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ONE WITH YOU – Opening Scene of Chapter 2

Some books come so easily, they feel as if they write themselves. Some are difficult, fighting with me all the way through. One with You refused to be simply written. It wanted to be rewritten, and rewritten again. And while that process is often frustrating, it’s also one of the reasons I so love being a writer.

Remember the Valentine’s Treat excerpt? If so, the scene below will feel familiar to you. I’m posting it as a thank you to my readers, who mean so much to me, and because the scene altered as I wrote yet another draft. I love both versions, for different reasons.

I can’t pick a favorite. Can you?

Chapter 2

“More flowers?” Arash Madani drawled as he strolled into my office through the open glass double doors.

My lead attorney walked over to where Eva’s white roses decorated the main seating area. I’d had them placed on the coffee table in my direct line of sight. There, they had been successfully drawing my attention away from the stock tickers streaming on the wall of flat screens behind them.

The card that accompanied the flowers sat on the smoked glass of my desk and I fingered it, rereading the words for the hundredth time.

Arash pulled a rose out and lifted it to his nose. “What’s the secret to getting sent some of these?”

I sat back, absently noting that his emerald-hued tie matched the jeweled decanters decorating the bar. Until his arrival, the brightly colored carafes and Eva’s red vase had been the only spots of color in the monochromatic expanse of my office. “The right woman.”

He returned the flower to its vase. “Go ahead, Cross, rub it in.”

“I prefer to gloat quietly. Do you have something for me?”

Approaching my desk, he grinned in a way that told me he loved his job, although I never doubted it. His prey drive was nearly as highly developed as my own.

“The Morgan deal is coming together nicely.” Adjusting his tailored slacks, he settled into one of the two chairs facing my desk. His style was slightly flashier than mine but couldn’t be faulted. “We’ve ironed out the bigger points. Still finessing some clauses, but we should be ready to proceed by next week.”


“You are a man of few words.” Casually, he asked, “You up for getting together this weekend?”

I shook my head. “Eva may want to go out. If so, I’ll try to talk her out of it.”

Arash laughed. “I gotta tell you, I expected you to settle down at some point—we all do, eventually—but I thought I’d have some warning.”

“So did I.” Which wasn’t quite the truth. I never expected to share my life with anyone. I’d never denied that my past shadowed my present, but I saw no need to share that past with anyone before Eva. It couldn’t be changed, so why rehash it?

Standing, I walked to one of the two floor-to-ceiling walls of windows framing my office and took in the city that sprawled in urban splendor beyond the glass.

I hadn’t known Eva was out there, had been afraid to even dream of finding the one person in the world who would accept and love every facet of me.

How was it possible that I’d found her here, in Manhattan, at the very building I’d had built against sound advice and at great risk? Too expensive, they’d said, and unnecessary. But I’d needed the Cross name to be memorable and mentioned in a different way. My father had dragged our name through the mud; I’d lifted it to the heights of the most relevant city in the world.

“You showed no sign at all you were leaning that way,” Arash said behind me. “If I remember correctly, you tagged two women when we blew out Cinco de Mayo, and a few weeks later you’re telling me to draft an insane prenup.”

I surveyed the city, taking a rare moment to appreciate the hawk’s-eye view afforded me by the height and position of the Crossfire Building. “When have you known me to delay sealing a deal?”

“It’s one thing to expand your portfolio, another to reboot your life overnight.” He chuckled. “So what are your plans, then? Breaking in the new beach house?”

“An excellent idea.” Taking my wife back to the Outer Banks was my goal. Having her all to myself had been heaven. I was happiest when I was alone with her. She revitalized me, made me anticipate living in a way I never had before.

I’d built my empire with the past in mind. Now, thanks to her, I would continue to build it for our future.

My desk phone flashed. It was Scott, on line one. I pressed the button, and his voice came through the speaker. “Corinne Giroux’s at reception. She says she needs just a few minutes to drop off something for you. Because it’s private, she wants to give it to you personally.”

“Of course she does,” Arash chimed in. “Maybe it’s more flowers.”

I shot him a look. “Wrong woman.”

