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Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

Because there were a few readers who misconstrued Excerpt #6, I’m sharing the moments directly preceding it. Hope you enjoy!

Laughing, I went to the bar and waited for an opening to ask for Pellegrino and the phone. I dialed Gideon’s cell number, since it was the one I had memorized. I figured it was safe since I was calling from a public place he owned.

“Cross,” he answered briskly.

“Hi, ace.” I leaned into the bar and covered my other ear with my hand. “I’m drunk dialing you.”

“I can tell.” His voice changed for me, slowed and grew warm. It captivated me even over the music. “Are you having a good time?”

“Yes, but I miss you. Did you take your vitamins?”

He had a smile in his voice when he asked, “Are you horny, angel?”

“It’s your fault! This club is like Viagra. I’m hot and sweaty and dripping in pheromones. And I’ve been a bad girl, you know. Dancing like I’m single.”

“Bad girls get punished.”

“Maybe I should be really bad then. Make the punishment worth it.”

He growled. “Come home and be bad with me.”

The thought of him at home, ready for me, made me even more eager for him. “I’m stuck here ‘til the girls are done, which looks to be a while.”

“I can come to you. Within twenty minutes, you could have my cock inside you. Do you want that?”

I glanced around the club, my entire body vibrating with the hard driving music. Imagining him here, fucking me in this no-holds-barred place, made me squirm with anticipation. “Yes. I want that.”

“Do you see the skywalk?”

Turning around, I looked up and saw the suspended walkway hugging the walls. Dancers dry fucked to the music from twenty feet above the dance floor. “Yes.”

“There’s a section where it wraps around a mirrored corner. I’ll meet you there. Be ready, Eva,” he ordered. “I want your cunt naked and wet when I find you.”

I shivered at the familiar command, knowing it meant he’d be rough and impatient. Just what I wanted. “I’m wearing a—”

“Angel, a crowd of millions couldn’t hide you from me. I found you once. I’ll always find you.”

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166 Responses to ENTWINED WITH YOU Snippet #7

  1. Fawn says:

    Hotness!!!!!!! I need this book like yesterday!!!!!!!! I love Gideon Cross!!!!!!

  2. Nery65 says:

    Can’t wait for the book. Teasing us not fair:(

  3. Monica Holloway says:

    Oh boy I can’t wait!!!!!!

  4. acappy says:

    Is it June yet?

  5. Aimee says:


  6. Wow.. It’s the best snippet ! Love it!!!

  7. Jenny Flohre says:

    I love the last line!! I’m so excited.

  8. It is safe to say that she is in the club celebrating her bachelorette party with her friends and Cary … “being a bad girl as, if I was single'” come on June 4 Cant freaking wait anymore……..

  9. I just love the ‘I found you once. I’ll always find you!’ Just gorgeous! Mmm, mmm, can’t wait for June! Oh well, the snippets will have to keep me going! Thankyou Sylvia! x

  10. gruvermom69 says:

    You are SUCH A TEASE, Sylvia!!!

  11. That’s naughty!! lol. I’m wishing my time away!!

  12. Wow….heck ya….damn I’m at work…should have read it at home …whoooooosaahhhhhh!!!LOL…thx bunches SD

  13. ChicagoMeg says:

    So hot! These snippets make it so much easier to wait. Just keep them coming to stoke the fires and tide me over until the book releases!

  14. jeanmarie says:

    It all makes sense now Yah!! Best snippet ever!!

  15. meljj48 says:

    love it!

  16. DAM!! i can not wait for the book to be released hotness at its best

  17. Lyn63 says:

    can’t wait for this…really shouldn’t read the teasers !!!

  18. Donna Smith says:

    Wow wow wow!!!!!!

  19. Sherry says:

    I need to know wha vitamins he’s taking

  20. Vai nessa... says:

    kill me!!! i can’t wait!!

  21. Brandi says:

    Holy hell! June cannot come soon enough! Please do not let this be deleted from the book lol!!

  22. Ahhhhh…..i can’t wait!!! Hurry up May ;0

  23. Robin Miller says:

    Oh g-d, I am redaing this at work and dying for his book. May is toooo long.

  24. I needed this, knowing they are together, however they can be:)

  25. stacyb43 says:


  26. michelle surtees says:

    sooooo need this book already :'(

  27. Lorna Nathan says:

    Love, love, love, love it…
    He had a smile in his voice when he asked, “Are you horny, angel?” “It’s your fault! This club is like Viagra. I’m hot and sweaty and dripping in pheromones. And I’ve been a bad girl, you know. Dancing like I’m single.” “Bad girls get punished.” “Maybe I should be really bad then. Make the punishment worth it.”He growled. “Come home and be bad with me.”

    Patiently waiting…for its birth Ms. Day…you really got alot of nerve causing us girls to wiggly in our panties…lol

  28. lorraine masterson says:

    can’t wait!

