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ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #21

Between now and the release day of Entwined with You, I’m going to be posting two “snapshots” a week–one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Each snapshot (not to be confused with a snippet or excerpt!) will tie into a chapter in some way. So, two chapter peeks a week, from now until June 4th, which will take us through all the chapters.

Ready? Here’s Chapter Twenty-One:

Entwined with You - Chapter Twenty-One

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52 Responses to ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #21

  1. Samantha says:

    O no, an overdose? This looks grim… And with only one more chapter til the end?!

  2. Deborah Hayes says:

    Boy…………I don’t even know where to start with this one. So many possibilties. Gideons sleep meds, or trying to OD as he can’t handle what he did for Eva. Or Eva having one of her stress headaches………………..Trey trying to kill himself over Cary, or Corinne trying to do the same thing to try to get Gideons attention & make him feel guilty for not wanting her anymore & falling in love with Eva. I still think that Corinne & Magdelene still think that Eva only wants Gideon for his body & his money. They don’t know she has money of her own, so they assume she’s a golddigger. Fuck the money………………….I’ll just take the body thank you very much.

    • Mamiki Zar says:

      I am just as confused, I hope its a point whereby Gideon does not have to take his sleep meds anymore and only has talk therapy sessions and is on a road to recovery.

    • twosisters says:

      Yes, so many possibilities. But I think there is more to Corrine than just the money theory, as well as for Magdelene. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion. They want what they can not have. And thus, the drama! They will do anything, at any cost to achieve attention, reaction or revenge. Remember, they know Gideon will run after Eva where as he never did with them. So, yes, Corrine could be playing the last card she can play…over dose! As for Trey, a good possibility, but I tend to think it’s more to do with Cary? Cary has an addiction problem. And if he is traveling overseas on modeling jobs…what better way to get into major problems! Problems so deep, Gideon or Stanton can’t even get him out of. Maybe this is Cary’s breaking point! Though, I am not excluding Gideon …This could be all about him. And the theories are boundless! Though, with all the theories, the one theory I am most comfortable with is believing that Eva finds her own power, strength and ambition…she is leaning she can survive, be stronger because of it and be the building block for all the men that are important in her life. And with all that said…I say this with lots of giggles…yes, I agree…F the money (though, that doesn’t hurt to have) we’d all take his body and good sex too! Just 7 more days!

  3. Justyne Sargado says:

    Is it birth control? Or the medicine Gideon takes? There’s just too many possibilities. Can’t wait for the book.

  4. Michey ofFive says:

    It’s going to be interestion reading the book and coming back to the snapshots! 🙂

  5. twosisters says:

    Hmmm…My theories are over flowing! Nervous Break-down? Who? Cary? Gideon? Christopher? Any of the woman? Over-dose? Suicide? Maybe it’s the end of Gideon’s night terrors? Has he confronted his demons and laid them to rest? Letting his past, his torment set free? Then there is Brett? Does Brett have a drug problem? causing all sorts of issues? Could this be the control Christopher has over Brett? Or maybe it’s Christopher who has a problem with drugs? But my biggest worries are for Cary? Has Cary reverted to his old ways? Has he slipped? Is he back in rehab? We’ll soon find out…But I am thinking I need one of those pills…with only 7 days left…Who else needs a pill?…oh wait, I think we just need the book! LOL!

  6. Chereese says:

    OMG…I think it’s Gideon. Like you said; he could be feeling guilty! I can’t wait until the book comes out… 7 more days….

    • Sheena Lumsden says:

      I don’t think it is Gideon, I feel it is more like Cary overdosing on his meds from the brutal beating

  7. Ana Estrada says:

    I think its gideon and the meds he got to help with his nightmares. What if he hurt eva during one of his dreams he was having.

  8. Yourlifeisnow says:


  9. Katherine says:

    This could be something to do with Cary too, we still don’t know much about his story! Either way it’s scaring me! June 4th come faster!

  10. Susan Peters says:

    I think it will have something to do with either Carey, or maybe Eva’s Mother, oh the possibilities, can’t wait for this book! I hope there isn’t a huge cliff hanger, and then we have to wait for months for the next book, that kills me! oh Sylvia what you do to us readers. Bring on Entwined.

  11. Nihan Çakkol says:

    Maybe not using these pills could give us oppotunity to read father-to-be gideon :))

  12. kat says:

    omg…. i can’t believe i have to wait for this till 4th july. being Polish really sucks right now.

