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Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

I weaved my way through writhing bodies, my pulse rate increasing with every step. The music was less loud up here and the air more humid. Sweat glistened on exposed skin and the elevation lent a sense of danger, even though the glass railing surrounding the skywalk was shoulder-high. I was almost to the mirrored section when I was caught around the waist and pulled back into a man’s rolling hips.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw the guy I’d danced with before, the one who’d called me beautiful. I smiled and started dancing, closing my eyes to lose myself in the music. When his hands started to slide over my waist, I caught them, pinning them to my hips with my own. He laughed and dipped his knees, aligning his body with mine.

We were three songs out before I felt the ripple of awareness that told me Gideon was nearby. The electrical charge swept over my skin, heightening every sensation. Abruptly the music was louder, the temperature hotter, the sensuality of the club more arousing.

I smiled and opened my eyes, spotting him arrowing toward me. I was instantly hot for him, my mouth watering as I ate up the sight of him in a dark T-shirt and jeans, his hair pulled back from that breathtaking face. No one seeing him would put him together with Gideon Cross, the international mogul. This guy appeared younger and rougher, distinctive only for his incredible smokin’ hotness. I licked my lips with anticipation, leaning into the guy behind me and rubbing my ass voluptuously into the next roll of his hips.

Gideon’s hands fisted at his sides, his posture aggressive and predatory. He didn’t slow as he neared me, his body on a collision course with mine. Turning, I met him the last step, surging into him. Our bodies crashed together, my arms encircling his shoulders; my hands pulling his head down so I could take his mouth in a wet, hungry kiss.

With a growl, Gideon cupped my ass and yanked me up hard against him, my feet leaving the floor. He bruised my lips with the ferocity of his passion, his tongue filling my mouth with hard, deep plunges that warned me of the violent shades of his lust.

The guy I’d been dancing with came up behind me, his hands in my hair and his lips at my shoulder blade.

Gideon pulled back, his face a gorgeous mask of fury. “Get lost.”

I looked at the guy and gave a shrug. “Thanks for the dance.”

“Anytime, beautiful.” He caught the hips of a girl walking by and moved away.

“Angel.” With a growl, Gideon pressed me into the mirror, his hard thigh thrust between my legs. “You’re a bad girl.”

Shameless and eager, I rode him, gasping at the feel of denim against my tender sex. “Only for you.”

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165 Responses to ENTWINED WITH YOU Snippet #6

  1. AAACKKKK! I am trying to wait patiently, but it is getting very hard!!! Please hurry and thanks for the snippets!~ xoxo

  2. Amafle Diana says:

    oh my fu*** I need more and more and more…

  3. may can not get here fast enough

  4. Ashley says:

    OMG. That was HOT!

  5. Louise Thill says:

    Gosh! i can’t wait!!

  6. Shycharn says:

    Thank You Sylvia Day!!!!!! Please tell me this book will be out for Valentines Day? May 7th is a ways off especially if we have to wait for Stripped Down!

  7. YOLI says:

    Tejí mi camino por cuerpos que se retuercen, mi tarifa de pulso que aumenta con cada paso. La música era menos ruidosa encima de aquí y el aire más húmedo. El sudor brilló sobre la piel expuesta y la elevación el sentido de prestado del peligro, aun cuando el pasamano de cristal que rodea el skywalk fuera alto de hombro. Yo era casi a la sección reflejada cuando yo fui cogido alrededor de la cintura y retirado en las caderas de rodamiento de un hombre.Revisando mi hombro, yo vi al tipo con el que yo había bailado antes, el que que me había llamado hermoso. Reí y comencé a bailar, cerrando mis ojos para perderme en la música. Cuando sus manos comenzaron a deslizarse sobre mi cintura, los cogí, fijándolos a mis caderas con mi propio. Él se rió y bañó sus rodillas, alineando su cuerpo con el mío.Nosotras éramos tres canciones hacia fuera antes de que yo sintiera la ondulación de conciencia que me dijo que Gideon era cercano. El precio eléctrico barrido sobre mi piel, aumentando cada sensación. Bruscamente la música era fuerte, la temperatura más caliente, la sensualidad del club más despertar.



  9. Mae Shields says:

    OMG I cannot wait!!!!

  10. Omg…may needs to hurry up!!!

  11. Amy Collins says:

    OMG!!!! SO HOT! 4 more months! 🙁

  12. ahhh can’t wait to read!!

