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Sylvia Day
  • Debbie

    your the best! cant wait for the crossfire book #4 Hurry up!!! I put it on my christmas wish list…great work all the way. Love your style!

  • Angel Ashmore

    I just finished Entwined with you ahhh I’m addicted to reading after a friend recommended your Cross Fire series. Brilliant work! Thank you Angel

  • Jamie Morgan Buff

    Can not wait for Crossfire # 4!!! I bought the first three and read all of them in a week!! Im reeling wondering when I can peek into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Cross again! Im hanging on a cliff here! 🙂

    • Linda

      So am I Jamie.

  • Nicole

    By far one of the best series out to date. Cross’s character is really what dreams are made for.

    • debbie88

      So agree really hopes they make it together. They deserve it. Cary too.

    • nail&shoefetish2189

      Yes! I’m seriously looking for my Gideon!

  • Andrea

    Rereading The Crossfire Series!!!!! Cannot get enough of Gideon and Eva!!!! Cannot wait for book #4!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kourtney

    Just finished reading Entwined With You! Amazing! I can’t wait for the next book!

  • Eve

    It should have been crossfire that got the movie NOT E.L James and her 50 Shades.

  • JSs

    Just read the Crossfire series, I an hooked! I cannot wait for Captivated by you. I love your books. Thank you!

  • Linda

    Finished the Crossfire series about a week ago. Can’t wait for Captivated by you. Hurry up Silvia getting impatient to find out what happens next. You are amazing.

  • Aggeliki Koumiotis

    Just finished the crossfire series in 4 days and its the first trilogy I have read let alone bought since 50 shades… I’m so excited to hear another one is in the making please don’t stop there I’m in love with your books.. They make me feel like the story is being said to me and leaving putting it down merely impossible… Let it not be the end like 50 shades…

  • Abigail

    I just finished The Crossfire Series and I didn’t realize it was finished and now I’m dying!!! Please come out with the next book soon!! XOXO

  • melinda

    I am about to finish the book entwined with you. I Love your crossfire books there very good I finished the first two books in a week. Please continue writing. YOUR AN AMAZING WRITER.

  • Jane

    Dear Ms Day, I have read your Renegade Angels series, Marked series and Crossfire series, and have found your stories to be captivating and entertaining. However, NONE of these series have been satisfactorily completed leaving questions and the reader effectively hanging.

    I cannot help but think this is a cynical ploy to keep hype flowing and ensure good sales when the books eventually appear. On your website, problems with publishers are always given as an excuse and quite frankly I believe that this is – an excuse and a ruse to
    try and keep readers hooked which is quite a dangerous game to play and
    unnecessary for an author of your obvious talent.

  • Hattie Schenck

    I wish you continued success. What an amazing talent. I’ve been an avid reader since childhood. Have read many books by many authors. Gideon is the first one I’ve actually fallen head over heels for 🙂

  • bobbi

    I am as new fan after reading all 3 crossover books in 3 days. I love that your going to continue the story. I can’t wait for book # 4.HURRY!!! 🙂

  • linda.s

    I loved the crossfire books, cant wait for the fourth one… so excited. You rock Sylvia!!

  • Leaona King

    I love the crossfire series…..please I’m dying to read the next book. Your books keep me up at night, can’t put them down!!! Better than 50 shades Xoxo

  • Beverly

    Just finished The Crossfire Series for the 4th time, everytime i read it i find where i missed something. Did not know a book 4 was coming out until i finished book 3 this morning. (For the 4th time)..Can’t wait for book 4…….Also reading the Georgian Series (my second time) can’t wait.
    Keep up the great work. Keeps me capitavited.