  13. Chereese says:

    You’re right we need the book! Lol….. I can’t wait. This is driving me crazy; I’ll need those pills soon…. lol

  14. can_hardly_wait says:

    Why are you guys over-thinking or searching for deeper symbolism when based on the first snapshot and the first chapter we were given, it seems that Ms. Day is being very straightforward and merely providing us a clue to a major event or issue that will occur in the specific chapter. For example, the snapshot for chapter 1 showed a newspaper with “PRESS” on it and then we read in the chapter about a reporter digging in Gideon’s life. With that said, I see pills in this snapshot and my first thought is that Eva forgot to take her birth control pills, especially during Reflected Into You, when Gideon unexpectedly took her away for a few days…she didn’t even have extra clothes, so she couldn’t have taken her birth control….
    I know I might be overly rationalizing these snapshots; but, deep down I guess I want them to get their HEA and for me that includes a child.

  15. Deborah Hayes says:

    In the interview that I read with Sylvia, she says that Eva & Gideon spend a lot more time together in EWY. Now that means that she won’t be around for Cary as much as she has been. So does that mean that he could have slipped back into his old ways as you said? Could be & not only that, being a male model & some of those creeps he hangs out with certainly aren’t very good role models. Eva can’t be in two places at the same time, so she just might be stretched a little thin. I also believe that she’s going to move heaven & earth to get to the root of Gideon’s issues. It,s going to take a hell of a lot of therapy & Eva,s love to get to the root of what has ruined his life up to now. Also in the interview, Gideon’s life takes some different direction, & in book 2 on page 322 there’s a line that Eva saya to Gideon ” There’s so much out ther for you. You just don’t know it yet.” What does that mean ? I can’t get EWY soon enough as i’ve read these first 2 books over & over again. I finish one & go and read the 2nd one over & over again & never get tired of them. I think i can read them with my eyes closed. What will Fridays snapshot be…………………………………..i’m afraid & excited to see. ALMOST THERE. As far as those pills go, I’m going to take 2 aleve as now I got a headache. I need a nap to get my head on straight.

    • twosisters says:

      Too funny…me too and make mine a double! Wish I had time to respond like I would like, but I can’t …though, I will say this; As for your “Q” Sylvia answered that awhile back..(not sure where I read it?) But,Eva was letting him know that there is so much “more” out there in life…that he had missed out on so much. Basically, it was time for him to stop and smell the roses. Start enjoying life around him. He had been so wrapped up in business and succeeding that it was now time for him to live his life, love and look towards the future. It was out there just waiting for him to enjoy it. Or something along those lines…Does that help? But I must giggle…I had just read those lines in the book right before I read your comment! It’s still confusing to me still…even after reading it 100 times! I’ll comment again tomorrow!

      • Deborah Hayes says:

        Why oh why didn’t I put 2&2 together ? You would think that after reading these books 100 times I would be able to comprehend everything. But no not me, I think I read to darn fast & my eyes are going faster than my brain. Thank you for waking me up from my nap.( that’s s funny.) If it wasn’t for Gideon seeing Eva looking up at the Crossfire building, following her inside & her falling on her ass, he may never have met this hot blonde bombshell from San Deigo Ca. that he’s dreamt of for god knows how long to be the one woman he’s always wanted. & lo & behold he falls crazy in love with her……………… willing to do anything for her……………….including killing for her & she’s going to be the one to change his life forever. Isn’t life grand. It’s the trials & tribulations along the way that I’m looking forward to get them to their HEA. Do you agree……..or am I in denial AGAIN ? Time for bed……………………chat with you tomorrow.Good night.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  16. lillywife says:

    I am just counting down the days. I even took the day off so I can read all day. LOL. I think this could mean that Gideon wants to stop taking the meds. However, I don’t want to speculate too much…..but can’t wait to see.