  13. wow!! I totally can’t wait, may is soooo far away

  14. dreama says:

    So excited

  15. Cant wait for the book. hopefully it wont be to much longer

  16. Oh my… Snippet 7, please????

  17. Sam bell says:

    I need the next book x

  18. Sarsys says:

    Wow. I can’t wait till May. I’m wishing the months aways. So excited 🙂

  19. Amber Wilcox says:

    MY GOD!!!! I need more!! I can’t wait

  20. Jessica Walters says:

    I just CANNOT wait for this to come out! 4 months seems like 4 years, lol.

  21. Jessica Walters says:

    I just CANNOT wait for this to come out! 4 months seems like 4 years, lol.

  22. Michelle Flint says:

    Its killing me I cant wait for it to come out!!!!!

  23. Michelle Flint says:

    Its killing me I cant wait for it to come out!!!!!

  24. Fiona Grocott says:


  25. Fiona Grocott says:


  26. Sarah says:

    How do I see that other snippets????

  27. Sarah says:

    How do I see that other snippets????

  28. Johnnie Howard says:

    omg that was like really really HOTT so can’t wait to read where this is in the book…love it

  29. Johnnie Howard says:

    omg that was like really really HOTT so can’t wait to read where this is in the book…love it

  30. Amy says:

    I don’t know if I can keep reading these teasers! It makes the waiting almost impossible 🙂

  31. Don’t really like it, not to be critical, just that I would have hoped that with all they have been through, the game playing and just plain bullshit would be done. That they would be in a place where they would have an appreciation for each other., enough to stop aggravating and putting their relationship in peril. i would prefer to see them as a happy couple maybe thinking marriage, but not without issues. There always has to be issues.

    • Devon Benish says:

      You’re reading the wrong books then… LOL

    • You have to remember that the charachers are so new to their relationship and also new to being in a relationship. It’s a great story. Why do all love stories have to be perfect? There are many flaws in relationships and this one is no different. I think that is why we fell in love with the book, because of the characters, their flaws, the wanting to have a relationship and oh yes…the HOT SEX!!! I see your point of view but why keep writing books that magically make both characters perfect in the end?

    • Sharon Mills says:

      absolutely agree with u, i was thinkin tht when i was readin the snippet, bt only the book will tell the whole story and hopfully it will make sence of this scene xx

    • baedrei09 says:

      Maybe this part of the story is in the begining of the book, where they still can’t be together. So Eva does something to get him a lil jealous. Or maybe its a publicity stunt for the media so they can put it out there that they still arent together……we fell in love with the other books. I don’t think she will disappoint us with this one.

    • Barbara says:

      Can I also add that BOTH of these characters have been through some very intense sexual abuse in their pasts and having both personal AND professional (I am a SA counselor/advocate) experience dealing with this issue I can tell you that what they are both experiencing is pretty spot are assuming their lives are what some would say “normal” so they should “get passed this phase” so to speak and become stable and that’s just not the case with abuse victims. It takes a LONG time and a LOT of counseling, support, etc to get to a normal functioning relationship. A very intense relationship is to be expected but normal??? Not so much, sorry. Sylvia, gotta say everyone I work with sings their praises for your accuracy with this subject…we are anxiously waiting for this 3rd book!

    • I have to go against the grain and agree with Bobbi here. I was hoping that the game playing had come to a stop in Entwined but it appears there are still some games to play.
      That being said I still love Gideon Cross the the series and am still looking forward to May.

    • mimi says:

      i totally agree with you…

    • Sylvia Day says:

      This is a sliver of one of my favorite scenes in ENTWINED! (also my editor’s and agent’s, too) Actually, one of my favorite scenes in the whole series thus far. 🙂

      • Jessica says:

        I can’t wait!! I finished the first two in a week and a half! Love these books!!! 🙂

      • Jennifer R says:

        Its awesome! Thank you for posting this it makes me feel little better that the release date is now June 4th. Thank you! Have you already deleted the other snip its? How can I read those?

      • I just read the first two books the last two days I absoluitely couldnt put them down and i cant wait till your next one is out. You have an absolute gift for writing.

      • Toni DiVackey says:

        You shouldn’t have to say a thing to Bobbi, it doesn’t matter what she thinks about a snippet, which is so minimal in this… If its gets most excited to read, them who cares!!!