  • Chrissy Millson

    Just wanted to say thank you for your very talented writing. I just love everything from chasing Caroline to the Georgian series to the crossfire series. You create stories the grab you and move you and making you feeling satisfied when the story is finished.
    Keep up the amazing writing and I hope to be reading new from you soon. Great things take time ^_^

  • Angela

    I just finished reading the Crossfire Series and can’t wait for the next book

  • Halijah

    I finished reading the trilogy months ago and I really cant wait for last book….love all your books

  • Rebeca

    Sylvia loved the Crossfire series’m anxiously awaiting the 4th book. XOXO ♥

  • deborah devrou

    I preordered the ebook A Taste of Seduction in Dec. 2012, it was supposed to be released Feb. 4 or7 2013 when it didn’t download I found out it would be coming out in the summer, then it was Aug. now who knows when. I love your books, but I’m disapointed that other books are constantly taking priorty over other series. I would like to finish the Regegade Angel series before finishing other series that have come later. Please get this series out.

  • jooles

    i am finished reading the crossfire series and have bought some of your others today. Can’t wait for the fourth crossfire book and please keep them coming not only are they great to read, im unable to put them down and they have helped me in many ways from my personal anxiety/confidence issues to a better sex life. thankyou so much xxx

  • Karen Sayles Brown

    Happy to start and finish the Crossfire series as an introduction to you as an author and am reading Spellbound which am thoroughly enjoying….Are there any plans to make any of your novels into a movie? Hopefully the Crossfire series is first! Thank you for all your stories and characters!

  • Me

    Just finished in the flesh sapphire series loved it so different.. Do we know when the next will be released thank you for your great writing and imagination. 🙂

  • Tiekie Ferreira

    Sylvia I’ve read your crossfire series and they are very good just waiting for the next book on this series can’t wait for it.

  • Karla

    Absolutely LOVE you work! I’ve read everything you have written and love all of it. I have you as one of my favorites. Keep up the great work and can’t wait for your next book!

  • Sally

    I LOVED The Crossfire Series & I can’t wait to read the next book, Please don’t make us wait too long!!!

  • jackie

    I absolutely like the Crossfire Series better then 50 shades. I kept thinking about the characters and was wondering if another book was going to be added on with the way the ending was on that third book, so I looked up your name and low and behold there’s another book…. So excited…. I can’t wait for the next one to come out!!!!

  • Elvia Julia Williams

    Hi Sylvia, feels like you’ve just abandoned me. I read all three Crossfire books in 4 days. I’m hanging by a thread here. No snippets, no updates, no setting expectations! My biggest concern is that I may have to wait until the end of 2014 to get more. I’ve succumbed to feelings of anger now.. I’m starting to forget why I love Gideon and Eva.. will you at least level with us and tell us what’s going on.

  • Bella777

    Hi Sylvia, I finished the crossfire series last summer, Eva & Gideon miss me so hard (well, I am also worried for Cary) then I read the books a 2nd time….I CAN’T WAIT NO LONGER FOR THE 4TH T.T Fell like I’m dying xD Please tell me it’ll be released soon, and you won’t stop at 4th!!! I count on you! Your work is great 🙂

  • Roxiee

    Hi Sylvia just want to say I am IN love with your “Crossfire Series” book’s. Gideon& Eva have been through sooo much& have had sooooo much strain for their relationship yet have managed to tackle through ALL of it& managed to stay together. I am far tooo impatient waiting for “Captivated By You” I NEED this book in my life ASAP… The suspense is killing me. But generally wanted to say I love love love your book’s. Xxx

  • Jessica

    I am in love with Gideon and Eva!!! Please keep writing stories like these.

  • MIchelle

    I just finished the Crossfire series and I can’t wait for more! I miss Gideon already!! MIchelle

  • Treasa Melton

    Thanks For the good read just can’t wait for the next book it’s like your trying to make a meal and missing the main ingredient don’t keep us waiting for long love all your books getting ready to read another one of yours my husband loves it when I read your books lol

  • Janet

    I love Giddien and Ava. Their story is one that I can’t get enough of. Waiting impatiently for captivated is agony…. but I know it will be worth the wait…..

