Sylvia Day

AFTERSHOCK – Snippet #2

Be forewarned… Jax is a very naughty man.

I was back to running through my email when my cell pinged for an incoming text. Looking at the screen, I saw it was from Jax. My feet tapped a little dance on the carpet before I realized what I was doing.

I know you’re thinking about me.

I stared at his message and snorted. “Whatever.”

Obviously, you’re thinking about me, I typed back.

I dreamt about u 2.

That made me smile. Dreaming about Jax was one of my wayward mind’s favorite pastimes. Hope it was a nightmare about me blowing a major business deal for u.

A minute later: It was a wet dream about u blowing me.

I laughed. He’d changed tactics from our earlier conversation, switching from playing hardball to just playing. Jax knew when a particular strategy wasn’t working.

I started typing a reply, but he beat me to it. My phone started ringing.

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One Response to AFTERSHOCK – Snippet #2

  1. BDiaz says:

    I am absolutely excited for this to be released!!! I can’t wait. Jax is an intriguing, elusive character. He’s a hard one to crack.

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