  29. stacyb43 says:


  30. LN Cronan says:

    Especially love the hotness snippets that make us smile (and sweat) — a nice counter-balance to the serious plot twist hints.

  31. Natalie Fox says:

    HOT HOT HOT!!! Can’t wait for this book….

  32. Liz says:

    Wow, I hope the months go by quickly!!

  33. Oh Dear Lord! I can’t wait!!!

  34. betty says:

    Love it …especially ” found you once, I’ll always find you”…Where can I get me a Gideon Cross..luv him!!!

  35. yaay now im relieved. i think im gonna love this book=)

  36. Karen says:

    When is this released in the uk may or June?

  37. lizzy says:

    ooooh my god that makes sense now. love it. Cant wait.

  38. OMG!!!! after that I’m with her ​​panties all wet, want a Gideon for me!

  39. Sharon Mills says:

    oohhh wow!!! very hot an sexy!! roll on june cant wait!!!!!!

  40. Esanchez says:

    Ahhhhh I cant wait

  41. lisaperez says:

    Hotness is right need the book now love them !!!!!

  42. Nicole Scott says:

    Though they both have issues and things to deal with, its nice thier relationship, hes a nice/kinda fun guy under that hard (no pun intended) exterior !! Hope they can talk more and work on things !!!!! perhaps start wedding bells ringing or little feet by the end of the book !!!!

  43. OMG what is this Sylvia? Do you want to kill us all? Wait untill June is soooo lonng! But I love this!!

  44. Amy Young says:

    “Come home and be bad with me.” I am so in love!!!!! Can’t wait for this book!

  45. cintia says:

    Meu Deus, acho que vou enlouquecer…… já estou sonhando com o Cross!!!!

  46. Fahima Abdul says:

    i cant waittttttt no moreeeeeeeee

  47. Dayum! I need more! Please,Please, Pretty Please finish the book already and give it to us!

  48. Selenia says:

    gggggaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! omg is this book going to come out like omg sooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!! these snippets and teases are driving me bananas!!!!!!!!!

  49. Sarsys says:

    Wow. That’s so hot. So can’t wait for the book 🙂

  50. Mina says:

    every time i am reading , just as little as 2 phrases i get so much in the this boookk! I’ll always wonder..since everything is possible , is Gideon somewhere there?:)

  51. YES, I am all over that book when it comes out. As I will re-read “Bared to You” and “Reflected in You” to time the release of “Entwined with You” so it is seamless. Thank you for the snippett.

  52. beckyl says:

    wow, it makes sense now!!

  53. Kari says:

    Sylvia you must take ALOT of cold showers ; )

  54. Tina says:

    Hot! (one word)

  55. Crossfirelover says:


  56. Lisa Thow says:

    I didn’t realize that I was smiling like a fool when I was reading this snippet on my cellphone until one of the attorneys from the office commented, “Smiling while texting is always a good thing.” Boy, if only he knew! I can’t wait for the release! Thx for the snippet Ms. Day!

  57. Mo Jo says:

    What the hell!!! I need more dammit, this is too painfully good…is it June yet?? 🙁

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  59. Elle2006 says:

    So my thinking is that they are still having to hide their relationship, at least for a bit – hence her thinking the phone was “safe” and noting that people in the club wouldn’t think that he was G.C. “the mogul”… But its a relief that the two snippets together seem to show they are still happy and trusting each other even with that strain.

  60. i knew it! i knew they were just meeting in secret.looks like a very steamy scene is coming up!

  61. Scrapinmaniac says:

    WOW, the same fire and passion that I’ve grown to love between these two…… Thank you Sylvia, once again you have left me wanted, no needing, more!

  62. Chris Bolin says:

    Oh my!! Cannot wait!!!

  63. Paula sowden says:

    Love it – June 4 is too long away 🙁

  64. baconzilla says:

    it is so hot and so beautiful and it kills me.

  65. _xOcG says:

    OMGGGGG! Love thissss !

  66. Michelle says:

    I am going to just scream the day this book is finally released….it’s driving me crazy..awhhhhh oh yeah an Thanks Sylvia for the great snippet!

  67. Ava says:

    So does anyone else think Eva is having a bachelorette party at the club? And Gideon is still having to lay low. Hence him being unrecognisable? And Eva Using a safe phone? I can’t wait for this 🙂 I also think the story won’t end on book three. Wishful thinking perhaps 🙂

    • shycharn says:

      I don’t think it will end in book 3 either because she tweeted that they still have a lot of growing to do!!!!!!!

    • meg says:

      I am hoping for the same thing. Maybe we can get a few more books about this couple 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      I read that Sylvia wasn’t done with the story on Gideon and Eva, that she felt like book 3 couldn’t cover their lives/ love story. She is most likely going to write a Book #4. I pretty sure I read that, on this page 🙂

  68. yajaira says:

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  69. Carol Ann says:

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    OMG, stop it SD………. Please no more snippets you are spoiling the book for us because you know if you post I will read!!!!!!!!!! I’m Loving It

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  72. Betsy says:

    My heart just fluttered and I feel faint. Thank you.

