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Afterburn/Aftershock Film: First Look Trailer Reveal!

The first teaser trailer for the Afterburn/Aftershock film has released! Catch the first look video. The film is set to release in November. The big question now: “How will I be able to watch it?” Check out our FAQ on the subject for the answer! …

It’s a Wrap!

After four weeks of filming, the last scenes of Afterburn/Aftershock have been shot—stay tuned to Sylvia’s film news for behind-the-scenes interviews, and more, coming your way! Sylvia in character for her cameo appearance. See more behind-the-scenes photos →

Filming Continues

Week 2 of shooting the Afterburn/Aftershock film kicked off on July 13th with scenes at Savor. New behind-the-scenes photos are being added every day, so keep watching for more insider news as it happens!

Filming in Progress

Week 1 of shooting the Afterburn/Aftershock film wrapped on July 10th and covered scenes in Jax’s penthouse. Epic film moments included fights, seduction, and the immensely entertaining Rossi brothers. Check out the behind-the-scenes images captured on set and keep an …

Casting Announcement!

Filming of the Afterburn/Aftershock movie begins Friday, July 7th! Sylvia can’t wait to share behind-the-scenes images, cast and crew interviews, and much more in the days ahead. But first… Meet our Jax and Gia! Caitlin Leahy and Tyler Johnson as …