  • Heather

    Love the crossfire trilogy so can not wait till the paperback book comes out for Captivated by You

  • Candice

    Live the Crossfire series! !!! Cannot wait until the next one!!!!

  • Sophia

    I have read the Crossfire trilogy four times anxiously waiting for 4 and 5. I also read Seven Years To Sin and loved it. You are my favorite author your books get me glued so that I have to finish them. Please let the next of Crossfire be coming out soon.

  • Jess Deinlein

    I am so excited for Captivated by you to be released!! The Crossfire series are absolutely amazingly written and I just love Gideon and Eva. I really hope they get their Happily Ever After!! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you at your book signing Feb. 15!

  • kellie

    I am very excited to say that you are one ofmy favorites I çann stay up all night reading your books. Thank you

  • Bella

    I loved the crossfire novels, and can’t wait for the next book to come out, I miss Ava and Gideon already. I love BDSM books, and the torrid love affair Gideon has with Ava is mindblowing, captivating and intense. Sylvia is an excellent writer, keep the books coming. I too couldn’t put the books down.

  • Cassy-Jean Noel Holmes

    Lol I just bought the box set and read it in like a week can’t wait for the next book to come out! Your a great author

  • Dita

    I can barely wait the release date for Captivated by you..pleasee,, pleasee,, come out soon.. xoxoxoxo~ i was reading all your book but my favourite is Crossfire, seven year to sin and Stranger i married.

  • Jennifer

    I am a huge fan of the Crossfire Series. However I am so sick of waiting on her new books. It took forever for book 3 to come out and book 4 is taking longer. Seriously she needs a new publisher or editor. I think I will pass on books 4 and 5. It is riddiculous. I am a fan but enough is enough. It is a HUGE let down and a good way to lose fans when you keep having problems and have to delay the release over and over again.

  • Taylor

    I have read the Crossfire series about 4 times now… I can’t help myself!! They are my absolute favorite read!!! It’s sad to say but I fall even more in love with Gideon each time I read them! I hope you keep this series going for a couple more books at least! You are wonderful and an amazing writer!

  • Marietta

    I love you and you’re books!! Don’t stop doing your astonishing work <3

  • Helena Hoorn

    waiting on tenter hooks for captivated by you. I have found “Eva and Gideons” song,
    all of me by John Legend. the words are them to a tee. Hope there will be a tv series or film.

  • Alina

    Europe – Latvia want more of your books. We can’t wait. You are the BEST OF THE BEST!!! Good luck. Have a nice every day.

  • Michi

    Love the Marked Series! I hope there will be another book…I need to know how Eve´s story ends!!!

  • Karen

    I just finished the Crossfire series and it was so amazing. Those books were like a magnet too me and I never wanted Eva and Gideon’s story to end. I can’t wait until the next book is available. I hope I will find it at the public library. After reading these books I’m so entranced and I’ve even felt at times Eva, Cary and Gideon our my friends and I miss them when I can’t read about how their days our going. I’m addicted and want more.I’m waiting patiently for the next book. I miss you Eva, Cary, and Gideon. I hope your all doing well and finding new adventures in life. Thank you Sylvia for amazing characters I can really enjoy. Oh and for using very descriptive words that gets me mezmerised into the story. I’m glad you enjoy writing and sharing your imagination with all of us. Keep up the awesome stories.Best wishes and blessings.

  • Vanessa Astuto

    I just finished reading The Crossfire Series for the second time and cant seem to get enough. I find myself checking this website every day for a release date on the 4th book 🙂 There is something so captivating with Gideon and Eva, intoxicating to say the least. No other series compares, hands down!!! Waiting anxiously 🙂 Hurry Please!