  73. Felecia says:

    I don’t understand why this would be cut…what is there to be misconstrued? It should stay, you wrote it for a reason and I love your reasoning…F~

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    Sylvia keeps on giving snippets. Maybe she should just post the geddemn book so our wait would be over!

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    This is just one giant cock tease… Need to read this book asap! Wish release day would hurry up!

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    This is like coming close to an orgasm and then your partner just stops…me no like waiting. Hurry, hurry with releasing it already. 😉

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    How long brfore this book comes out I have it preordered but I just can’t wait You are like a spider and we are all caught in your wed

  83. Alberta says:

    Seriously guys June seems like 10000 years to come. Oh how I wish June is today.

  84. Michelle says:

    oh my goodness! i love the banter between them. they are so comfortable with each other and still manage to keep the lust between them new.

  85. Jan Landreth says:

    OMG!! that’s hot!!! I love Gideon♥♥♥

  86. omg….so dying….waiting would be an understatement

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  108. Smess says:

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    I LOOOVE it!!! Oh Sylvia you write such great stuff…these two are so hot!!!

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    OMG!!! Fucking hot, hot, hot!!!! I needed this book last year!
    God this is sweet torture, why do you keep pushing the date back? I cried, and was so sad. It’s these snippets that keep me going. Thank you!!!

  112. Angela M says:

    Love love love!!!!!!!! L

  113. Hermina says:

    Hmmm marriage………wonder if she’ll become pregnant

  114. Jodi james says:

    Seriously ,you are such a tease!

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  116. Michele says:

    Sylvia, you are the best! Whatever anybody else said about the other snippet I never once believed I was going to be worried, only excited 🙂 thank you for this book!

  117. “I’ll always find you.” sounds like Prince Charming and Snow White in ‘Once upon a time’ tv show. Love it!!!

    But why Eva was worried about the call safety?

  118. Nice! Could you upload a snippet of a part with Cary and Trey? 🙂

  119. Meg says:

    OMG, Thank you! I can’t wait anymore! I love this series! I just want them to release the book already! I love this couple and can’t get enough of them. I only wish there were more than 3 books and that they were all out 🙂

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    Omgeeee, this year I’m gonna be getting the best birthday present EVER… This book… Come on June 4th… Just wondering why it takes so long from one book to the next.. TAKES TO LONGGGG.

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    HOT! Someone is getting married! Eva is out with the girls at one of his clubs, hummmm…my guess is that her co-worker is getting married, because I think they have already gotten married. LOL! Regardless, what a hot snippet! Darn it! I can’t wait til June. Can we have the book earlier if we pre-order it? Pleeeeeaaase!


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    Damn it!!!! Why isn’t Gideon Cross the real thing!!! I cannot wait for this book too come out

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    I’d love for there to be a book no.4 because it will prolong the story, I dont want it to end but just dont want it to be as long a wait as was between book 2 and 3 as the waiting time is excruciating.

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    HOT!!!!!!!!!! I agree that we need this book now……these teasers are great but the book will be so much better!!!!!!

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  132. crossscotgirl says:

    Holy shit balls, that was so freakin hot, **sigh**, loving these snippets so very much, big thanks to Sylvia for sharing them, so looking forward to June!!!

  133. impatient says:

    omggggggg sylvia can you hurry up!!!! im so impatient i cant wait!!!

  134. ZOI says:


  135. Cyndi Hauff says:

    Loved this line: “Angel, a crowd of millions couldn’t hide you from me. I found you once. I’ll always find you.”

  136. Abbie says:

    Loving the last line

  137. e107 says:

    Tease! Can’t wait for June to get here 🙂

  138. mary needs her gideon fix says:

    can you release a chapter? I need something more to hold me over. I’m in withdrawal ;((

  139. Joice Rocha says:

    The final novel of the trilogy Crossfire, untitled in Portuguese, What can I expect, and when it comes to Brazil?

  140. margotdel says:

    I think Gideon is laying low becayse he has to testify against someone and has to lay low until the court date.
    What do you think?

  141. margotdel says:

    I think Gideon has confronted whoever abused him and is now pressing charges; he probably has to lay low to testify without anything happening to him.

  142. Tamara says:


  143. Michelle says:

    Holy Hell!!! Words cannot describe how much I need this book!!!

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    I am seriously having withdrawals!!! I can’t wait for this book! I went through another series of 14 novellas in a week trying to fulfill the hole until June. I miss Gideon & Eva…without the snippets I would be soooooooo miserable!

  145. Ed Hunyo says:

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  147. jj says:

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    Best books my husbend as neveer read

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