Sylvia Day

ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #15

Between now and the release day of Entwined with You, I’m going to be posting two “snapshots” a week–one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Each snapshot (not to be confused with a snippet or excerpt!) will tie into a chapter in some way. So, two chapter peeks a week, from now until June 4th, which will take us through all the chapters.

Ready? Here’s Chapter Fifteen:

Entwined with You - Chapter Fifteen

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  • OMG!!! Sexy GC hand!!!! I need Entwined With You now!!!!!

    • iT Defenitly is a sexy hand ,but if it’s Gideon’s ………….where’s the promise ring that Eva gave him as he said he would never take it off ? Sylvia has us going nuts, at least i am. Tomorrow’s the big day. I can’t wait..

      • lizzie

        Perhaps they’ve got engaged and he”s wearing the promise ring on his other hand

      • Jill

        If you look closely, he put the ring on his ring finger. you can’t see the area that the ring would be. Meaning that he may still have it on (and probably does still have it on)

  • Ellece O.

    *drools* This snapshot doesn’t leave much to the imagination! Gawd, Gideon is just too sexy to be from planet Earth! 馃榾

  • Angie

    OMG!!!!! I need June 4th to get here, fast.

  • Juliana Machado

    One of those moments that GC lost his mind with Eva…

  • Ace

    I’ve never miss a character so much the way I miss Gideon and Eva

    • LadyIce

      I totally agree with you! Reading the snippets and all– It’s killing me here!

  • gill

    what a sexy hand can touch me any day xx

  • MSGLadii03

    Okay Where are the snippets?????? I need my daily/weekly dose of Gideon and Eva. I cannot wait for the release of the first chapter…..I have read BTY and RIY so much, that I can almost recite them chapter and verse. Ms. Day, you are a Rock Star and your books are like crack….give us a fix and release the book early……but you gotta love it!!!!! I DO!!

  • twosisters

    Well now! Exploding, Mind blowing. Rocked his world. Someone has taken control of this situation! Or have they? Was last “Snapshot” a sign that the case has truly gone cold! Are our forever favorite couple been united? Set free? Gideon said he would never let go…but has he? Did he have to? Could this be a Night mare? Or could this be a sign of dis-pare. grieving, wanting, regret?…Is someone pleading, grabbing the sheets as if to manage ones frustration? Did something go terribly wrong? Pain? Thus, NYPD Detective, last “Snapshot”? Is this indeed Gideon? Is this about Eva and Gideon? But then again, why wouldn’t it be? I would prefer to think of this as reuniting of mind, body and soul….the beginning of “being one”,.. for richer or poorer, sickness and health till death do us part! Maybe we are searching for the “forever” to soon…But what hunts my brain…in the write up of book 3 …Mrs. Day wrote, (Eva’s point of view) ” No one knows how much he risked for me. How much I’d been threaten, or just how dark and desperate the shadow of our past would become”…”Entwined by our secrets, we tried to defy the odds. We made our own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of possession”….To me, “would become”, “we tried to defy the odds” …are warning words…SO I TRULY question the “forever” at this point. And thus, something has happened…For when she says “We made our own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of possession” …I take that as;they have exquisite possessed one another in the END! Then there is Snippet #1 The last thing Gideon says is: “But, I didn’t know, and I settled for less, so did you. We both wasted ourselves on the wrong people”..Makes me wonder? Leaving me with lots to think about! .As for tomorrow…it will bring new light and new discoveries! Happy reading everyone!

  • Cpascal

    I think he is having a nightmare 馃檨

    • I think nightmare as well. His hand is turned down indicating a forward/down posture. I study body langue, I can’t wait to see what it is!!

      • Mamiki Zar

        I think GC might be having a nigtmare, after letting his demons out the closet by letting Eva in on the full details of his childhood abuse.
        Maybe after this they can start sharing a bed, who knows???

  • cverta

    Oh my! It’s killing me to have to wait! I want Gideon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m afraid this could represent a nightmare that Gideon is having, not a sex scene (well, maybe afterwards lol).