  • Linzi gray

    Can’t wait to see what happens next with Eva&Gideon’s story . I love your work , read so many of your books I won’t even start to list them. Just want to thank you very much & say I know book 4 will be worth the wait. Ur a star well done xx

  • kate mellors

    Ive read the crossfire books more then once I love gideon an eva an cnt wait for the fourth installment but please dnt stop there its such an amzing story an its on series I will never tire of reading again an again, such a talented writer I own most of your books an collecting more your my favourite author because your stories are captivating an extraordinary. XOXO

  • Carolyn

    LOVE your books! I wasn’t a reader but now you have my undivided attention! Thanks for making me see what I was missing!

  • Joanne

    Love, Love, Love The Crossfire Series! Have been ready and impatienly for book #4. Bring on more Gideon and Eva!

  • Elaine Evans

    I can’t wait for the next Gideon & Eva. Have loved every one,i love to read your books my collection is grown

  • Elaine Evans

    I can’t wait to read what happens to Gideon & Eva I loved every book plz hurry with the next one

  • Elaine Evans

    I can’t wait to find out what happens to Gideon & Eva please hurry with the book.i have loved all your books I have read I am getting a big collection

  • Anna Johnson

    Please come do a signing or meet and greet in NE Ohio! Lots of fans here.

  • toyin

    This is becoming unbearable. The wait is too long. Entwined with you barely satisfied my hunger, the abrupt ending is serious torture. Sylvia, you got us hooked on Gideon and Eva and now you are denying us our very much needed fix. Please do something fast. THE WAIT IS KILLING !!!

  • Lozbea

    Please ease pease tell us when Captivated will be released… I’m re-reading the whole series for the millionth time to get my Gideon fix… I need something new!!!

  • Candy

    I love the Crossfire books I’m waiting patiently for next book. So excited. Sylvia my favorite author…

  • Gisela Salinas

    Love the Cross Series I so cant wait for Captivated by You!!

  • Kim

    When the Crossfire books become a series, will you ask if Brent Dalton can play the role of Gideon. He is a perfect combination of masculine and sensitive. Please watch the tv show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D once and you will see what I see. He will probably have to wear contact lenses but that shouldn’t be a big issue. Every time I see him, I see Gideon.

  • Anne

    Excellent series – can’t wait for book 4

  • Carol Robson

    well done such a gripping read, cant wait for the next book…..haven’t really read much that’s got me going ……until now xxx

  • Kathy

    I was not big into reading, but I read 50 shades of grey to see what all the hype was about and was then introduced to the Crossfire Series. I must say I found the Crossfire Series 100 times better then 50 Shades. Every time a new book comes out in the Crossfire series I start reading them all over again 🙂 Keep them coming you have got me hooked!

    • Imani Moody

      i’m completely the same. April 5, 2016 is coming soon!

  • Diane

    I can’t wait for the next crossfire book I have read all 3 of them about 5 times already just want to read the next one

  • Charlotte

    I just finished The Crossfire Series and I really like it !! I can’t way to read the next one.
    Thank you for this amazing series.

  • Donna G

    I’ve read the 50 shades trilogy, and the This Man trilogy. Gideon is Def my favorite. The Crossfire Series were the first books i read of yours. A Few of my girlfriends and I tell each other about good books to read and they got my hooked on Gideon! Can’t wait till book four is released.

  • Gina A. Davis

    A friend recommended Bared to You and I was so happy to find books two and three. Now I am counting the days til the fourth book is available. Please continue the Eva and Gideon series…once I start one, I can’t put it down until I’ve finished it! Thank you for bringing these characters to life from the very first page.

  • Jade248

    OMG I love your work, it only took me 4 days to read the crossfire books I can’t wait until the 4th book comes out I am totally addicted to your books now, I think you should do another series like the crossfire 🙂

  • beth christoff

    I just finished reading the crossfire series in 4 days. I couldn’t put it down. I loved it so much I`m reading it again and it still has me captivated. I will be watching to see the latest news on the TV series. I bet you’re excited to start the project too

  • Butlin

    I just finished the Crossfire Series last night. OMG, Sylvia has to be the best writer in the world. I CANNOT wait for the next one. I have downloaded all of Sylvia’s books that are available on my Kobo. I wish I had known about her before this.

