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ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #18

Between now and the release day of Entwined with You, I’m going to be posting two “snapshots” a week–one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Each snapshot (not to be confused with a snippet or excerpt!) will tie into a chapter in some way. So, two chapter peeks a week, from now until June 4th, which will take us through all the chapters.

Ready? Here’s Chapter Eighteen:

Entwined with You - Chapter Eighteen

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44 Responses to ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #18

  1. Susan Ormes says:

    I say the last snapshot was Girox coming to get Corrine and this one represents them leaving back to France together. I’m hoping anyway- Goodbye Corrine!!!

    • meg says:

      I agree with you this one and the one from last week are linked with Corrine and her husband. I don’t think Gideon will leave Eva to go anywhere he is too overprotective .

    • catine says:

      This is a private plane, does Gideon has one? maybe………..

      • MsAllwoman says:

        Yes Gideon has a line of private jet. Remember when Eva and Cary went to Vegas.

      • Hi catine, Gideon has 5 planes as was stated when he went to Arizonia on business. Are they all private…….I don’t know. But i have an idea. How about using 1 for each of them………….Magdalene, Corinne, Deanna, Brett,& the detectives.A one way ticket to destinations unknown. Oh crap, Gideons bro Christopher has to go with Mags………don’t need him trying to get his hands on Eva as Gideon doesn’t may not be able to restrain himself.GOD PITY ANYONE WHO HURTS EVA. Nathan found out the hard way. I think that’s good use of company property. HeH ?

  2. Ana Estrada says:

    it might be gideon leaving? 🙁

  3. Becky says:

    Hopefully between the last 2 it’s Corrine’s husband coming to get her and taking her away. Either way she’s got to go!

  4. tbidwell says:

    no gideon would not leave eva he love her to much and by the chatt syliva gave online they may marry which is good mybe it is corrine’s husband coming to get her

  5. Robin Miller says:

    Hmn, Eva & Gideon flying in his plane on their way to their honeymoon!!!

  6. Susan says:

    Brett leaving the Country with his band, hopefully he takes Corrine with him! maybe Gideon’s taking Eva on a long overdue vacation.

  7. Deb Wilmarth says:

    i can’t wait to read the book and then go back to the snapshots! I have a feeling they will be nothing that we are all speculating! lol

    • Ace says:

      yeah but still fun to keep guessing. Atleast Sylvia give us something to think about and dont get totally tormented by waiting . She should give prize to those whose been guessing right hahaha

  8. SjzieW14 says:

    Gideon & Eva Off to Vegas to get married!

  9. Hi from my Point of view in Germany I want to suggest to not check every snapshot alone but to see one after the other- perhaps we can preview the story….
    After what we know from Chapter 1 & 2 Eva went back to work doing business as usual- she went on an event of Brett’s band – showing to the police a normal life- the Spa is part of her life- together with her mother and Cary…-Gideon joins her in her Appt. sometimes- as well in her bathroom-Gideon and Eva have nice meetings… Even with wine what makes headache-
    Eva is going to this special “Club”- gets nice presents of Gideon- with nice cars Eva is on her ways in NY- as for number 13 Eva’s mother has a nice appointment with Viktor and he moves to NY- Gideon is still going on to get off the past – Eva makes her life in NY – Times Square
    Gideon is trying to find a smooth way to get off Corinne – he makes her husband coming to U S and takes her back to France – this is my story so far – what ideas do you have??

    • Sounds good! EWY will tell about their daily lives (in a span of 2 weeks), so your ideas are pretty realistic.

      • meg says:

        Hi, How do you know its two weeks?

        • catine says:

          Sylvia said so, when she was asked if there be book 4, and she mention there is still a lot of essius for Gideon and Eva , and that book 3 was on a 2 week time.

        • I found this is the FAQ’s about the crossfire series on this website:

          “Because there are no leaps forward in time, only a few months have passed in Gideon and Eva’s relationship by the end of Entwined, and only two weeks since the end of Reflected in You.”

          So I don’t think there will be a wedding. How can they convince the police in only 2 weeks they don’t have a relationship…

          (sorry for my english…)

          • meg says:

            Thank you, i don’t think so ether. But it will be interesting to see how long their relationship will be dragged on on-the down low 🙁 Cant wait but if its only two week duration in the book we may not get to far in their relationship or get many questions answer if they will stay on the down low the entire book….

          • I’m afraid we have to wait for Gideon and Eva’s HEA. Read somewere on the internet there will be 5 (!!!) books… But fortunately, in Sylvia’s books there is always a HEA..