“If only my wrong women looked like Corinne.”

“Keep thinking that while you head up to reception to get whatever it is she has.”

His brows shot up. “Really? Ouch.”

“She wants to talk, she can talk to my attorney.”

He pushed to his feet and headed out. “Got it, boss.”

I glanced at the clock. Quarter to five. “I’m sure you heard that, Scott, but to be clear, Madani will handle.”

“Yes, Mr. Cross.”

Through the glass wall separating my office from the rest of the floor, I watched Arash round the corner on his way to reception, and then I mentally brushed the whole thing aside. Eva would be with me shortly, the very thing I’d been waiting for since the workday started.

But of course, it couldn’t be that easy.

A flash of crimson in the corner of my eye just a few moments later had me looking back out at the work floor and seeing Corinne marching toward my office with Arash hot on her heels. Her chin lifted when our eyes met. Her tight smile widened, transforming her from a beautiful woman to a stunning one. I could admire her the way I would admire anything except Eva—objectively, dispassionately.

Now happily married, I could fully grasp what a horrible mistake it would have been to marry Corinne. It was unfortunate for all of us that she refused to see it.

I stood and rounded my desk. The look I swept over both Arash and Scott called them off from any further action. If Corinne wanted to deal with me directly, I’d give her one last opportunity to do the right thing.

She glided into my office on red stilettos. The strapless dress she wore was the same hue as the shoes and showed off both her long legs and pale skin. She wore her hair down, the black strands sliding around her bare shoulders. She was the polar opposite of my wife and a mirror image of every other woman who’d passed through my life.

“Gideon. Surely you can spare a few minutes for an old friend?”

Leaning back into my desk, I crossed my arms. “And extend the courtesy of not calling security. Make it quick, Corinne.”

She smiled, but her eyes, the color of aquamarines, were sad.

She had a small red box tucked under her arm. When she reached me, Corinne pulled it out and offered it to me.

“What is this?” I asked, without reaching for it.

“These are the photos that will appear in the book.”

My brow arched. I found myself unfolding and accepting the box, driven by curiosity. It hadn’t been too long ago that we’d been together, but I scarcely remembered the details. What I had were impressions, big moments, and regret. I’d been so young, with a dangerous lack of self-awareness.

Corinne set her purse down on my desk, moving in a way that brushed her arm against mine. Wary, I reached over and hit the button that controlled the opacity of the glass wall.

If she wanted to put on a show, I’d make sure she didn’t have an audience.

Taking the lid off the box, I was confronted with a photo of Corinne and me entangled in front of a bonfire. Her head was nestled in the crook of my shoulder, her face tilted up to me so I could press a kiss to her lips.

The memory assailed me immediately. We’d taken a day trip to a friend’s house in the Hamptons. The weather had been cool, fall giving way to winter.

In the picture we looked happy and in love, and in a way, I suppose we were. But I’d refused the invitation to spend the night, despite Corinne’s obvious disappointment. With my nightmares, I couldn’t sleep beside her. And I couldn’t fuck her, though I knew that was what she wanted, because the hotel room I reserved for that purpose was miles away.

So many hangups. So many lies and evasions.

I took a deep breath and let the past go. “Eva and I were married last month.”

She stiffened.

Setting the box down on the desktop, I reached for my smartphone and showed her the picture that wallpapered my screen—Eva and I sharing the kiss that sealed our vows.

Turning her head, Corinne looked away. Then she reached into the box, flipping through the top few photos to pull out one of us at the beach.

I was standing waist deep in the surf. Corinne was twined around me from the front, her legs wrapped around my waist, her arms draped over my shoulders and her hands in my hair. Her head was tossed back on a laugh, her joy radiating from the image. I gripped her fiercely, my face upturned to watch her. There was gratitude there and wonder. Affection. Desire. Strangers would see it and think it was love.

Which was Corinne’s goal. I denied that I ever loved anyone before Eva, which was no less than the truth. Corinne was determined to prove me wrong in the most public way possible.

Leaning over, she looked at the picture, then at me. Her expectation was tangible, as if some monumental epiphany was supposed to strike me. She toyed with her necklace and I realized it was one I’d given her, a small gold heart on a simple chain.