  • Vicki

    I absolutely loved the Crossfire series, reading it again now. What I loved about it most was the fact that within the first 5 pages I wanted to get home as fast as I could and jump on my husband. So thank you very much as the books were very enjoyable and also impacted me personally (and my husband wants to thank you too) – can’t wait for the next one!!!

  • Alexannjay

    I listen to Entwined at least twice a week. It has become an addiction.
    I am eagerly awaiting Captivated.

    Thank you for your awesome reads.

  • Sandi

    Seriously, can’t stop reading the Crossfire series over and over! Please release the next book soon! Also, just got the hardback Bared to You, love it! Please publish the rest of the series in hardback versions for us book nerds!

  • Xtremely’Xquisite Rolle

    Omg!!! I am so giddy right now. Ive finished entwined with you since july last year and have been waiting patiently for the release of captivated by you.. whats taking so longgg :(……I want to hurry read about the happy ever after of Gideon and Eva. Cant wait for the confrontation with elizabeth and the 2nd wedding….im dying for book 4 and 5

  • Kaykey41

    Just reading renegade angels series!! Need more. A lush kiss of surrender and a taste if seduction! Are they not out?? Hurry please. Xx

  • Marina

    I loved the Crossfire Series and I am waiting with baited breath for the fourth book. Hurry, hurry please.

  • Samantha Coleman Barr

    Love, love, love this series! Just finished Entwined with you in 24 hours (sorry had to break for real life). I am captivated by the story and cannot wait for the next book to be released!

  • Robin Parks

    Absoultely love the Crossfire Series! Thank you for such a wonderful story line can’t wait for more!

  • Michelle Ferguson

    Love all of your books, don’t think i have read one that’s not had me wanting more. Fab Author. Keep up the good work……oh and please hurry with the captivated in you…so miss Gideon xxx

  • Hayleyb

    Hi 🙂 just read the crossfire series, omg, I’ve never been so gripped. I thought 50 shades was good, not anymore!! Cant wait for captivated 🙂 xxx

  • julz

    finished the crossfire books eagerly awaiting the rest loved it way more than 50shades id defo rather have gideon x Team Gideon all the way xx reccomended to soo many friends and family and their hooked now too lolz keep up the excellant work xxxx

  • Helena Hoorn

    have just finished the marked series. Is there going to a #4. hope so. just
    loved them

  • mccoy

    I will be completely honest… I was not expecting to the drawn into the CROSSFIRE series after I had just read FIFTY. But I can say that Ms. Day… you have truly captivated me! As I was reading, I couldn’t help but feel my heart ache when Eva’s heart was aching or frustrated when Gideon was not himself. I literally found myself talking to the book! Not every book that you read can make you “feel” the story, but you have accomplished that. I thank you for giving me an outlet to my “boring” reality and giving me “drama” that I can just close when my heart feels the need to draw away. I can not wait to read the 4th and 5th book to see how the Cross’ life comes together with the amount of love that they have for each other. Please release the the 4th book soon! But then again, don’t make us wait too long for the 5th either!

  • shelley

    Love Love your writing!!! Thank you for making the 4th and 5th Crossfire books. I cannot wait to read them.

  • loulou90.19

    I can not wait for the new crossfire book….was shocked the third book endee how it did the new book can not come quick enough x

  • Ruby

    Found The Crossfire Series soooooooo much better than 50shades, easier reading & likeable charactors – Go Eva & Gieon!! Keep them coming 🙂

  • Georgina Dunne

    Hi Sylvia I am loving the Crossfire series and can’t wait to read some more Eva & Gideon , The story is so passionate and sexy at the same time love it so much 🙂 Thank you for such wonderful story’s 🙂 xx

  • Mandy F

    An amazing author who always leaves me wanting more. I can’t wait for the next crossfire book.