          • meg says:

            Yes, Sylvia herself sad 5 books !!! This is my first time reading SD books so i am happy to hear HEA is in her books !!!!

          • You really should try her other books! They also have wonderful characters.. And I’m happy for the HEA in SD books. My other favorite series ended in one big disaster.. I can’t get myself to read the finale book to that serie…

          • Ace says:

            im thick what does HEA means

          • Gresilda says:

            Happy Ever After.

          • Ace says:

            thanks :). im sure Sylvia will close Entwined with you with a HEA (hehe) she will not leave us hanging and frustrated while waiting for Book 4 which could be another year again

          • meg says:

            Happy Ever After, I hope that’s what we get and Sylvia sad in her FAQ that all her love/romance story’s end in Happy Ever After 🙂

        • I found this is the FAQ’s about the crossfire series on this website:

          “Because there are no leaps forward in time, only a few months have passed in Gideon and Eva’s relationship by the end of Entwined, and only two weeks since the end of Reflected in You.”

          So I don’t think there will be a wedding. How can they convince the police in only 2 weeks they don’t have a relationship…

          (sorry for my english…)

    • meg says:

      Very good i do agree with your story and i was looking at it the same way because Sylvia joints the chapter and lets them flow it makes seance. Number 13 is the add one for me still contemplating…

  10. Leftie says:

    I am still worried that Gideon has to leave the country in conjunction with the passport we saw earlier because he is trying to flea – because the cops are on to him. I would love them to get married but with 2 more books coming I don’t see Sylvia doing that yet – unless they get married so she can’t testify against him??? She has been hinting a lot with her countdown daily the secrets are hard!!! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL JUNE 4TH!!!! 🙂

  11. Ace says:

    If this is Gideons’ Private jet ,, i would like Gideon & Eva to return to that Beach House and hopefully they have bought it already . and maybe Gideon already renovated it , it seems when he’s missing Eva he do sweet things in her absence to make himself busy lol. Remember the promise ring, the collage photos and replicated room in Bared To You .. then he arranged the weekend at that beach house in Reflected in You.

  12. twosisters says:

    “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again”…is swirling in my head! Not sure why…but it’s an oldie, but a goody! I really have nothing…other then the same ol’ thing …Coming or going? Leaving or staying? Corinne? Eva? G? But as I am contemplating this “snapshot” Ireland keeps popping into my head…not sure why, but I just have this feeling or more of a curiosity of this character. What does she know or doesn’t know? Or better yet…, what has she done? Corinne is very obvious and with Tuesday’s “Snapshot” I would think Corinne? But I am not so sure about that….Why couldn’t Ireland have a french passport? We know or it was implied that she had been to boarding school or finishing school…why wouldn’t they (Mother or G) send her far away from trouble? Why wouldn’t they send her boarding in France? Then Brett oozed in my thoughts? I wonder? Though, honeymoon also sneaks in my thoughts as well…Just another day in the clouds…Wings flapping towards June…soon to be flying high in 18 more days! ,

  13. RJ says:

    Eva is going with Cary because G got him a job doing Paris fashion shows. G is going with Corrine to send her back to her husband.

  14. SMC says:

    I agree with the beach house Just a thought…you know that their fantasies have to come true, and what better place than the beach house? Was a sex swing part of the renovation?

  15. Ana Estrada says:

    I agree. It’s too early for their happy ever after..especially with two more books remaining.

  16. alice w says:

    Can’t wait to read this book! Just hoping that Gideon and Eva get their HEA!!!!!!

  17. catine says:

    He cannot hide, he is well known , so it has to be something else, or maybe he is leaving with Corrine just to pretend that he is not in a Relationship with Eva for now, because there is only two weeks since the end of Reflected in You and Entwined.

  18. vampfan says:

    I think they will, can,t see Gideon with anyone other than Eva, he idolises her….sigh

  19. tori.s says:

    All I can say is two weeks to go. I’ve already told my hubbie don’t even think about disturbing me on June 4th.

  20. Sylvia mentions that Gideon and Eva spend a lot more alone time in EWY. Hopefully this is one of those times. Gideons jet taking them away for some much needed R&R…

  21. Cecília says:

    I love Gideon and Eva …
    I went to NY and I visit Bryant Park, 5th avenue… imagine Gideon !!!!
    It´s amazing!!

  22. Anita says:

    Romantic getaway…… Can’t get enough…

  23. Victoria Stone says:

    Honestly? they’re like honorary members of the mile high club…

  24. MissChloePriest says:

    Finished the book. LOVED IT.

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