  17. meg says:

    I agree with what you sad but we all sad that with the french passport that Corrine went back to her husband, in the interview Sylvia sad that Eva will be the strong one in their relationship and that
    Gideon will have issues with dealing with what he has done, on the
    other hand she sad all the secondary characters will be addressed for
    Eva and Gideon to have their HEA. Its so hard to speculated !!! Driving
    myself crazy, on FB their was an ambulance as one of the pic from the
    book. Ohhhhh i hope its not Gideon doing something stupid 🙁

  18. Ace says:

    Did someone forget to take their pills ?….. ahh Eva .. Baby baby my baby .. lol. Seriously, I dont think Gideon will still have that violent sleeping problem that entwined with Eva’s past as the Nathan issue was resolved and he only has it coz it manifested the deep rooted worries he has for Eva , but maybe its more of his nightmares that deals with his past and the emotional turmoil of the aftermath of what he did for Eva not because he regret it but because they have to keep their relationship and Eva is his solid rock and make him as a whole person w/o her , Gideon is in bits. . But its chapter 21 almost end of Entwined with You , I have high hopes Sylvias’ ending here is not nerve wrecking , as long as the last chapter they are together , strongly and loved up i don’t mind waiting for book 4.

  19. SBush says:

    Little blue pills, must be Viagra. For Stanton, maybe. LOL!

  20. meg says:

    I just found this on FB posted by Sylvia.
    those of you worried about the EWY snapshots and how you’re going to
    feel when you get to the end, here are a few snippets of advance

    “This third book was beyond anything I expected, in a good way. Funny, romantic, erotic, inspiring. ” – Andrea

    “I have only one word for this book- PERFECT!! Just perfect… (Sigh…)” – Aria

    “Very romantic. And the best of the series so far…” – Marianne Mathina

    There are a lot of pivotal turning points in the book, but I really think you’ll love it. At least I hope you do. 🙂

    • twosisters says:

      Really? Oh my, now that is exciting! I’m more excited than ever! Will we make it?>>>LOL

      • meg says:

        I know its only 6 more days !!! All this snips are driving everyone mad that’s why Sylvia must had posted this, everyone is very negative and worry about the snips so thank god she can put as a bit at ease 🙂 LOL

        • twosisters says:

          Worried? Maybe? But when I read there was going to be 5 books, I relaxed a lot! But I wonder…”pivotal turning point” Hmmm…intriguing! I like! Puts a whole new twist into the mix! Yes, 6 more days! I have to giggle… really more like laughing out loud…3 weeks from now…we will all be doing the same thing again…impatiently waiting for book 4! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Sherron says:

    I hate to be a downer but I don’t think that Eva is on the pill I think that the miscarriage that she had when she was 14 scarred her. Even if it didn’t I don’t think that she would get pregnant until book 5 they have too many issues to deal with right now for them to throw a baby in the mix.

    • Lynsay Heard says:

      I don’t think she will fall pregnant in this book but just to clarify she is on the pill pg 77: ‘”are you on birth control,Eva” “yes”my hands gripped the edges of the cushions “of course”‘ bty

  22. Deborah Hayes says:

    Birth control pills don’t come in a prescription bottle………………they come in a daily packet marked monday thru sunday. My daughter in law is on them……………….ovral, so maybe Eva is on the shot. It makes sense & it’s just my opinion. Eva getting pregnant so early before books 4 & 5 would put such a damper on the story. They have so much in their lives that need to be straightened out before considering about starting a family, neither one of them is ready. How ironic that with all the women Gideon had sex with that none of them got pregnant ? Or maybe someone did……………………………….Corinne perhaps. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chereese says:

      In the first book he said he’s never had sex without a condom. She was the first in his bed; in his apartment…. You’re right; they aren’t ready for that kind of leap….

      • Deborah Hayes says:

        It’s true that she was the first woman in his apartment & he told her he didn’t have any condoms there. However at the hotel, in the drawer of the nightstand, there were a sizable quantity of propylactics, feminine lubrication & spermicidal gel. That’s all on page 139.Now my Q is isn’t spermicidal gel used to prevent pregnancy ? Is it 100 % gauranteed ? I don’t know so I’m putting the Q out there. Maybe we have a nurse or a DR. that can answer that Q . I’m curious now.It also doesn’t mean a condom can’t be tampered with. Gideon & Corinne only had sex in the hotel as she thought that place was romantic. If only that bed could talk. WOW What a series that would make.

  23. Shevi says:

    I think this snap shot has to do more with Cary than Gideon and Eva, I feel that Cary will probably get depressed and use drugs because Eva will probably spend more time with Gideon and maybe his boyfriend finally got tired of him cheating and dumps him.

