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Jax & Gia on film

Film News: May 5, 2017

The motion picture adaptation of Afterburn & Aftershock will be yours to enjoy this November! Here's Passionflix's summary:

"Businesswoman Gia Rossi is determined to be successful in her new job, but when her ex lover Jax Rutledge waltzes back into her life, their passionate connection ignites not only in the boardroom, but the bedroom."

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Here are the ways you can watch Afterburn/Aftershock:

  • Become a Founding Member of Passionflix. Details here »
  • Pre-order a monthly Passionflix membership for a discounted price of $3.99 a month for the first year (will be $5.99 at a later date). Details here »
  • Look for Afterburn/Aftershock in streaming stores like iTunes and Amazon Video in November, and DVD release at a future date.

Make sure you read Jax & Gia's story, and get your very own copy, before you watch the movie!

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