12. Thaís Malheiros says:

    My imagination took a leap with this picture… are they buying towels for the house they bought together?

    I’m super curious and dying to read this book… I can not wait to be released… I can not stand to wait…

  13. k5 says:

    twos company threes a crowd… and i see three towels:)

  14. Leslee says:

    Towel with red ribbon???????OoOHhhh….Gosh….I thought I’d lose my mind…
    I’m going crazy,,please somebody tell me what is that mean???

  15. Lisa Hoang says:

    hmmm room service? those look like towels

  16. spa day with Ace’s sister?

  17. Lena Baila says:

    in chapter 3 we had the coffee and bussness deal in 4 we had the music concert and Bret and the possibility of him being the cover up of Eva and Gideons relation.. now in this one … nothing comes up. maybe a spa together ? does this mean that they do not have to hide any more ??

  18. Lola says:


  19. Waiting has already sucked SO hard, but given these tiny little tastes is pure torture!

  20. Dutch fan says:

    There is something sticking out of the first towel. Right corner bottom?????? A present?? OMG this is pure torture… devine

  21. Suellen says:

    Remember the cover of entwined with you has luggage tags on it? I reckon they’ve gone away together to get away from all the nasty press and drama! This is maybe from a spa or hotel they might be staying at?? 🙂

  22. Melanie says:

    There’s a rumor going around that Entwined With You is not the last book of the series. Any truth to it? Don’t think I could take the wait for another book!

    • Christine says:

      Can’t remember where I read it but SD said that it may take a 4th book to finish gideo
      n’s story but she won’t drag it past it’s natural ending.

    • Nikki says:

      She said there would be a total of 5 books

  23. katrina says:

    Since there’s three towels, and Cary is a huge part of Evas life maybe that’s who the christmas present is for. Perhaps him, his boyfriend, and his girl on the side worked out a three wsy relationship and now are living in Evas apt. since she moves in w/ Gideon?! I don’t know just a guess, i’d love for him to find happiness as well.

  24. Christmas promises to be cosy for the couple with these bath towels

  25. MRS.CROSS says:

    PLEASE Lord let it be a honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Boots Hopson says:

    now that I know what the significance of the towels is, I’m laughing. All of the snapshots make perfect sense now, of course.

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