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AFTERSHOCK – Excerpt #1

Jax straightened and shrugged out of his vest, letting it drop to the floor. He yanked at the knot of his tie, then pulled the loosened silk down one side to fall to the carpet, as well. When he went to work on the buttons of his shirt, I pushed up onto my elbows to watch.

A low hum of pleasure escaped me.

Jax paused, his brow lifting. There was a gleam in his eye that made my legs shift restlessly. The man knew he was hot as hell, knew how much I liked looking at him.

“Don’t stop,” I told him.

“I love it when you look at me like that.” He freed another button.

I caught my lower lip between my teeth. He’d always been fit and leanly muscular, but he was harder now. More defined. Golden skin stretched over ridges and slabs of muscle. I wanted to run my fingertips over every inch of it…lick him like a favorite dessert…make him feel how much I loved him.

He shrugged off the shirt and I moved, rising up onto my knees to reach for him. He groaned when my hands smoothed over his shoulders then down his biceps, squeezing and caressing.

“How is it possible?” I wondered aloud. “You’re more delicious than you were before, and you were a god back then.”

“Baby.” He sealed his mouth over mine and stole my breath, his tongue licking and gliding.

Greedy, my hands ran all over his chest and abs, tracing every plane and groove. “You’re so hard,” I breathed, wanting to feel all that warm, silk-covered marble pressed against me.

“The sexual-frustration workout.” He caught me by the wrist and pressed my hand against his straining erection, grinding into my palm. “Pushing my body to exhaustion because I couldn’t have you, and the wet dreams were killing me.”

I cupped him, stroking from root to tip. “Not always frustrated,” I muttered, thinking of the women who’d had him, the women who’d had what was mine. “At least on two occasions.”

Fisting my ponytail, he pulled my head back to look up at him. “Always,” he said fiercely. “You’ve ruined me for other women, Gia.”

“Good.” I kissed his shoulder. “You’re still dressed.”

“You finish it.” He tugged the band out of my hair, his fingers sifting through it. My eyelids grew heavy, my senses drugged by the sexual hunger radiating off Jax. The feel of his fingertips kneading my scalp sent bliss radiating through me. Every word he spoke… every move he made… was designed to seduce me.

And it was working.

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2 Responses to AFTERSHOCK – Excerpt #1

  1. Nhung Bui says:

    I wish Jax and Gia’s story was longer or at least Aftershock would be twice as much as Afterburn. Sylvia’s writing is so so so so irresistable and addicting. Thank you!

  2. Aishwarya Mishra says:

    Cant wait! !!!…

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