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About Contemporary Fiction Books

1. Andreeva, Nellie (5 August 2013). Lionsgate to Adapt “Crossfire” Romantic Novels into TV Series Deadline

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  • You mention Seven Years to Sin when talking about Bared to You. How are the two connected?

    They’re not connected anywhere but in my head. Seven Years to Sin is the story of two abuse survivors as well, but of a different nature. Jessica is the survivor of child abuse so vicious she bears physical scars and is deaf in one ear. Alistair was emotionally abused and turned to prostitution as a way to survive and establish value for himself. For numerous reasons, I wasn’t able to delve into the aftereffects of abuse as deeply as I would have liked, so I continued to think about Alistair and Jessica’s story after I finished it. That continuing thought process germinated into Gideon and Eva’s story.

  • How many books are in the Crossfire Saga?

    The Crossfire® Saga is a quintet–5 books.

  • What is the correct reading order for the Shadow Stalkers Mini-Series?

    The novellas in the Shadow Stalkers Mini-Series are listed below in the order they were originally published.

    1. Razor’s Edge
    2. Taking the Heat
    3. Blood & Roses
    4. On Fire
  • Can I hear “Golden,” the song Brett wrote for Eva in Reflected in You?

    Absolutely! Enjoy a preview of “Golden” by Six-Ninths below, and look for it in your favorite music e-store and streaming service.

    Do you like to follow lyrics?

    Golden girl, there you are.
    I’m singing for the crowd, the music’s loud.
    I’m living my dream, riding the high,
    But I see you there, sunlight in your hair,
    And I’m ready to go, desperate to fly.

    Golden girl, there you are.
    Dancing for the crowd, the music’s loud.
    I want you so bad. I can’t look away.
    Later, you’ll drop to your knees. You’ll beg me please.
    And then you’ll go, it’s only your body I know.

    Continue with the lyrics →

    Play the video, and read along with lyrics on YouTube.

  • What is the correct reading order for the Crossfire Saga?

    1. Bared to You
    2. Reflected in You
    3. Entwined with You
    4. Captivated by You
    5. One with You
  • What happened to Deeper in You?

    Deeper in You was the original title of Reflected in You, but it was changed because some merchants felt the title was too suggestive and they hesitated to put the book out for their customers. The publisher didn’t want to risk the book not being available in some stores, so the title was changed.

  • Are there any full-length Shadow Stalkers novels planned?

    I never say never, but–for now–the Shadow Stalkers are a series of novellas.

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