  24. twosisters says:

    LOL! Didn’t think of that…but you may be on to something there. Why not! Poor Stanton! Or maybe I should say, lucky Stanton! heehee

  25. Justine, UK says:

    SD has hinted that where as RiY was Eva’s story EWY will be more focussed on Gideon’s so I suspect this is meds linked to his nightmares – and starting to resolve the history behind them . . .

  26. twosisters says:

    Why not over think it? Isn’t that the point of the snippets and snapshots? To tease us? Personally, I find this rather fun! I like to think of this as a mystery book club. All we are doing is throwing ideas, thoughts, theories out into the mix. Trying to put together clues that have been presented to us. It’s like a “Who dun it” kinda of thing. Or at least it is for me. We are all on the same playing field…not one of us has the correct answer. Though, soon, we’ll find out whose theory was the closest. I like hearing others theories or intake. It gives me a different intake or perspective. Their ideas may be something I haven’t thought of or ideas I had completely forgotten about. But to be honest with you, since I started playing this “game of Snippets and Snapshot” and going back and rereading looking for clues I began looking at the characters in a totally different way. Almost like studying for a test. Example Cary and Eva. I really like these two characters, especially Eva. She is really a strong character and yet, she doesn’t believe in herself yet. She is growing up before our very own eyes. I like that. So,that’s my answer to your question!…And as for your theory on birth control pills…I too, had had that thought, but soon changed it. There are going to be two more books, so the theory of tiny little feet is a little to soon. The charters are still in the developing stages…let’s don’t rush them! Heehee! Also, I think the other ladies explained it rather nicely. No need for me to say the same thing. Just remember this…we all want the HEA! But before we can have that …we have to wait for book 4 and 5! So, until then …6 more days til book 3! Oh my…will we survive? LOL!

    • Deborah Hayes says:

      SURVIVE……of course we’ll survive…………we’re women…….we can survive anything & we’ve survived this long. But the next Q will be , how long for book 4. We’ll be doing the same thing over & over again. I don’t know about anyone else but I like getting other peoples input & theories. This is like putting a puzzle together some pieces are missing……………..some still in the box……………some fell on the floor………..some the dog ate. ( That’s a Funny ) But like you said, you start looking at the characters differently & picking up bits & pieces from everyone & before you know it, the puzzle will be complete. I just hope I live that long. Oh & by the way Gideon HAD planned on taking Eva away as he told her he originally wanted to fly down, but I assume because of the mess with Brett Gideon decided to take the limo to straighten things out with Eva. That comment was for can_hardly_wait. We all want an HEA………….but no baby yet please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s just enjoy the wonderful story before the stork arrives.Are we all ready to be grandmothers to the Mr & Mrs. Gideon Cross”s firstborn? OOPS………………………….maybe there might be a grandfather too. Next we’ll be taking a poll for names for the ( ROYAL CROSS ). That’s a funny too.

  27. kat says:

    i’m definitely gonna do it… but it’s not the same.

  28. Mitchy says:

    This certainly doesn’t look like a birth control pill to me.. It has to be some other medication.

    • Deborah Hayes says:

      Thank you. They are NOT birth control pills. My daughter-in law is on them & they do not come in a prescription bottle like that. They come in a sealed packet labeled sunday thru saturday & you have to pop each pill out individually. I used to take them also back in my younger days, which seems like eons ago. I will bet cash money she’s not pregnant. And also to Alice Weikel, I also would like to know how G got controlling interest in Vidal Records. I still think it has something to do with his stepfather, but we’ll just have to wait & see. Is it the 4th yet?

  29. alice weikel says:

    Eva could forget her birth control pills and book 4 could be about being a momma. I still would love to know how Gideon got controlling interest in Vidal Records:)

  30. gigi says:

    maybe Gideon can’t live with knowing Eva CAN live with what he’s done for her.

  31. Lyne says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Eva being pregnant. If my memory serves me right, Gideon has been on pills because of his night time aggressiveness, no? About that!!? So maybe he doesn’t need the pills anymore, he will need to cure this at one point.

  32. cheye2013 says:

    I think its Gideon. He’s gonna try to kill himself. Hence the camera lense in the next post. Its big news for the press.

  33. ilecara says:

    tanto tiempo esperando el final de crossfire en el 3º libro y nos dejas asi?espero que el proximo no tarde tanto

  34. Naomi says:

    Corrine yep

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