For fuck’s sake. I didn’t even remember who took the damn photo or where we were at the time, and it didn’t matter.

“What do you expect these photos to prove, Corinne? We dated. We ended. You married, and now I have. There’s nothing left.”

“Then why are you getting so upset? You’re not indifferent, Gideon.”

“No, I’m irritated. These only make me appreciate what I have with Eva more. And knowing that they’ll hurt her sure as hell doesn’t make me feel sentimental about the past. This is our final good-bye, Corinne.” I held her gaze, making sure she saw my resolve. “If you come back here, security won’t let you through.”

“I won’t be back. You’ll have to—”

Scott beeped through and I picked up the phone. “Yes?”

“Miss Tramell is here for you.”

I leaned over the desk again, tapping the button that opened the doors. A moment later, Eva walked in.

Would the day ever come when I would see her and not feel the earth shift beneath my feet?

She came to an abrupt halt, giving me the pleasure of taking in the sight of her. Eva was a natural blonde, with pale streaks framing a delicate face and accentuating stormy gray eyes that I could spend hours looking into. She was petite but dangerously curved, her body deliciously soft to roll around with in bed.

I might’ve called her angelically beautiful, if not for the lush sensuality that always made me think of and crave wickedly raw sex.

Without volition, my mind filled with the memory of her scent and the feel of her beneath my hands. The throaty laugh that brought me joy and the fiery quick temper that rocked me on my feet were visceral recollections. Everything in me thrummed to life, a surge of energy and awareness I felt at no other time than when I was with her.

Corinne spoke first. “Hello, Eva.”

I bristled. The urge to shield and protect the most valuable thing in my life overrode any other consideration.

Straightening, I tossed the photo back in the box and went to my wife. Compared to Corinne, she was dressed demurely in a black pinstriped skirt and a sleeveless silk blouse that gleamed like a pearl. The surge of heat I felt was all the proof I needed as to which woman was sexier.

Eva. Now and forever.

The pull I felt drew me across the room in long, quick strides.


I didn’t say the word aloud, didn’t want Corinne to hear it. But I could see that Eva felt it. I reached for her hand, felt a tingle of deep recognition that tightened my grip.

She shifted to look past me and acknowledge the woman who was no rival. “Corinne.”

I didn’t turn to look.

“I have to run,” Corinne said behind me. “Those copies are for you, Gideon.”

Unable to take my gaze off Eva, I spoke over my shoulder. “Take them with you. I don’t want them.”

“You should finish going through them,” she countered, approaching.

“Why?” Aggravated, I glanced at Corinne when she stopped next to us. “If I have any interest in seeing them, I can always flip through your book.”

Her smile tightened. “Good-bye, Eva. Gideon.”

As she left, I took another step toward my wife, closing the final bit of distance between us. I caught her other hand, leaning over her to breathe in the scent of her perfume. Calm drifted through me.

“I’m glad you came.” I whispered the words against her forehead, needing every connection I could manage. “I miss you so much.”

Closing her eyes, she leaned into me with a sigh.

Feeling the lingering strain in her, I tightened my grip on her hands. “You okay?”

“Yeah. I’m good. I just wasn’t expecting to see her.”

“Neither was I.” As much as I hated to pull away, I hated the thought of those photos even more.

Returning to my desk, I put the lid back on the box and tossed the whole thing into the trash.

“I quit my job,” she said. “Tomorrow’s my last day.”

That was what I wanted, what I believed was the best and safest step for her to take. But I knew what a difficult decision it must have been for her to come to. Eva loved her job and the people she worked with.

Knowing how well she could read me, I kept my tone neutral. “Did you?”


I studied her. “What’s next for you, then?”

“I’ve got a wedding to plan.”

“Ah.” My mouth curved. After days of fearing she had second thoughts and wanted out, it was a relief to hear otherwise. “Good to know.”

I beckoned her closer with a crook of my finger.

“Meet me halfway,” she shot back, with a glint of challenge in her eyes.

How could I resist? We met in the middle of the room.

