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ENTWINED WITH YOU – Snapshot #17

Between now and the release day of Entwined with You, I’m going to be posting two “snapshots” a week–one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Each snapshot (not to be confused with a snippet or excerpt!) will tie into a chapter in some way. So, two chapter peeks a week, from now until June 4th, which will take us through all the chapters.

Ready? Here’s Chapter Seventeen:

Entwined with You - Chapter Seventeen

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  • A new character, perhaps? Corrine’s husband coming to the US to take her back to France?

    • Anais

      Yes, I thought about the same thing, Corinne’s husband is coming to take his wife back, she leaves with him, and everybody is happy…..wouldn’t that be nice?

    • Good comment, but I think Gideon’s going to France to tell Corrine’s husband to fight for her & tell him that there’s nothing between them & never will be as he’s in love with Eva & always will be. It’s a nice thought !

      • But Gideon isn’t french, so why would he have a french passport?

        • One doesn’t have to be french to have a french passport,however we don’t know if Gideon has a french passport. And Guest commented that one has to live in France to have a french passport. I don’t know about any of it, but i’m going to find out. Now it’s bugging me. Something else has also been bugging me that has nothing to do with 3rd book, but first 2. Has anyone noticed that Gideon is always playing with Eva’s hair, always has to wash her in the shower and is cupping her face and running his hands up and down her arms. Well…when Eva and Cary went to the Vidal’s garden party, Gideon’s mother did the same thing to Eva as touching her hair, face and running her hands up and down Eva’s arms ? I’ve been reading these 2 books this week AGAIN and it keeps poping up with Gideon. That and that wide toothed comb.Please help me out……………………….i don’t want to think i’m reading too much……..maybe i should put the books away for a while………………i think i’m driving myself nuts.Is there anything called overreading ? I might have that disease.

          • meg

            Hello, regarding the french passport from experience: one has to be born in the country or their parent be born in it or live their and with time applied for dual citizenship. I don’t know if this helps but i am driving myself crazy as well and will re read the book and keep an eye out about the other things you pointed out.

          • tbidwell

            yes you are right about gideon playing with eva’s hair and cupping her face and yes his mother did do that to eva which was strange and the asking her if her hair was naturally blond which is a strange question to ask anybody you don,t know

          • Leopard_love0305

            it probably has to do with Gidion’s childhood since both him and his mother did it. … just a thought!

    • stuckonG

      It’s a man’s hand, with a French passport. It has to be Corinne’s husband. She had only just decided to leave him at the beginning of BTY. Remember, she called G when he and E were at the fundraiser. So it’s only been a couple of weeks. Hopefully he’s coming to take his woman home.

    • Justyne

      That’s what came to my mind too? What if he came to the US to confront Gideon or something. All this waiting is killing me! I wanna read the book, like right now.

  • Mitchy

    This is becoming unbearable,.! Whose passport is this.?

  • Juliana Machado

    As we could see at the 1st chapter, the history in EWY will probably be about Eva and Gideon trying to be together without anyone else knowledge: remember that the investigator could think their break up was well-crafted lie.

    So, it’s possible that this snapshot means a trip with Corine and Gideon; or … a trip with Eva, when they are trying to get together without anyone else eyes.

  • Gabby

    Hmmm, honeymoon? ^_^

  • Angie

    OMG!!!!! Give us another hint, PLEASE!

  • Dark Mistress

    Okay, at this moment this is just a thought as I really need more time to think about this snapshot……….but it might be Gideon going to France to see Corinne’s husband & to tell him he”s not in love with his wife & that there will never be anything between them as he’s in love with Eva & always will be. & to ask him to come back to the states & fight for his wife. It’s probably a longshot, but as soon as one of those BITCHES is gone the better…………………….wishful thinking. Oh well, back to the drawing board..Too much thinking, it’s giving me a headache. I need 2 ALEVE …..ha ha.

  • That’s a French passport! So it has to be Corrine’s husband. Yes! Please come and get her out of Gideon and Eva’s hair!

