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Entwined with You

Honestly, Gideon Cross had been designed to f*ck a woman right out of her mind. ~ Eva Tramell

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23 Responses to ENTWINED WITH YOU Snippet #3

  1. Now that is how i want to go out of my mind.

  2. taramac says:

    Omg it sounds like they are not together and please say it is not true that he does not die:(

  3. Oh no! What’s going on now?

  4. Emmy MW says:

    Does Eva mean literally or metaphorically? ;) Love it!

  5. animalangie says:

    Why so short…i need more can not wait until may…

  6. Luly says:

    One line… teasing us Mrs. Day? hope we get longer snippets before Christmas:)

  7. That’s not a Snippet thats just a tiny tease we need a chapter…. please !

  8. Sarsys says:

    This snippet is too short! Can we have a longer one next time please :) Hope nothing bad happens to gideon and that they dont break up

  9. Yes he is!!! I ❤ Gideon x4!!!!

  10. Please, we need more than this!!!

  11. Danea Garcia says:

    You are killing me Sylvia. Out with the book already!

  12. To short….we need the book now….Pleeeaaasssseeeee…….

  13. Oh thats Cheeky…….Where are the other 2 Snippets?? :( did i miss them

  14. Tav Fuller says:

    More please, Sylvia……. you are killing me here!!!!!!!

  15. pawprints says:

    I love this series! I can’t wait for May. Entwined with You comes out the day before my birthday. I hope that Gideon and Eva will get their happily ever after. <3

  16. Amy Collins says:

    AHHHH!!! I am dying. ha ha ha Cannot wait.
    This is the definition of tease! :-P

  17. lol thats not fair!

  18. debra says:

    tapping my toes and counting the months….. All I can think about is this book… Even a 1000 miles away, we’re waiting for book 3….

  19. Cyndi Hauff says:

    That was the snippet? Okay… who’s sadistic now… ?

  20. Natasha says:

    Please at least give us a chapter

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