That was why we were going to come out the other side of this and every other hurdle we faced: We would always meet each other halfway.

She would never be the docile wife my friend Arnoldo Ricci had wished for me. Eva was too independent, too fierce. She had a jealous streak a mile wide. She was demanding and stubborn, and she defied me just to drive me crazy.

And it all worked in a way it had never worked with any other woman, because Eva was meant for me. I believed that as I believed in nothing else.

“Is this what you want?” I asked her quietly, searching her face for the answer.

You’re what I want. The rest is just logistics.”

My mouth was suddenly dry and my heartbeat too quick. When she lifted a hand to brush my hair back I caught her wrist and pressed her palm to my cheek, my eyes closing as I absorbed her touch.

The past week melted away. The days we’d spent apart, the hours of silence, the crippling fear . . . She’d been showing me all day that she was ready to move ahead, that I’d made the right decision to talk to Dr. Petersen. To talk to her.

Not only didn’t she turn away, she wanted me more. And she called me miraculous?

Eva sighed. I felt the last of her tension drift away. We stood there, reconnecting with each other, taking the strength we needed. It shook me to the core to know that I could bring her some measure of peace.

And what she brought me?


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112 Responses to ONE WITH YOU – Opening Scene of Chapter 2

  1. johnnie says:

    My dear friend you are one with my heart. For every word you write is one right out of my dream and this Gideon/Eva saga is fab. If you want to write another, and another about them I’m all there. You write like I think, are we related?;) I could listen to your stories all day long they are that good. You absolutely rock. However will you find “The End” to G/A? I don’t want them to end. I will for sure be balling when its over.’
    As I’ve said before…….
    “You are a woman with the soul of a man after my own heart”xxoo
    I thank you for the fave, fib, reads. Irly
    than s

    • Jackie Lemay says:

      Sylvia thank you for the excerpt it was very very good. I can’t wait to see how Gideon and Ava slams Brett and Corriene. can’t wait to see what happened to Cary, Deanna, megumbi, and anne. I’m wondering if his mother will become friends with Ava and find out that her other son Gideon’s brother lied?. will the slave trade of the girls come into play? just waiting for all the answers and the fantastic grand ending of a great series.

    • Simran says:

      I absolutely cannot wait for this book to come out, I don’t know how many countless nights I’ve stayed up reading this series and how many assignments I had to at the last minute because I was so obsessed with this series.

  2. Del Barr says:

    I love reading in Gideon’s POV. This version is my favorite between the two. The contrast of emotions is palpable, as though he’s having a moment of clarity. Confirmation without a doubt that Eva is his one true love. Well done on the rewrite Sylvia! Can’t wait for the grand conclusion!

  3. Katrin Zehl says:

    Defiantly , this version. It gives a lot more insight. It’s always special to have Gideon’s POV. Can’t wait!

  4. Stephanie Eigenfeld says:

    I’m so excited for this book that I can’t even think!!!! I got the most recent book of the series the day it came out and read it in 2 days!!! I’m a slow reader and take FOREVER to finish books, so the fact that I couldn’t put it down and stayed up most of the night to continue reading means something. I really do love the Gideon POVs, but I feel like some parts of this surprise Corinne visit are stronger from Eva, but that might just be because I’m female and can relate to that perspective more…. I thought the fourth book was the last so I freaked out when I found out there was one more left. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH!!!! Can’t wait for the amazing ending. 🙂

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  6. So much better hearing the love story from Gideon. I can’t wait to read the entire book, and one day to meet you in person. Thank you for the snippet.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I love this one !!!!! Love it from his pov.

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  9. Nthabi says:

    Oh dear! Sylvia,

    This is the best snippet of the two. Can’t wait for the whole book. I too, wish than there would be morecand more of Gideva.

    Lovely series indeed,

  10. Robin says:

    Dear Sylvia,
    This was the first series of yours I have ever read, and you have me as loyal reader as long as you are a writer. I fell in love the Gideon & Eva and I cannot wait until the 5th book comes out. As far as which version I like best, your second re-write is my favorite. I really love hearing this from Gideon’ s point of view. I am anxiously awaiting the release of book 5.