  • Alexis Fostert

    I have read the Crossfire Series and have been waiting for the next book to come out!! They are sooo good!! I can read one book in a matter of hours and cant get to bed at night because I can not put the book down! I love this series!!

  • xalant

    i just finish The Crossfire series and i really love it. I cant’t wait for the other book. I hope it will come out soo

  • Chelsea

    This is by far the best series I have ever read!

  • Gussie Ann Porter

    Ok not for nothing but Gidden Cross has to be beaffier the Uan Somerhalder . Six feet three or four and a body like Russel Crow. His hair has to be longer than Ian’s. And he can’t have a wimpy thin face. He can also have a voice like Russel Crwo. When he walks into a building people need to stop what their doing. Womens jaws need to drop wide open. So please Sylvia make sure Mr. cross is built like a tree. Ps I’m also waiting for Gianna and Jackson to get another life line and have a child. Just saying it ended before it started. The book just came it and yes I bought it for my book shelf and my iPad . But I’m retreading it already.sad but true you are a fantastic author thanks Sylvia .

  • eva va

    Crossfire series so beatiful

  • Romina

    Hi Sylvia, I am Romina from argentina, I love your books, thank youuuuu

  • lizzy

    just read the first 3 books in the crossfire series. it is amazing!! cant wait for the next one! you are awesome!!!

  • Sereen Stephens

    Greetings! As an avid reader and book critic, The Crossfire Series kept me hooked. Let us know when the next book is set to release!

  • As an avid book lover and critic, the Crossfire Series kept me on my toes! When is the next book due to release?!?

  • Anita Medeiros

    I love your books, especially “The Crossfire” series!!!
    You are one of my favorite authors. The waiting for the next installment of Crossfire and Dangerous series is torture…please take us out of our misery….LOL.
    Happy Spring !!! xoxoxox ♥♥♥♥

  • Monica

    I just finished the third book of the crossfire series and didn’t realize there would be more! I’m so excited and can’t wait to keep reading! Love love love the books!!

  • Melissa May

    I absolutely loved The Crossfire Series!!!!!!! Can not wait for the next book. I am hooked. 🙂

  • Riri

    I realized I’ve read 3/5 books from the Crossfire series in less than 3 days without batting an eyelash since I’ve discovered it during one of my random book hunts over the internet. Now, I’m so hooked and waiting in vain for the 4th Crossfire to be released!

  • Jessicaxx

    I’ve just finished reading the jack and gia series, two book along and I loved it after two day reading I feel I need more of this couples life in mine (: loved the books!! More of this couple pleaseeeeee xx

  • Christina

    Please finish the story, I have read the last book in 2 days and now I need to get the whole story between Eva and Gideon and Cary? That is a family and a love story for the ages. So please put me out of my withdrawal. I need my Crossfire fix really bad. Love you as an author and pass your books along so everyone can talk and understand that love can happen when you least expect it.

  • Christina Conway

    Please I finished the last book in 2 days and have been rereading the stories, waiting for the story to move forward. So please when is the next chapter come out so that we can find out what happens to our beloved couple and Cary? They have become a part of my life and I love to read so please, please finish the story. Forever Crossfire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marissa

    I absolutely love your books!!! Thank you and keep up the awesome work!! You have an exceptional talent!!!

  • Valerie Blackwell

    i just finished the crossfire series and now everytime I hear john ledgen’s song “all of you” it reminds me of gedoen and eva’s relationship and how they were so into each other

  • lisa

    after reading and re-reading 50 shades for 3red time i waz very sure i would be unable to find another book like it..lo and behold!! i came up wid the crossfire series and found it muchhh better!!!! i was sooo addicted with it that i completed 3 books in 3 days!! i loved your work! soooo much! waiting for the 4th book..i hope i wont hav 2 wait long! please release it ASAP!

  • Pari Soufi

    Just finished another wondrrful novel After shock/ After burn
    Amazing ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Ms. Garis

    I am a huge fan and can’t wait until this new book is out. I’ve been waiting since the last release of on the third day. Please please please release this book for use.