    • catine

      good thinking, Gordon does not have a French passport

    • catine

      Do you remember if Corrine divorce is final

    • Keliann

      i agree i hope he does come back for her and leave them alone

    • Keliann

      i agree i hope he does come back for her and leave them alone

    • Amanda

      Hair? I’m confuse…

  • Ana Estrada

    Gideon is probably fleeing the cops to a different country for killing Nathan!!!

    • catine

      If so he cannot bring Eva and this is a terrible situation, I dont like that

  • Mrs Cross

    i think we need chapter 3 :)…just ONE more chapter and we’ll be good until June 4th ( batting eyes)

  • could be gideon and eva have gone to see corinnes husband but doesnt stanton also own a boat thats moored off the south of france 2? xxx

  • asmost

    This is a french passport, you only have this passport if you live in France. So probably no honeymoon, or visiting from Gideon and Eva, but most likely Corrines husband. Coming to get her, let’s hope so! Fingers crossed.

  • France??corrine??? Ugh.. confused as always… need the book…

  • meg

    I am new to this so not sure how this works if its metaphoric or….If we think logically it cant be Gideon’s, the passport is French it has to be a french citizen it may be Corinne’s or her husband. If its metaphoric speaking If the investigation is open e cant leave the country anyway , unless its Eva going on a trip to see Corinne’s husband.

  • Ace

    oh someone or sometwo will go in France .. or Corrine finally will go back in France coz her running after Gideon is over 馃檪

  • twosisters

    Well, well, well…very interesting! Who is traveling? Leaving? Coming? It’s a French passport…so that leaves very little room as to who is traveling? Corinne? Corinne’s husband? Or is there more to this story? Book cover “perfume bottle”…could this be about a company? A new line for a campaign? How will Eva play into this “bottle” of interest? Will she be apart of this campaign? Maybe… Just maybe? this will be a gift to Eva from Gideon? Her own line? Could it be called “Obsession”? Then again…Could this be the connection between Gideon and Corinne? Or G and Corinne’s husband? They are business partners? Or maybe this is simply Corinne’s husband coming to claim what is his! And he has come to stop Corinne from making a fool out of her self? Maybe he has come to chase after her…like G is always doing with Eva? What if this is about Cary? What if he has signed with a company in France? And they are coming to purpose an offer? Oh, the theories…Well, I am forever packed and traveling around… knee deep of hope…for the forever happy ending!

    • twosisters

      I guess…I should make myself clearer…when I mentioned book cover “perfume bottle” I think of France…I think of French perfume….thus French passport. :~) …thus my theories!

  • Manon

    I ‘am so confused Brett, cops (Graves), reporter, Corrine now this. I don’t no what to think.
    Gideon running to France?I have headache now. will see the snapshot Friday?

  • meg

    Hello, i am new to this so not sure how it works if the clues are metaphoric or what you see is what you get…..Its a French passport so it has to be French citizen Corrine’s going back or her husband coming to get her. Gideon cant leave if its metaphoric Gideon cant leave he is being investigated for murder unless the investigation is over or is Eva going to talk to Corrine’s husband.

  • meg

    Wow you just open so many door for my mind 馃檪 i cant wait for the book its driving me crazy. So many different thing going on …… Do we know how many chapters in this book will be?

  • Not sure what to make of this hey. So many possibilities. Corrine? Her husband?

  • Maybe Corrine’s husband comes back to save their marriage so that Gideon and Eva can legitimately get back together in the eyes of everyone else?

  • tbidwell

    i hope this is corrine’s husband coming to get her as far i as i can tell
    from the first chapter 1 and apart of the second chapter gideon really loves eva
    and he is not going anywhere with out her he is not in love with corrine so it is best that corrine
    went back to her husband .if you are in the uk entwind with you comes out on 4th june in kindle form
    and 6th of june in book form so i have ordered both

  • HB

    It’s A French passport in a man’s hand. It has to be Corrine’s husband!!!

