Sylvia Day

How can I watch the Afterburn Aftershock Film?

The Jax and Gia series is now available as a motion picture adaptation with Passionflix, a new streaming service that is similar to Netflix but specializes in romantic films and original programming. Here are the ways you can watch Afterburn …

When will A Lush Kiss of Surrender and A Taste of Seduction release?

The release of A Lush Kiss of Surrender and A Taste of Seduction are on hold at this time, as I’m no longer working with Penguin USA and my other publishers want me to focus on the stories and series …

Can I get the complete Crossfire® saga in a boxed set?

So far, only UK readers can buy Crossfire® books 1-5 in a boxed set, and only in eBook formats. If that works for you, order your copy! A paperback boxed set will likely eventually be released, and made available through Book …

When will So Close (Blacklist #1) release?

Sylvia is presently working on So Close. The publisher will announce the release date once the story is complete and edited. Sign up for Sylvia’s newsletter to be the first to know!

Will the Jax and Gia series be continued?

The Jax and Gia story was completed in Aftershock. There are no plans for further books in this series, but the motion picture adaption of Jax and Gia’s story released in November 2017. Find out the ways you can watch.