    • lewistl says:

      If it was all sweetness and roses, what fun would that be? No more games all of the sudden? That would make no sense! It’s supposed to be full of angst and passion and more than a little bit of crazy. If that’s what you expected, why not just write “and they lived happily ever after….” and be done with it?

    • erika says:

      I think once the book comes out and get the whole story you will be happy. She is a great writter

    • Malina Smith says:

      I agree with you Bobbi. Gideon killed for Eva for goodness sake so what the heck is she doing giving another man the time of day in that way. Hopefully it’s either a dream or a dare or part of a bigger playful scene between these two. Or is this how it is with abuse survivors relationships – 3 steps forward 4 back?

      • Malina Smith says:

        Ok now that I’ve read No 7 I take my words back. It WAS part of a bigger and hotter scene! Gideon and Eva are still their hot, lustful and sexy as selves and still so in love despite what they’re going through. Sigh. I LOVE this couple. Thanks Sylvia for giving us the part that precedes this snippet and sorry for doubting.

    • Lilpatlove says:

      I love the Crossfire series and I’m grateful to Ms. Day for her brilliance at creating/writing them. However, I agree with you, Bobbi B.

  32. Wendy Sexton says:

    Oh My!!!!!……. why is May so far away…

  33. Maryka says:

    Can’t wait Untill may, please surprise us with a earliers release date!

  34. Robin Miller says:

    ohhhhhhhh. so hard to wait!!!!

  35. becky l says:

    not sure if i like that! I thought they would be getting along in this book! I soooo want a happy ending for them!

  36. there is no way i can wait!!!! not with brilliant tip bits of hotness like that!!your killing me!!!

  37. Lena Baila says:


  38. please tell me that the book is coming out early. Please.

  39. Majela Soto says:

    OH GOD!!! That was HOTT!!! HOT!!!

  40. Changes says:

    I want the book NOW and the Movies in May!!! Who’s with me!?

  41. Tammy says:

    come on release the book !!!!!!!!! what is the hold up when you give fans a date December 31 and now MAY that is not fair and then you are talking about other books alot of your fans are Fans because you released Cross fire Novels ….. that is not fair to us

  42. Selenia McCoy says:

    I am dying and the teasing is sooooooo not fair!!!!! this part though kinda had me off a bit, so he is trusting her to dance with other men I mean thought that their game playing would end, Guess I will have to wait for the book…..

  43. paula kelly says:

    Can’t wait now

  44. Tracy says:


  45. wow wow wow………….so excited to get the book xx

  46. Oh Sylvia…you are such a tease!!

  47. At first I didn’t know what was happening. Then I figured out it was a game. I don’t get why she’s still playing with him. I don’t see why he’s not extremely angry with her for gyrating on another man like that.

  48. kelly smith says:

    I can not wait for the next book please please release it early.

  49. lizibet says:

    didn’t like that one. Should of moved past the games by now. makes them sound grubby and shallow.

  50. OMG!! Come on, i can’t wait much longer!! I can’t wait to read what happens at the end of thier story.

  51. it does seem like Eva is playing games but Gideon doesn’t seem that mad that she is dirty dancing with that guy.Maybe Eva and Gideon are together in secret and have to pretend to be apart? I so can’t wait for the next book.It will be a great birthday present for me 🙂

  52. it does seem like Eva is playing games but Gideon doesn’t seem that mad that she is dirty dancing with that guy.Maybe Eva and Gideon are together in secret and have to pretend to be apart? I so can’t wait for the next book.It will be a great birthday present for me 🙂

  53. JJ says:

    Love it! Hurry up may! Can’t you bring it forward to march lol!!

  54. Hyndness says:

    I think that was HOT, waiting for more!

  55. OMG!!!!!!!! I absolutely hope this makes it into the final book!!! nothing is better than stirring gideon’s jealousy, that is soooo smokin’ hot hot hot!!!!!! Please Sylvia Please, get this thing on the ball 😉 🙂

  56. Tina J says:

    Not sure of the context but that’s hot… 😉

  57. I’m not to sure about this, I thought they will be getting along better in the third book! is it a game Eva playing???? I had to read it three times and gather my thoughts , but now I’m not sure if I like this Teaser!!!! Are they together!!!

  58. Angela Bovee says:

    I love these books. Can’t wait for entwined hope there’s a forth it just sucks to wait till may.

  59. Gemma Read says:

    Wow wow wow! So frustrating in so many ways. Would love to know what they are going through to get them to this. Such a tease of a snippet :(. Love what you have written.