    • Crista Winchester says:

      I agree Robin, she has a loyal reader in m etoo, and I love reading it from Gideons POV!

  11. Kelly says:

    Love, Love, Love this version! Absolutely dying for this book to be released. Will never get enough of Gideon and Eva and certainly will never get enough of hearing it from Gideon’s POV!

  12. Sarah says:

    I’m conflicted, I loved this scene from Gideon’s perspective, it added more emotion to Eva and Gideon’s reunion for me than Eva’s POV did. I really liked reading his internal reaction to her having quit her job, because we already know in detail how she felt about the decision. However, from Eva’s POV, I liked knowing that she was not over the top jealous and upset that Corinne was there, I think that point needs to be made, because in this excerpt, while he senses that she’s strained and asks if she’s okay, I think there needs to be more explained there. Overall, I favor this excerpt much more and having read both I can see the struggle you face trying to get the book done with everyone begging for it. It has to be done right 🙂

  13. Geriatric Nana says:

    How will we all survive at the end of this story you are the best by far

  14. Dawn says:

    I am beyond addicted to Gideon and Eva’s story. I love the love, the fights, the turmoil, and the frustration that these two characters have had to fight through to make this relationship work. I don’t even care which POV the story comes from. I hope their story will continue for a few more books as I can’t bear to say good bye to these characters. What a wonderful exciting rollercoaster ride these two have taken us on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books!!!! Thank you Sylvia Day for writing their story and giving us an amazing gift!!!!!

    • Christineb says:

      I agree, the story is too beautiful to end, Love at first sight, no matter the stumbling blocks placed in front of them.

  15. Ana Essex says:

    Thanks for this lovely excerpt!!! I’m extremely excited and am patiently trying to wait for the 5th book!!! When will it be released???

  16. Vivian says:

    This one is much better. I love Gideon’s POV. His feelings for Eva are so intense and pure, it’s amazing. He loves her more than anything. There’s never doubts with him, he knows what he wants, loves and needs. I love how he react with Corinne. He is so faithful not only in action but as well in mind. He saw pictures of their time together and feels nothing sexual or nostalgic. He saw a lot of things but no love. He never make us doubt his love for Eva. Of course it helps a lot that he doesn’t refer to Corinne as “hot chocolate” if you know what I mean (stupid Brett). He couldn’t even remember the photo of the beach. As a reader I get more satisfied by his POV.
    I went back and re-read Eva’s POV and I believe Eva doesn’t show the same amount of feelings. I get again his love for her but something is missing with her.

  17. Deneyce Timms-Knox says:

    OMG, I love this excerpt as told by Gideon better than the Valentine’s Day. This is right in line it was great. Please hurry with the next book I am on the last few pages for the 4th time reading the series. Hoping to not have to wait much longer for One With You.

    Love it!!!

  18. Wanda Varnado says:

    Love the Cross Fire books. Can’t wait to read this one. All the videos on the story are awesome.

  19. Chance says:

    I was turn on to this couple by a co-worker. I am so addicted I went through the books so fast and read them again and again and again and again four times. I love how this is starting off “one with you” I would love to see Corinne keep trying as some woman do and Gideon continue to shoot her down. At least a scene where she gets a piece of Eva fierey in a nice nasty way. I hate to see these two go. As a fan I pray you can get those creative juices flowing and come up with another storyline for them. Maybe with child maybe with her roommate settling down and have Gideon and Eva a part of the story with some more twist and turns. I have all kind of ideas.. Die hard fan

  20. Chance says:

    I do like this from Gideon POV.. I think it should be a build up of Eva keeping her kool, just like she did. Eva allowed Gideon to take care of it and he did. and it was Lovely!!! I was laughing. There are woman in this world that doesn’t understand “I don’t want you anymore” However they are not a lot of men who will treat the situation as Gidoen has, this is what makes it the best feeling any woman and readers can have.

  21. Catherine says:

    Very excited to read book 5 hoping it’s not the last book I don’t want it to end. I love the way I feel reading this great series love love love it!!!!