  • Larrdarse

    So upset when I seen some of the comments left on the amazon page, especially one saying “finished with you”. God that was abit dramatic. Seriously Sylvia you are amazing. Love Love Love your crossfire series. got all the girls to read ’em and now waiting for the next! I think this is better than 50 shades since its more realistic in a way. maybe I’m just in love with idea of Eva, or maybe in a way she reminds me of myself. Hah I wish! Lots of Love, Your biggest fan in London. xxx

  • marina grace

    i am from England and my relationship was a mess until i read your books now every day is like christmas but with more exciting gifts!! thank you soooo much and please never stop writing.


    I just wanted to say thank you for the exciting Crossfire Series and I am completely biting nails waiting for the 4th book in the series…it was left for so much more! I need, need, need the next book. Ahhhh….

  • Sonya

    I am a massive fan of the crossfire series and it lead me to your ask for it novel part of the Georgian series and I wish Marcus and Elizabeth’s story didn’t end there!!! But anticipating the release of the fourth and fifth book of crossfire!:)

  • Anita Gardner

    I just finished The Crossfire Series and I hope that was not the end if not I am looking forward to the next installment.

  • carolyn

    I just cant wait for the next book. It feels like an eternity waiting for the next one. The first page of the series and I was most definitely hooked. I cant believe how much my friend and I think of this character as real its a bit like WTF !!!! LOL Congratulations anyway on such a susscesful storyxx

  • CarieC

    I’ve been an aspiring writer for many years now and am gaining the courage to put my print to the test. My biggest fears is that my family and friends won’t understand how this humble, Christian mom of two and wife of 16 years has all of these erotic romance thoughts in my head on a daily basis. Thoroughly enjoyed the story of the Crossfire Series…from a happily married woman with a great sex life!

  • Sharon

    I have to say that having read a few of your books (before getting my hands on the Crossfire trilogy) I thoroughly enjoy your style of writing in both the update to date/current writing and also in your Edwardian Victorian style books. But you totally confirmed this with the trilogy, as much as I enjoyed The fifty shades set from ELJames. I have to say that your style of writing held me and kept the books in my hand for more hours than I intended, many nights! And this has been confirmation with the fourth book to follow. Congratulations, and thank you for many hours of contented reading.x

  • sailyhayley

    I have just finished reading Don’t Tempt Me. I have really enjoyed it. I keep reading page 239 (start of chapter 16) over and over. Has there been an error where the name Lynette was used rather than Lysette?

  • Koreena

    Seriously addicted to the crossfire series, love your writing!!!!! ❤️ Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  • Sandie

    Just finished The Crossfire Series and now I’m in love With Gideon Cross….lol…..can’t wait for to see what happens next…..soon please!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!

  • Bunnymyers

    Hey Sylvia
    Did you see Gideon the other night at the IHeart Radio awards? Oh wait that was Joe
    Mangenelo LOL

    I don’t think Red will ever tell Lizzy his relationship to her

  • April

    I finished the crossfire series and man I can’t wait for the next book to come out!!! I wish it will be soon cuz it killing me not know what’s going to happen next after the last book of Eva and cross getting married and need to know what’s going to happen!!!! Please get the book out soon!!! It’s a series that I can re-read over!!! Thank Sylvia day for great series and being a good author!!!

  • Angie

    I love Pride & Pleasure!!! Wonderful story with so much tension.
    Thank you Sylvia for being such a fine writer!

  • Emily

    Please never stop the crossfire series!!!! I honestly haven’t read in over 5 years and a friend told me about bared to you… I picked it up and after only 1 week I put down entwined with you. I cannot wait until the next book is out… PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING – I love crossfire!

  • Nicole

    I just finished reading the trilogy for the Crossfire series (literally
    just turned the last page and jumped on Sylvia’s site here). I am so
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  • Forgivenangel

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