  60. Michele says:

    I love it! This is what this type of relationship is all about…. Great job! Can’t wait for may!

  61. Therese Sullivan says:

    So I am guessing one of Gideon’s pretties has reared their ugly head again. Eva has gone off in a jealous spat and getting back. Or this may not be in the book at all. But you pulled me in. Good work.

  62. Oh my!!!! I so can’t wait until May, it needs to hurry up and get here already!!!

  63. Yum! I read the scene as much more playful than most seem to be seeing it. Eva’s smile and eagerness show me she’s expecting Gideon and puts a little show for his benefit – knowing he’s the only one who can have her. Gideon’s not angry, he’s turned on. I have no doubt that mirror behind them is going to get steamed up!

  64. Omg im dying here the book needs to come out NOW !!!!!!

  65. OMG… your killing me more & more with each snippet…………..PLEASE RELEASE SOONER THAN MAY !!!!!!

  66. Gail says:

    Well, why is she making him jealous? She does not like jealousy at all since she suffers from it. I think this does not fit. I don’t think games should be at play here. These stories have been about 2 people who have had troubled pasts come together, save each other and have found true love. They were tortured enough in the past, why keep it going? IF they are together as a couple, no games- no toying with affections. Let’s see a deeper love and understanding from these two. Just saying! 🙂

  67. Sylvia Day says:

    Please don’t speculate negatively about what the story is going to be like. You can’t even being to guess on the basis of a few paragraphs.

  68. Danielle Hall says:

    Very hot!!!!! Just reading that alone….omg!!! I love the passion they share!!!

  69. Sylvia Day says:

    The book couldn’t release in December because it wasn’t finished yet, and I haven’t written anything else besides REFLECTED and ENTWINED since I wrote BARED TO YOU. My life has been exclusively Crossfire for over a year now.

    • elle2006 says:

      I love this snippet, especially with the addition of snippet 7! Entwined will be so worth the wait I’m sure (though it is killing me). I hope you find that you do have to write a fourth installment after all (and fifth, sixth, etc. ha ha)

  70. I found it strange but interesting pushing themselves in that way, why not play they are both so new at it….Who knows what deliciousness he has has planned as punishment, we have yet to see that side ig Gid and Eva….

  71. Jen says:

    Stop being boring But everyone has their own opinions. It’s what they are eva & gideon & they are still early in their relationship despite everything they been through. With eva playing games with gideon & turning him on, it goes to show how far they comes in their relationship by not getting too jealous & gideon not getting too angry with the man eva was dancing with, normally he would beat him I Loves it, can’t wait till the book is finished. Thanks sylvia. 🙂

  72. only 2 words….. can’t wait!!!!

  73. Alexandria Parsons says:

    I am so excited!!!! Thank you for posting this!!! Hurry up May!!!

  74. Trisha says:

    WOW!!! Now I really can’t wait until May!!! I am so excited!

  75. amberdee says:

    im in love. i think the games is perfect from her dealing with her past. and the way you write it out i am so in that club, a fly on the wall, love it! and yes i think we need an early release date as well.

  76. Sharon Mills says:

    Am kinda getting the feeling they are meeting in secret, i dnt think this is a game, I think they are tryin to act like they arent together wen they really are incase the cops or sumone are still sniffing around,
    Just wen she says (” sight of him in a dark T-shirt and jeans, his hair pulled back from that breathtaking face. No one seeing him would put him together with Gideon Cross”), Basicly no one recognised him, and another snippet wen she says “its dangerous for u to be here”, its like they are still together bt on the downlow sorta thing

  77. Diptinsunshine says:

    I absolutely can not wait. I love this series of books and all my friends who I have told to read them comment on how they really wish i would have kept them a secret until Book 3 came out because now like me they are sitting around waiting for the 3rd book… thanks so much for all you give of yourself to your fans!

  78. WOW!!! I can not wait till I can read the whole book! I love the way that Eva and Gideon are so in love and you can totally feel it. Eva and Gideon are so in love that they can feel each others presence and to keep there relationship fun I can totally see that Eva was playing a little game for Gideon’s benefit and why not? I would totally play games like this, when no one gets hurt with my husband and we have been married for almost 16 years, It keeps the fun alive and spice in the relationship

  79. Heather says:

    Maybe they’re into “roll playing”…. just because they’re people out of a book doesnt mean they cant get their freak on… Just sayin lol Cant wait for the book to come out!