  • Charn Meadows

    These snapshots & snippets are killing me. Tomorrow is the release of the first chapter of EWY. To stop at one chapter & wait a whole month for the remaining book is just torture. It’s overload, I need it to be June & I pray that book 4 will be released later this year because all this waiting is not cutting it for me………. 馃檪

  • Gael Armstrong

    Ooh looks like a saucy one :p started reading Bared to You again today xx

  • can’t see the ring finger on this hand so the promise ring could still be there. Quality sheets so we’re not in jail folks unless they have updated prisons since I was a guard. Yes, guard ladies. I’ve heard all the jokes. I’ve never wanted a series to go on as much as I have this one. I have an all weekend read planned for the last weekend in May to reread Bared and Reflected again (Like for the 5th time) so that at midnight on the first, I’ve got a flow going. I’m sure I’ll be fretting by the end of the book for the 4th book so……..frustration only continues. Love it.

  • Clawing the sheet hey? could mean different thing. 1) Sexual pleasure. 2) Nightmares. Have to wait to read it to find out. Can’t wait

  • Fiona Grocott


  • vampfan

    is this supposed to be a snippet???? getting wound up now !!!!

  • Hmmmm not sure which way to take this… Is it pleasure or pain? Hope it’s the former, cause those nightnares GC has are really intense.. Cannot wait for tomorrow…. :-).


  • can only see his knuckles in this pic cant see fingers so the ring could be there or tht could be his left hand and the ring will be on the other one, cannot wait for tomrrow, i’l have to wait until afternoon tho as am in the UK xxx

  • suzi2008


  • tbidwell

    i agree with sharon mills you cannot see his ring only his knuckles i don,t think gideon would cheat
    on eva he loves her to much

  • mol

    Probably fits in with his brother Christian…

  • guardmom

    When is the first chapter being released?

  • Fiona Grocott

    Maybe this is the chapter when we find out what happened to Gideon…

  • Are you kidding me. This could be a picture for every chapter in all these books!

  • susan

    Not really clinching at the sheets like he is having a nightmare, or even in the throws of passion, that’s more like remember he sleeps with one hand over his head, and the other one between the two of them when he sleeps, you know they are going to end up together in the end, don’t know how many more books there are going to be before we get to the happily ever after. can’t wait for this next book, I hope with this snippet that they are having mind blowing sex, and not another night mare

  • Sharon O from San Fran

    Can’t wait to read each chapter and compare it to each of the snapshots and all the guesses!

  • tipdawg13

    I think he’s having a nightmare too!

  • tipdawg13

    Gideon’s having another nightmare maybe.

  • I can not wait till the release i have read the first 2 books over and over i need my giddeon and eva fix like now!!!!!

  • Ana Estrada

    I also thinks its a nightmare. Lets just hope he doesn’t do anything to Eva that can ruin their relationship!

  • Sls

    He’s climbing up the bed and pulling the sheets off Eva.

  • Darina

    It麓s Christopher not Christian 馃檪

  • Lora

    My hubby was looking over my shoulder as I looked at this….and said, “Someone looks stressed!” I’m thinking from last snapshot that GC is arrested…..and here he’s alone and frantic.

  • kmuir

    How about this the nightmares have finaly stopped and they are finally sharing a bed all the time

  • Gideon’s making hard core love to Eva….ummmmmm!

  • Pcplease

    Hmmm…perhaps they will end up like Monica and Victor. Sometime love isn’t enough. Unless there is a 4th book..

  • OH GOD! The drama is killing me!


    this better not be BRETT!!!!


    OMG! after Snippet #14 ( the badge) what if Gideon gets arrested and Eva thinks he’s going away forever and turns to Brett for support, and ends up making a HUGE mistake….which would be HIM in this pic… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alice

    Showing the hand could mean getting married too:)

  • To2Sweeet

    I am so loving this Snapshot! My mind can only wonder! Can’t wait, Can’t wait!!!!! June 4th can’t come soon enough!

  • Rach

    He is in jail, perhaps waiting trial missing Eva.

  • meg13

    omg hurry up and release already love to books day

  • EvaGideon_Fan

    Gideon was arrested for Nathan’s murder. He’s in jail and having nightmares.

  • Applehappi

    yeahh baby! Eva AKA Ms. Insatiable