Sylvia Day

Easter Sunday Snippet

Easter morning with Gideon and Eva…?


Gideon’s voice and the feel of his hands on me pulled me from sleep. I mumbled a protest as he shifted me onto my side, and then the heat of his body was warming my back. One of his muscular arms wrapped around my waist, tucking me close.

Spooned with him, the biceps of his other arm hard beneath my cheek, I slid back into unconsciousness.

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  • jeanne


  • Paola c

    Love it!

  • sigh… Felt like 3D in the sense that I was ‘Angel’ :3 Cant wait for June *__*

  • L. Deuel

    Thanks! You made my morning!

  • Leila

    Happy Easter…thank you!!!

  • Wow such a treat. thank you very much

  • Ace

    Im smiling like lunatic .. nice easter snippet.. so shot though

  • Oh my my my Gideon 😉 I cannot wait to get this book!! Thank you Sylvia 🙂

  • jeanny

    I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • sylll1220

    love them they are like my new friends

  • magalie

    je l’attend avec impatience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damyummmm I love this series! Can’t wait! 🙂

  • Ace

    i’m really having a Gideon-Eva sweetness romance syndrome. I’m rooting for this couple <3

  • We want it we want it now!

  • leanne buckley

    This is just silly … We are going to end up with a whole book …. I love it front get me wrong but I’m not reading any more its just spoiling it for me !!!

  • Awwww such a sweet snippet made me smile they are amazin together!

  • Gloria

    Happy Easter Sylvia! Thank you for a taste of Gideon this beautiful morning..I want a Gideon!!

  • What a lovely little ‘snippet’ surprise for Easter Sunday. My day has ended here in Australia but you & everyone else around the world have a lovely, safe & peaceful day! xx

  • graciela mallon

    was a sad easter for me,till I see this.THANKS SYLVIA!!

  • Thaís Malheiros

    I loved it, can not stand wait for this book… I really want to read it …

  • Ahh! Gideon needed to be closer to Eva, even while she’s sleeping…le sigh… I want a man like Gideon!
    Sylvia- thank you for spoiling us with an Easter snippet! Your so good to your fans! We appreciate you!
    Happy Easter- God Bless!

  • Grrrrrr…..want more NOW!!!!!!

  • Yum! Love snuggling with Gideon! hmmmmm

  • Luz Greer

    Not enough >:/

  • Julie redpath

    Lovely treat. Mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Nadine

    Thanks Sylvia, can wait for June

  • Rachael Gregg

    When is Entwined with you released in the UK? I’ve just finished reading Reflected in you, an need my next Gideon fix! X

    • It’s available for pre-order everywhere now: June 4th for ebook and June 6th for paperback.

      • Peachies

        Are these the same release dates for the USA as well?

  • “Sigh” can’t wait for June

  • they are sleeping together with out any of Gideons problems !!! so sweet !! thank you Sylvia for sharing with us… Happy Easter to all of you !!! Our Easter will be in month or so…

  • Now my Easter is complete. I have had a visit from Gideon and Eva. Thanks Sylvia for making this visit possible. Happy Easter!

  • Eva’s bestfriiend

    Thank you!! I feel like an entwined junkie can’t get enough the more I get the more I want.

  • i cant wait!!! haha~ Gideon is my addiction!! haha..

  • latoshia

    Thanks Sylvia…

  • I love that he calles her Angel.

  • Suellen

    I absolutely love the Crossfire series!! And Gideon of course! (I doubt I’m alone at all in saying that!!) Thank you so much Sylvia for taking us away in your amazing world of Gideon and Eva! Your writing is extraordinary!! So passionate! I eagerly await the next installment, Entwined With You! I’m a fan of yours for life. Please tell me EWY isn’t the final Crossfire book??? Love you! XxxX Hugs from Australia!!!

    • Alimoire

      I’m almost positive I read somewhere that she’s writing a fourth Crossfire Series book because she feels there’s more of Gideon and Eva’s journey to be shared. Yay!

    • Alimoire

      I’m almost positive I read somewhere that she’s writing a fourth Crossfire Series book because she feels there’s more of Gideon and Eva’s journey to be shared. Yay!

      • Suellen

        Hey there! Yes I think I read on the FAQ of this website that Eva and Gideon’s story isn’t totally “tied up” yet, there’s still some issues for Gideon 🙂 I hope their story continues!! It’s so fabulous!! XxxX Nice to hear from you too!!

      • There is a hint for that on the cover. It USED to say “Part of the Crossfire Trilogy” now it just says “A Crossfire Novel”.

        • Suellen

          Yes, it certainly says that…lets hope you’re right!!!! 🙂

      • Ky

        I hope she doesn’t let us wait too long between #3 and #4!

  • Marie R

    Roll on June can’t wait.

  • Alimoire

    Your frustration saddens me as a fellow Crossfire Series fan. To each her own, of course, but I personally crave the Snippets. They’re like enjoying an incredible appetizer to keep hunger at bay while anticipating an amazing entrée. “Bared to You” is 362 pages; “Reflected in You” is 353 pages. My guess is that there will be plenty of the extraordinary Gideon/Eva love story to savor in EWY. I hope you’ll change your mind and continue to indulge.

    • I love the snippets, too. I am already anticipating the next one.

  • Alimoire

    Thank you for your respectful and appropriate PG-rated Snippet on a day when a percentage of your fans (me included) celebrated a revered holiday. Oh, by the way, I loved the Snippet!

  • Sylvia fan

    I dont know why Crossfire trilogy is no
    t the popular one. This is way better than Fifty shades.

  • love it, thanks…….

  • Witcheyez

    I know I’m in Malaysia but I so wanna meet u!!! I’m still in awe with the perfect crime tat Gideon committed! I did not see tat coming! I can’t wait any longer! I have ur widget on my blog and it says I gotta wait for 62 days 16 hrs 58 minutes and 10 seconds for EWY to come out!!!

  • Can’t wait to read it!! I adore Eva & Gideon 🙂

  • Stephanie M

    62 days left!!!

  • marsha

    ahhhh i cant wait to read this bookkk junee needs to hurry up and get here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh counting the days til 4th June.. any chance your biggest fans can download it a bit sooner..!?? lol

  • Natalia

    so ready for this book to be out, the wait is killing me.

  • any thought of a movie deal?

  • yan

    i wanna shout! this snippets are making me crazy… can you pls move the release date of the book to april? pretty please. it hurts to wait and its blowing up my mind.

  • It so bad. To wait

  • LairaE

    Love the Crossfire series! Eva and Gideon, so good. Please write a 4th and maybe a 5th book. I love your writing and can’t wait for EWY in June.