A Special Teaser for New Years

This is a special little piece in honor of the new year. It’s not an “official” snippet. Permission is NOT granted to re-post this content anywhere, so please don’t do it. You may link to this page to share it with others.

This could be a scene mirroring one from Eva’s point of view. It could be an alternate scene. It could be anything or nothing. I hope you enjoy it for whatever it is.

Thank you for a wonderful 2012!

I let myself into Eva’s apartment with the key she’d given me. As I turned the lock, my grip tightened on the fob inscribed with my initials—a gift that opened her home to me. I wished the key to her was that tangible.

As it was, I didn’t know if I’d be welcome anymore. Everything had shifted. She knew what I’d never wanted her to know. If anything could drive us apart, it would be the truth of what I’d done.

I had to know if it had. I couldn’t wait. Not knowing was ripping me apart.

My heart pounded as I approached her room. I’d stopped being afraid of anything long ago, but she made me fear. I was knotted up inside, so twisted over her I couldn’t find my way out.

I was breathing hard when I closed Eva’s bedroom door behind me, shutting me into her space with her. Her scent drifted around me, made me hard and desperate, made me all too aware of the hollowness inside me that only she could fill. My feet were weighted to the floor. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak past the tightness closing my throat.

She walked in from the bathroom and my breath caught.

Christ, she was amazing. Her beautiful face was flushed from the heat of a shower, her curvy, irresistibly fuckable body wrapped only in a towel. I swear she glowed, shined with an inner radiance that warmed me like the sun.

My gut clenched when her stormy gaze found mine.

Her cool gray eyes slid over me. I could feel them cut through me like a blade, see into the heart of me. She’d always been able to see me, all of me, and yet she could still look at me like she did, as if she couldn’t get her fill. She could have anyone. For reasons I’d never fully grasp, she chose me.

“It’s dangerous for you to be here,” she said finally, her voice a low, throaty caress.

It took everything I had not to go to her, to pull her to the floor and take her like an animal. Because when I was inside her, she was mine and we were one and I had no fear.

My mouth thinned grimly. “I couldn’t stay away.”

Her eyes darkened, the pulse leaping at her throat. Her chest lifted and fell with her quickened breathing, her nostrils flaring as her body responded to the hard, driving need pulsing off of mine. It had been this way with us from the beginning, both of us unable to fight the potent attraction between us. She was the other half of me, the part worth killing for.

My hands fisted at my sides. “I need you.”

“You don’t have to sound so happy about it,” she teased breathlessly, and I knew she was trying to lure me back from the edge I clung to. She understood me. I didn’t have to pretend with her, didn’t have to hide myself to keep her.

“It’s killing me,” I said gruffly. “Being without you. Missing you. I feel like my fucking sanity depends on you, Eva, and you want me to be happy about that?”

Her tongue darted out to wet her lips and I growled, needing to feel that tongue on my skin. Wanting to stroke my own tongue against it and quench my endless thirst for the taste of her.

She shivered visibly. “Well… I’m happy about it.”

The tension gripping me eased with the realization that she still wanted me. Even after what I’d done.

I watched the memories slide through her, the nightmare she’d lived through for years. It leached the color from her skin and shadowed her eyes. She trembled and I took a deep breath, knowing I’d do it again. And again. As many times as necessary to spare her from ever being afraid.

She must’ve seen it on my face. Her eyes filled with tears and she whispered, “I love you. I love you so much.”

“Angel.” I reached her in three strides, dropping my keys on the floor and shoving both hands into her damp hair. I was shaking with my need for her, my body racked with a cold that came from within.

At the first touch of her lips the terror of losing her finally loosened its claws.

I forced myself to restrain my kiss, savoring her with slow, deep licks. She whimpered, her hands tangling in my sweatshirt. The heat of her passion made me groan, my control fraying with the reassurance that she was as parched for me as I was for her, as frantic and ravenous.

Eva melted into me, her fingers sinking into my hair. I deepened the kiss, eating at her lush mouth, telling her without words that I’d been starving for her. Wasting away without her. A sob escaped her and I pulled her closer.

“Don’t,” I breathed. “It shreds me when you cry.”

“It’s too much.”

I nodded grimly. “What I did—”

“Not that. How I feel about you.”

Jesus. I didn’t deserve her. Never would. But she was mine and I’d treasure her until I took my last breath.

Copyright © 2012 by Sylvia Day

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    Amazing !

    I really can’t wait , June seems too far away :'(

  • Tasha

    I’m rereading the snippets and its driving me crazy!! Ive never wanted a book to be out so much in my life!! Its making me crazy! I love love the crossfire series!! and i hope ewy is not the last one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sarahann.bennett Sarah-ann Bennett

    omg this is brilliant there needs to be atleast one more book from gideons point or maybe 3 to go with evas story pretty please :)

  • Ana C

    PLEASE, you need to write a book with Gideon’s point of view. im dying

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    I read this after EWY….and I found it absolutely beautiful to see how he actually feels about Eva. I am totally at a loss as to what to do with my time now I am waiting for number 4. I honestly don’t know how I managed waiting 9 months for EWY. Please tell me that it won’t be this long I need my next fix of Gideon and Eva!

  • Hanna

    Would love if Sylvia would change the POV to Gideon in the story!:) He’s such an interesting character and I would love to know what he thinks and why acts the way he does!

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