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ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #12

Between now and the release day of Entwined with You, I’m going to be posting two “snapshots” a week–one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Each snapshot (not to be confused with a snippet or excerpt!) will tie into a chapter in some way. So, two chapter peeks a week, from now until June 4th, which will take us through all the chapters.

Ready? Here’s Chapter Twelve:

Entwined with You - Chapter Twelve

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26 Responses to ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #12

  1. Hum.. elevators… Gideon and Eva love elevators… 🙂

  2. Cami says:

    Elevator action… nice 🙂

  3. Meg says:

    elevators in the crossfire building?

  4. Thaís Malheiros says:

    Seems lifts the Crossfire… Will they get ready in the elevators?
    I hope so! =D

  5. Dutch fan says:

    Yessss finaly they are going to go fullhouse in an elevator! Lol Eva’s has ha d all means of transportation but the elevator. I’m just sooooo jealoussss

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmm! This is good!

  7. What is happening in the Gideon’s office now?

  8. Sherron says:

    Think this the elevators at the crossfire they have a lot of history in the elevators hope something goes down in there…..June where r u?

  9. Megan Ice says:

    Those elevators could be lots of places… hospital, crossfire, one of their apt buildings.. but I have a feeling that it is what happens inside of the elevator???

  10. La Diva says:

    Love Elevators!!! Love Gideon ♥!!! June please hurry up!!

  11. Gideon and Eva are on their way down from work in the Crossfire and Gideon puts his key in to stop their descend suddenly then……………

  12. Susan Ormes says:

    They are so getting busy in a Crossfire Elevator where Gideon can control the security camera! Smoking hot! Put that key in Gideon! (Pun intended 😉

  13. Ace says:

    its about time they get sizzle in the elevator lol ..

  14. finally sex in the elevator for Eva and Gideon? They have done enough teasing in books 1 and 2

  15. ALice says:

    Hurry-up June! Having Gideon & Eva withdrawal:(

  16. Jo Ellen Nix says:

    Pull out the card Gideon!!

  17. twosisters says:

    Hmmm…. Are we coming or are we are going? Or are we finally getting our very “HOT” elevator scene? My inner voice is saying “yes, yes,yes” ….but I have to wonder? The last “Snapshot” was of a car? Who’s car? Was it being chased? Who was chasing who?Paparazzi’s? Detectives? Are they home or Europe? Should we be concern? (Don’t even want to go there!) But, what if something went wrong? Are they traveling or on business? If Europe…Did Eva go explore? Explore Corrine’s husband? Or Corrine’s husband came to visit G? E? Do we have another unexplained visitor? Does this mean their “underground” romance is over? They are free to be the couple they should be? Or does this have nothing do with G & E but someone else? Who? Eva’s dad? I wonder? I wonder how much he knew about Nathan? How odd it was that he comes to NY when Nathan is murdered? Or is in NY when Nathan is there? What did he know? What if… Eva’s Dad is visiting (investigating) and Eva’s Mom is also coming to visit…and are seen entering the elevator together? That could be a great twist! Especially if Cary see’s it! Whoa…Just throwing that out there? Corrine?Magdalene? Christopher? Brett? .. But let’s keep this simple…let’s ride this damn elevator up and maybe by Tuesday we’ll know more? ….

  18. Robyn Golec says:

    McCreamy is what all of us Grey’s Anats Call Gideon..Sylvia “did u know”

  19. Christine B. says:

    Elevators from Dr. T
    erry’s office maybe?

  20. Kim Williams says:

    Lobby of Crossfire

  21. putting the new snap shot 12 with this one, could the lifts be going to a registry’s office? or a very romantic lunch in his office.

  22. Rach says:

    She got a new car, a watch, and is now moving in with him. Two elevators, two people together at his apartment. Either that or this is the office but I think in line with the story it’s his floor of the building he lives.

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