  22. jodie says:

    But how will this end? Can’t wait for the book. My restless mind has one dead (murdered?), one devastated, and an emotional heart wrenching epilogue.

  23. Chevetta McFarland says:

    I liked the other version but his POV made me feel more. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I definitely enjoyed his POV better.

  24. Paula Carvalho says:

    Dear Sylvia
    I’m in love with the crossfire serious. I love reading it from Gideon perspective. I love the way he loves Eva and the way she loves him. I’m Can’t wait for the book to be released. Your an amazing writer.

  25. MMM says:

    If I had to pick between the two, this one hands down. Corinne needed to hear that they ARE married and it was awesome that Eva walked in right after. I love this series, the wait is kinda killing me but I know it will be great. The Gideon pov is great. Not a lot of women can do a man’s point of view and make it feel like a man pov. You truly are a great writer.

  26. Jennifer Gray Keller says:

    I think Gideon’s point of view is my favorite for this scene. I simply cannot wait until the book is complete!

  27. johnnie says:

    I am re-reading “Captivated by you” for the thirteenth time and am in love with it even more. So you betcha I’ll be reading it again sometime soon. I really enjoy the play on title words throughout each book. Love it, love it, love it. You absolutely rock!!!!
    If you do get the movie off the ground I hope you are involved and I mean truly involved. Please don’t let anyone scrap this story. Hell, I’ll direct it for you and I don’t know a thing, but I do know this as a movie adaptation needs more than just book to screen. I will hope for the best with it and for you. 🙂

    Than s

  28. Kimberly says:

    I LOVE this scene! Thank you for posting it! I love Gideon ‘ s love and loyalty to Eva, and that he makes his feelings crystal clear to Corinne. She needs to move on and go away. Arash is available….haha!

  29. Jennifer Eppling says:

    I like this version so much better. I can’t wait for the next book to come out Eva and Gideon are my favorite books series out there. I don’t know how many times I have read the books or on my ereader.

  30. Neha Jain says:

    This excerpt.This one for sure. I can’t explain how many emotions we get to feel through Gideon’s point of view. Desperately waiting for book 5 – having reread the others 4 times now. Please keep them coming.

  31. Crista Winchester says:

    You are amazing. I am in tears and cannot wait to read the rest. You are my favorite author and I continue writing stories like the Crossfire.Series.

  32. Neha Jain says:

    The excerpt is much much better than the last one. Always a pleasure to read Gideon’s point of view, it’s so full of emotions and infinite love for Eva. I can’t really wait for Book 5, having read the other four a couple of times now. Please keep up the good work – you are such a brilliant writer.

  33. Fahima says:

    This is the scene. It’s complete, with an eye on character development, expansion of the plot. Much better

  34. Cortessa says:

    I love this and I loved the one that came out on Vday. I think they both should be in the book to view both point of views is awesome…. this series to me is Awesomesauce!!!!!!!

  35. Nina says:

    Gideons POV definitely has more emotion

  36. Cerys Thomas says:

    Corinne needs to leave Gideon alone! My goodness, she just won’t stop!! Girl, you need to let the past go, ’cause Gideon is not going to leave his Angel!! I’m so excited for this book!!!!

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    I don’t want them to end….:(
    Keep writing their story, even if its in a spin off.
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  48. Molly Rankin says:

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  49. Cortney Jenkins says:

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  50. Jean says:

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  51. Manoela Lima says:

    A.MA.ZING!!! I’m thrilled.

  52. katie says:

    I think this version is better because we can really see Gideon’s true depth of love for Eva and I think it’s amazing

  53. NN says:

    Lovely. I’m very much looking forward to the last (?) installment. I’m really addicted to Gideon and Eva. 🙂
    However, in this little snippet, I struggle with the fact that Gideon would allow Corinne to use these photographs. As he is depicted in the pictures he could just slam that door closed with the right to publicity as well as the right to privacy. Yeah, maybe he’d see that as giving the book too much attention, but I feel like they’d bother Eva. And he hates pissing Eva off.

  54. Lakesia Norman says:

    Hey, I like this version better it gives the readers more insight of what is happening…I love it!

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  103. McCray Melanie says:


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