  80. Danielle bassett says:

    Wow!! Although the more ive read it, I think that they are trying to hide the fact they’re still seeing eachother secretly. I seriously cannot wait for the release date. In the meantime I have just finished seven years to sin and would definately recommend it to keep you all going xx

  81. Heather says:

    After reading this all I can think about is them being at some sort of sex club, “sweat glistened on exposed skin”, “mirrored section”. I love the lust and sexual attraction they have with each other… Cannot wait for book 3.. Although, a chapter one preview would be a great hold over until may…. Please, please,please..

  82. Amanda Fitts says:

    This was really hot and all I can think about is where this scene goes. Well done!

  83. erika says:

    I think it is do to, they are not really together. Remember the killing. But we have to wait for the book to come out to get the whole story.

  84. SYLVIAFAAAAN says:

    I just need the whole book. Have you finished yet?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Chrissie "Australia" says:

    I like the passion, the tension, the games and foreplay! Their building trust, their in a club but they didn’t arrive together. Gideon has dressed down he is less noticable like a normal man. He is in her world.
    What fun would happy ending bring after all that tension and twists, the relationship still really new, they are still discovering each other!. Hummm! rock on May. Question Is the realease date same in Australia Too. I went to a shopping centre looking for another Sylvia Day book, A lady a complete stranger Shoved ” Bared to You ” in frount of me and said ” Read it you won’t be sorry” I responded with a smile and she new I had read it Too ! Her husband how ever was disappointed that he hadn’t received any benifits from it. I laughed and said ” You poor Man!” His wife just smiled, and said MAY 2013 I said ” Entwined with you”. SO WERE ARE WAITING! With tensions high looking for or next Eva and Gideon Fix!.
    My Hubby is Happy!.

  86. Tanya says:

    Remember Gideon told Eva that she could go clubbing before, but that she would have to go to one of his clubs.. where he could keep tabs on her. So, I am thinking is she’s at one of his clubs waiting for him to come get her/find her. I think she knows exactly what she is doing and doing it to drive him crazy. He does not seem at all angry about it.. to me he seems turned out and wants her badly! I am very eager to read this 3rd book when it comes out in May!!!!!

  87. susan says:

    oh my gosh I can’t wait for this book to come out! the snippets are great! you know they have to end up together in the end, they always have obstacles to jump first though. were all going to be upset if they don’t end up together. they are perfect for one another and they have been through way to much not to have a happy ending. and Corrine, you can get rid of her to. just saying

  88. Dear God!!!! AHHHH!!!! MY GOD!!! I can’t wait till book 3.
    This sweet torture is killing me!!!!

  89. olivia says:

    Personal opinion only: Eva and Gideon getting married is not the direction I hope for in the third book. Part of the heat between them comes from a sense that either could become involved with someone else at any turn but always seem to gravitate back to each other. I believe in happy endings but these two need to continue this intense relationship for at least three MORE books before the word “marriage” is ever mentioned.

  90. Erica Ford says:

    Oh my gosh I do not want to wait till MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darn it!!!

  91. pawprints says:

    I can’t wait for this book. It’s going to be release the day before my birthday! I loved the snippet. Who wants to be good when it is so much funner to be bad?

  92. yeah they are playing, i so can’t wait

  93. Cookie says:

    Well you all have true and valid points of view I’ve read the snippet I want know what happened when Eva found out what Gideon did for her? And did Eva tell Carey? What’s his take on the situation? As for them thinking of marriage at this point not recommend at this time they both have a lot to work on, but all in all they are so in tune with each other desires and need they just need to put things in order when their not having HOT!!HOT!! SEX!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the next book Sylvia never disappoints especially the crossfire novels!!!!!!!!!!!


  95. Anthi says:

    They seem so sure for each other.. That’s nice!! Of course he is jealous, i’m sure he will find a way of showing her that in a way that would please both of them..!! If they were in their honeymoon in some club having fun after he had frovoked her i would be thrilled with her reaction!!! i want some for ever and great sex with that scene, well with all the book!!! … Really waiting for the book!! ♥ And some more snippers to make the waiting bearable! ♥

  96. w Lark says:

    Good heck….It has been forever waiting for this book….I must say…I am definitely going to be reading this snippet a few more times.

  97. Susan says:

    I cant wait for this book, I to love the playful side to Eva and Gideon, I think the other guy maybe her roommate. anyway can’t wait so excited.