  • Noko Mgcoyi

    I think Gideon convinces Corrine’s husband that she is not the one for him and He should fight for her so Corrine’s husband comes to NY and the media will assume that Corrine is leaving Gideon to workout her marriage and Gideon goes back to Eva and no one suspect a thing on why they could not be seen together before! …until 4TH June i’ll just assume

  • Bobino

    It has to be Corrine or her husband. The question is what for. This his kelling us all, we need to look to part of another chaper. Sylvia please !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gidon

    Sylvia please help us here, it is not fare to be waiting that long for a book………………….please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a heart

  • Gianna

    I’m thinking this has something to do with the reporter as well. I feel like she will play an integral part in this book because she was introduced so early in the story. Maybe she contacted Corinne’s husband and somehow caused drama so he comes to NY. French passport and a man’s hand holding it. That has to be Corinne’s husband. I can’t wait to read the book and review the snapshots as I read each chapter. I did it with Chapters 1 and 2. Very fun to look back and match it and see how wrong or right everyone was.

  • Catine

    Have you notice on the cover there is to travel tag for suitcase with Gideon name on it, what do you think.

    • meg

      Hi, with regards to the tags i was looking at it to and having the same Q…. I had taken i closer look and in-larded it and the second one that you cant see well the first two letters are CR. Gideon cant have two tags can he ….?

      • tbidwell

        hi i have just look at the front cover to and had a closer look and yes gideon has two tags if they were for corrine they would have CG and if they were for eva they would have AT not CR i think he is going away somewhere i hope he takes eva with him

        • meg

          I hope he is not going anywhere because i don’t see Eva leaving everything behind. I am new to this but maybe this is meant more metaphoric as moving on from Corrine closer …. not sure, I just finished the two book so this is my first snapshot playing the guessing game.

        • catine

          You are both wrong, because I looked at it and it is CR for the last word 芦cross. But what I would like to know is thoses tag is for a trip, he is going somewhere, alore…..whith someone……………Do you have a clue?

          • tbidwell

            that,s what i said it had CR on the tags did you hear the video chat on line last night with syliva day very interesting

          • catine

            No I did not what did she say?

  • It is not final. But she needs to go back to her husband. Gideon has already shown her that he is in love with Eva when he left her at the dinner.

    • catine

      Yes I agree but she went out with Gideon many times, she may thing he want her back.

  • alice

    Off the subject here, but are we ever going to find out how Gideon got majority control in the record label??? Brett’s band could also be travelling with the passport. I like honeymoon:)

  • Sherron

    I think this has do with Corrine’s husband coming to town. No doubt the reporter has called him to get his feelings on Corrine getting back with Gideon (supposedly anyway). He is coming into town to se what is going on for himself… theory

  • just to mention that you Dont have to be born in france to have a french passport…. a mate is and ex legionnaire and has a french passport… however this does only apply to males… xxx

  • farmgirly

    I can’t wait for the 3rd book!!! It must be fate because it comes out on my birthday and the reporters name is Deanna and so it mine!!!!

  • Ani

    French Passport (this person is a Citizen of France) and a man’s hand…IIRC in BtY we learned that Corinne married a rich European and went to live in Paris, so I am guessing it’s Corinne’s husband who has come to New York.

  • Nothing is stopping Gideon from going to France, perhaps taking Corrine with him, taking her back to her husband. Eva could be informed about what he is doing, and be ok with that as long as he kept himself for her. She has had to jerk her jealously back on the leash before, but has had confidence in her relationship with Gideon not to sweat it in the longrun.

  • Gresilda

    His hand has darkish skin as a European would have Humm Yes Corrines husband !

  • Mamiki Zar

    Those short, stout and chubby fingers! I doubt that hand belongs to Mr Gideon Cross, It has to be Corrine’s husband coming back to fectch her. lol!

  • Applehappi

    are they fleeing because the truth is near? or is it a much needed vacation