Sylvia Day

AFTERBURN – Snippet #3

I straightened my shoulders and abruptly decided on a course of action. Jax and I could dance around each other for days if I let us. I didn’t have the patience for it. “I’m heading out for a bit.”

My brother nodded and reached over to squeeze my hand. “Give him hell.”

“Thanks.” I pivoted and nearly ran into Jax, who’d come up behind me. “You staying somewhere?”

The faint amusement on his face faded into something darker. Hotter. “I’ve got a room, yes.”

“Let me grab my purse.”

He caught my elbow before I walked away. “Gia.”

I looked at him, let him study me.

His thumb brushed over my skin. “There’s no rush.”

“In three days, you’ve popped up where I am across three different states. Now you’re going to cock-block yourself? Really?”

A slow smile curved his mouth. “You’ve got a point. I’ll go get the car.”

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3 Responses to AFTERBURN – Snippet #3

  1. Linda says:

    Love it I cannot wait for this book to come out!!

  2. Susan Ormes says:

    “…cock block yourself…” LMAO! Sylvia your banter is the Best! I can’t wait to read the rest!

  3. KRISTY says:


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