  98. sylday fan says:

    need it now

  99. HomeMakerMama says:

    There snippets are killing me…but I continue to pine for the release of this book.

  100. Mrs Shill's says:

    Can’t wait til may, plz can we have it for valentines, ppl go buy a kindle then u won’t have to wait til may on paperback!!

  101. I read both books in 2 days!! I have the next one pre-ordered!! Ugh!! I can’t wait until May!!!

  102. Sharon Mills says:

    I hope in EWY Eva get to use her krav maga on sumone put what shes learned into sum use and i really hope it christopher love to see him gettin his arse kicked!!

  103. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I totally need this book now!! I am having withdrawal symptoms!! please Sylvia this is a matter of my sanity >_<

  104. Sharon Mills says:

    guys sorry to tell uz if u dnt already kno, u wont be waiting until may anymore, books been moved to the 4th June it was released with the reveal of the books covers for all the countries this morning, Sorry to burst anyones bubble who didnt already kno this

  105. Meg says:

    Shouldn’t they be allowed to have a little fun? Turmoil has completely taken over their lives. Regardless of how good their sex life is, they need a little happiness, game playing, and flirting. It makes their very heavy lives innocent and fun!

  106. Patti says:

    All I can say is that I am going thru withdrawl…..this is a very hot scene and I can oly imagine what the rest are going to be like…..I am not sure if May is going to get here soon enough. All I know is that I need to take the next day off of work when the book becomes available as I will be up all night reading it as I am sure I will not be able to put it down just like the other 2 which I read in a matter of 3 1/2 days. No sleep when books are this great.

  107. Dannielle xx says:

    Cant wait to read the book so in love with gideon give me hom any day xx hmmm

  108. ana says:

    Has anyone noticed the suitcase tags on the cover? the one behind is covered! I think it says Eva Cross !!!!

  109. LizzyVogue says:

    Not sure what happened to my original post so will try again. I think the cover of Entwined with you is a big clue that Eva and Gideon are now married. The cover usually depicts content from the book….so obviously they are traveling somewhere. I think the scene in snippet 6 is one from their honeymoon. Who’s to say that Eva’s name is not underneath Gideon’s luggage tag? His relaxed demeanor can be due to the fact that he has official “ownership” of Eva as she is his wife and perhaps he is unrecognizable because they are in another country. I know wishful thinking but it makes sense to me…..this scene also reminds me of the one of Christian and Ana in Fifty Shades…although they were not on their honeymoon, they were married and blissfully happy. I don’t think this scene is one based on jealously but one that preludes to steamy SEX.

  110. mala tiwari says:

    can’t be june 4th. Pushed back from dec.31/12 to may 17/13 and now June 4th. nooooooooooo

  111. Amber Applebe says:

    Sylvia you are an excellent writer. Keep up the Cross Fire series its amazing!

  112. Brenda Herrera says:

    First I was confused as to why Eva was allowing this guy to touch her, but once Gideon came into play I agree the scene is very HOT!!! I’m really counting the days to the 3rd book. All the snippets have been torture! And I really must confess I’ve gotten so much obsessed with Gideon Cross than I ever did to Chritian Grey. Bared to You and Reflected in Youvare definately re- read to keep busy until I have the new book in my IPad . Great work Syvia!

  113. Sherstep says:

    Why oh why did I just see on Amazon that the release date was pushed back again,now it’s not being released until June!

  114. Eann says:

    I hate waiting for the next book. I want it NOW!! These snippets are driving me wild with want!!!

  115. Michelle says:

    Love this!


  117. I love it when Gideon calls Eva, Angel. I think it’s super sweet.

  118. Jennifer says:

    Well i finished the first two books in 5 days! …. The least i can say is that i totally lost my mind in Gideon! 🙂 …. Looking forward for more of the good time! 🙂

  119. Zak Simpson says:

    This is my favorite snippet! I have never been so strung out in anticipation of the publishing of a book! Come on May!

  120. MS. ACE says:

    Bruno Mars’ Locked of Heaven should be playing in the background! 🙂

  121. Esther Duenas says:

    Pls.let June get here tomorrow!

  122. AX says:

    Ms. Day thank you for your amazing work! I never expected that I would stay awake all night long so that I finish reading the books. Please give to Gideon and Eve’s story the happy-ending that they so much deserve!

  123. Oohh, so sexy.. I can’t wait for this to finally come out!!

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